[Christmas preparation]Received Sat, 23 Oct 2004 14:55:50 PHT

Remember what I said earlier - soon is Christmas time - here many start to prepare for Christmas now these past days or weeks

Preparing for Christmas
means preparing for love
to love more
more powerfully
powerfully enough to forgive all
and to fully absorb forgiveness FROM all as well

here people prepare in many ways

making garden nicer, cleaning swimming pool, cleaning house
to make all more cozy for coming guests

the beach here also looks much cleaner now that rainy season is over
since more than a month

the magic of love starts with the first feeling of ... soon is Christmas
but what makes the difference ?
the main difference among a few different reason is that millions of
people from many cultures, many countries
think of love at the very same time
its the power of love sent out simultaneously by millions that makes the

why ?

because in an already loving environment it is much easier to stay tuned
with love
as opposed to the normal business and money only time we often encounter
or better CREATE during the other many months of the year

that means

Christmas time can be any time
all the time
for ever and ever

we all focus all the time - like NOW in nearing Christmas season - on
God and Love on forgiveness and accepting or asking forgiveness
and then loving truly
weeks and months
all year
for ever and ever

Merry Christmas

here and now

love and bliss