[Secrets of Love]Received Thu, 21 Oct 2004 06:48:11 PHT

Easy method to maintain Christmas love all year round - just use all year round what initiates your seasonal Christmas love - music and decor to shift our focus toward God and Love.

If love
if YOUR heart and soul
needs so little to be activated as the Christmas music and Christmas
to create a Christmas feeling of true love toward all
to create your readiness to forgive and ask for forgiveness

then we all should listen all year to some Christmas music
and have all year some Christmas decoration around us

just to keep that magic inner attitude alive that is created and
awakened and nourished during the Christmas time

If it is that easy to maintain a true loving Christmas feeling of love
then Christmas may be the key of love in any and every relationship
Who or what is Christmas ?

Christmas is a feast of love
just for love
love from God for YOU
Love from YOU to God

to enable you to love as well,
as you too are children of God
planned to grow up and grow strong in YOUR love

May every day of your eternal life be Christmas day,
filled with true Christmas love for all - from all