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Christmas time - Christmas Love - Christmas feeling - one day Christmas every day Christmas Love for all and every day Christmas Love from all

Now Christmas time here starts
around November 1st the Christmas decoration may be fully set up
all sparkling shiny Christmas lights glowing
and Christmas music playing from trees and on City Plazas in the Philippines

Very specially HERE in San Fernando La Union
Christmas time is very special

as soon as Christmas decoration and Christmas lights are out in the streets
and Christmas music is playing in evening hours

The Christmas feeling starts to grow like a blossoming flower that needs
first to grow its roots and bush
and then develop the blossom by the end of growth

The Christmas music played here on public places and radio as well is
different from the one i ever heard in Europe or elsewhere
different - MORE loving, more happy, more joy filled, more love filled

Filipinos are in love with the one who came on Christmas eve
that's why Filipinos call him papa Jesus
a father always is all-forgiving, all-dissolving, all-freeing, all-rescuing
all-loving with all mighty love
a Son always is like his father - almighty Love

and Jesus is in love with all those open FOR Love

Here dozens of millions of loving children of God start to develop
Christmas feeling sooner than elsewhere
Christmas feeling can be ignited by such simple sparks like Christmas
music or Christmas decoration and colorful lights all over trees

the ambiance created by such outer tools however have an effect on the
hearts of all
Christmas is associated with Love
Jesus is the reincarnation of Love
Jesus is the founder of the path of Love and thus the guardian angel
and teacher of Love
for ever and ever

as Love starts to flow as a result of Christmas music and Christmas decoration opening doors to old memories of love among all
love within a huge family we once have been
love toward all strange and never seen ones as well
love so strong to dissolve anything ever happened to us or anyone else
love that only can have one divine source

The sooner YOU start to open yourself
the sooner YOU start to free YOUR Christmas feeling
YOUR Christmas Love will flow toward all
your Christmas love may heal your relationship toward your loved ones as
well as all your previous enemies
your Christmas love can and should one day last forever
your Christmas love is planned to be loved day after day
year after year

Christmas never was intended to be one single day per year
Christmas day just is the beginning of a never ending love affair
with God and his first born

to be loved
to be hugged
to be healed
to be FREED by his love
and brought home to his father
for ever and ever to be in love with love
to be and eternally remain in love with all

Christmas is to be everlasting
ever healing
almighty love
to bring us all back together again
to make us again ONE single family
a Christmas family of love - free for ever
in love for ever

Love and Bliss