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Christmas feelings - feelings of love within created by happiness and Christmas feelings created first in others

Christmas feelings - feelings of special blessings received from God - feelings of higher happiness felt within ...
millions enjoy Christmas feelings NOW these days,
millions even enjoy the very same true Christmas feelings all year long, day after day

and Billions are too busy in filing lawsuits, pursuing lawsuits, planning or executing revenge and punishment


are simply busy in planning career, income and wealth management and doing business

If now during Christmas time you are doing anything else but loving all and using all of God's bliss poured upon you for your inner healing and for the increase in all people's healing and overall happiness, then
you may have once more mismanaged your entire year, most likely your entire life

ON a long term plan we all know that we well return home to God, home to our eternal home in God hence we all know that this only is possible on the basis of lived and applied love

Work is important, work provides us with the means we need to share, to support, to help, to spoil others with our love, to relief others from their burden of life

after many months of most intense work there also needs to be a many weeks long lasting phase of love - improved and increased, spirituality lived and practiced in our all daily life.

Christmas is the feast of forgiveness, of asking forgiveness and of joining heart in heart again^with ancient long time enemies. Christmas feelings only can prosper and occur at all in hearts free from revenge, hearts free from old wishes to punish, to destroy, to kill, to take away, to restrict.

Christmas feelings only can live and blossom in hearts free for true love, free to MAKE happy
a strong heart - strong by making many people many times happy during many months - such true hearts of love are strong enough to be flooded with God's love and bliss

these very days and all years long

we all need healing
spiritual healing,
emotional healing,
mental healing,
physical healing,

but healing of any kind only can occur when love flows
it is our own love toward all that first needs to flow and heal all those we ever damaged in our past, past years or decades as well as past reincarnations.

flowers, hugs, hours to share, money to share, expertise to share, help to share, professional services or products to share are but a few ways we all can prove our love - we all have something valuable to give,k to share
else we have been too lazy to grow strong and to be useful to all society and all creation

Start creating Christmas feeling in others
day after day
create smiles in others
create true and lasting happiness in others
relief others from any kind of burden they may have in life
care about others
find out the need, problems and nature of burden others may have

know why some people never smile
dissolve in love that reason that keeps them from smiling and add a few happy making moments to their lives to make them experiencing Christmas happiness again.

People need to learn to be happy like happy children
people need to learn to make happy to see all others smile like my happy children experience in a paradise province earlier this year.

Happy Christmas feelings in all your hearts
now and forever

Merry Christmas and happy Christmas feelings always starts with your own partner - husband or wife - and expands from your mutual love for each other into all your surroundings and into all world.

All those of you who have lost their partner during this year or never have found a partner this life - they simply may have forgotten to share with others before being attractive to a potential partner! If all the wealth you have, all the expertise you acquired - is used for your personal fun and career only, then you have simply failed to qualify for a true love relationship and have lessons to make up to participate in a true Christmas in the future one day. Christmas blessings is the result of a full year hard work in helping others who needed your help, love and support. Look at your past year and account the many projects or situations where you have substantially contributed to the happiness, joy and relief of others on earth. If you can count the number of situations or even recall them all - then you certainly have done too little for all others. Thousands have contributed to your past years happiness and quality of life,
farmers, drivers, fishermen, tailors, factory workers, construction workers, health workers, social workers, bakers and many others - most of them totally unknown to you and yet a vital source of your daily life and many more are contributing to our daily basic needs.

Imagine a day without food and you would search for a farmer to give you a few potatoes or fruits Imagine a day without clothes in ice-cold winter and you would search by name a tailor to make you warm cozy winter dress ...
you see how many people are contributing to YOUR most direct basic human needs far more important than TV, cellphone or computers. These are the people who deserve to receive your very special Christmas love all year long - a point to start and then to expand all your Christmas love toward all mankind - all creation - human and other.

love and bliss