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Christmas lessons

All spiritual learning
all learning of love

is like learning math or geography or geometry at school

first lesson first
then next step

many of you have converted the previous Christmas message for the year 2004
and thus are ready to proceed to the next level

many OTHERS however have failed to accept AND CONVERT the previous preparatory Christmas message and thus may most likely fail to be ready to absorb in the coming and ongoing Christmas time the gifts of love God has for you ...

last year's Christmas message was about "Purity of Love and quality of Love" this year we focus on our love toward the opposite sex - our partner and finally our eternal partner

the point is:

WITHOUT purity of love there NEVER can be any true love-relationship to the opposite sex - to our beloved one and only !!

the purity of love is directly reflected by the quality of work
love is directly reflected by the quantity of services and/or help YOU shared WITH ALL WORLD or at least with all your neighbors, friends and enemies.
sharing with all world is done by all those who participate in forums of any topic and by all those having a Blog, web site or other means of addressing by self-controlled means the general public searching for help and asking for solutions

look into your heart
look back into your past months of THIS current year
how much did you share with all others ??
how much did you learn from all the lessons and opportunities God gave YOU during the past months or year ?? for those having any kind of web site - an ever increasing number among all of us - it is very easy
look at all the NEW chapters, howtos and knowledge you have written and published during the current year and look at all your working days where you shared in even more direct way spiritual knowledge and professional knowledge with all the "younger ones" and learning ones ...

many are nothing else but sharing ALL - far above the 10% rule
for example all those having jobs like nurses, doctors, rescue teams, firefighters, farmers and similar jobs

such professionals usually GIVE ALL
they often work in shifts - sometimes several days 24 hrs a day on duty
on holidays - on weekends
away from loved ones and "family"
being part of the ONE family - ONE in God - while here on earth - serving the purpose and goals of God...
they give ALL their lives for the welfare and benefit of ALL mankind
most of the time all above professionals have one of the lowest salary in money
but of course one of the highest reward in love from God leading to their return to God
professionals from a.m. group / kind of jobs have achieved a readiness to share ALL as is practiced at home in God

to be there for ALL at any time independent of pay or no pay

many others even may have failed more basic steps in Christmas and love preparation


Christmas time is always
Christmas love is every days love at home in God

HERE and NOW you have millions of opportunities to practice and to approach in steps the state of love WITHIN needed to fully become ONE with God

if you have failed to clean up your work during the past year
then you still may have a few days left to get ready for the next step
PROOF however is required
proof always is possible
physical proof of your work is easy
physical sharing of all you have - skills, knowledge, expertise, experiences ... is easy as well

your sharing - hence your love for others can be measured:

in bits and bytes
in errors or valid information-presentation
in existing or missing information
in existing or missing products
in kilograms or liters
in square meters or cubic meters
in colors or black/white
in $ of your customers or debts of your customers
in $ or debts/mortgages of your own accounts
- the more mortgage you have - the more greedy you have been
- the more savings you have - the more stingy you have been

look INSIDE your own heart
never expect OTHERS always to give you feedback
it is YOUR sole responsibility to create and search for feedback
it is YOUR sole responsibility to be your own judge in quality consciousness
it is your own responsibility and your own duty to recognize feedback from others about intensity and purity of your own love toward all others
others may TEACH you
YOU however have to quality control the progress of your LEARNING
because YOU learn for YOUR benefit
YOU are the greatest ever beneficiary of YOUR OWN progress
if and as long as YOU fail to care about the quality of love within you toward ALL
how do you expect anyone else to care about YOU ....

Love and Bliss