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How to practice and improve true Christmas love among husband and wife - how to restart from scratch your Christmas love - how to improve your Christmas love toward all - learn how to practice true Christmas love in your hearts in small and simple steps

THIS Christmas time is very specially devoted to all married couples
there is no single husband wife team that has nothing at all to improve or dissolve

how to spend true spiritual love-Christmas together THIS year ??

stop ANY and every argument you ever had

LOVE instead
HUG instead
kiss instead
... of arguing or discussing

learn to FULLY say YES to each other
say YES to every single request from your wife or husband
say YES to EVERY single NEED of your partner and fulfill all those needs with true love from the bottom of your heart

ask from your partner only what you love to be asked yourself
ask from your partner only gifts of love or proofs of love that are in NO way at all related to financial spending of any kind
between YOUR ONE partner and you there MUST be some REAL love FAR above and far beyond material love that needs to BE FELT and practiced !!

learn to focus on LOVING beyond material gifts
focus on loving just YOU TWO
focus on love from heart to heart, from skin to skin, from soul to soul, pussy to penis
TRUE and FULL love FREE of even the smallest limits, free of any "but"

either you are READY and WILLING to love


instantly divorce BEFORE Christmas time to allow your partner to BE happy on Christmas time with a partner WILLING to make happy !!!

Christmas is about loving
love only is TRUE if FREE of ANY and EVERY limits !!!

anything else ...
any "but"
any condition

is PURE ego-game relationships and proof of absolute absence of even the smallest amount of TRUE LOVE !!

learn to integrate GOD into your relationship
learn to simultaneously BOTH practice spiritual progress and an ever progressing opening FOR God and thus FOR the source of ALL love

get in peace with ALL members of the OPPOSITE sex - PROVE your love for all members of the opposite sex BY ...
giving Christmas gifts of love such as roses to members of the opposite gender.
one rose each - even girls can give roses to MEN !! men too love to receive roses or other flowers of love give such roses or flowers to people of different age, different positions, different religions, different cultures - to people you know as much as to people you never saw before

share small gifts of love with members of the opposite sex - like cookies or chocolates, small gifts affordable to all to be given TO MANY !!
the important is to GIVE from the BOTTOM of your heart
with love !!!

give something REAL
give something beyond feelings and beyond ideas
give something YOU have TO WORK for FIRST to afford it
spend some extra hours of work JUST for SUCH gifts of love made to members of the OPPOSITE sex
work an extra shift
work an extra part time job
work an extra assignment
JUST to afford some extraordinary gifts of love specially for members of the opposite gender

love needs to FLOW
love needs to be proven
love needs to be REAL

NOW here on earth we all have a physical body


proof of love toward the opposite sex NEEDS to be of physical nature as well
it must be something beyond ideas and beyond words

a real and gentle long hug
a diner
an invitation at home into YOUR family
self-made gifts of love
free services created by you
free goods made by you

anything made by you, created by you, purchased by you from YOUR income and with YOUR OWN resources and creative productivity

it's time to go FAR beyond words of love
it's time to go FAR beyond basic proof of love

go deeper than ever before into your feelings and heart
ask for forgiveness from God, from Jesus and from ALL humanity - because most likely all have at one time or many times neglect the commandment of love toward God as well as God's many children on earth or beyond


forgive ALL
forgive ALL presently existing debts OTHERS have in FULL

Christmas time is a time when YOU as well want FULL forgiveness FROM God
to be free and OPEN for full forgiveness FROM God ... YOU FIRST have to forgive in FULL to ALL others FIRST

full forgiveness DOES include ALL - including debts of ANY kind and ANY amount, any origin, any age, any reason what so ever !!!

May TRUE Christmas love develop IN your own hearts
once Christmas love is developed within your heart - then your Christmas love needs to be cared for by being allowed to be practiced.

Christmas love is like a baby-plant
it needs constant continuous care day by day 24/7 until strong and mature
once mature however - NOTHING at all ever can challenge your true Christmas love again - eternally !!!
for Christmas love to grow strong - Christmas love needs to be practiced ALL year long
eternally and toward ALL creation
HERE and NOW is the very best time and occasion to start, practice, learn and strengthen YOUR Christmas love - the final result will be YOUR increased own happiness
the more love you GIVE the more love YOU can absorb yourself hence the greater YOUR OWN happiness

Christmas Love also includes that you can ACCEPT IN full THE FORGIVENESS OFFERED to you

love and bliss