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Christmas Kriya Yoga - a very special Christmas gift from God - Christmas Kriya Yoga starts beyond 5-6 hours of daily Kriya Pranayama practice

Christmas Kriya Yoga is when YOU share all with all to invite God to share all with YOU

Remember How to prepare for Christmas time before focusing your your Christmas lessons and Christmas priorities

True Christmas always is IN your heart - in all hearts ...
how ever to have and feel Christmas in all hearts - ALL hearts need to BE LOVED by you FIRST !!!

to prove your sincere love you have adjusted and tune your all life according to rules of love - hence you have already shared all with all and made yourself free of any burden, free of debts and and free of karma by following all the basic teachings of love as well as all the additional daily lessons and lessons for your love life

Christmas Kriya Yoga starts when you are beyond your initial 5-6 hours of Kriya Pranayama per day.
Remember that Kriya Yoga is your your return home to God
all others who have OTHER priorities may well play golf or computer games or any other games such as business or career games and start kriya yoga in either a later incarnation OR when ready to instantly and full LOVE ALL.

Accepting initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga without true and sincere intent to return HOME to God is like making a drivers license without intent to ever drive a car - its just wasted time and wasted resources for no real purpose at all !!!

Christmas Kriya Yoga is a special Christmas gift from God to ALL truly loving souls. Christmas Kriya Yoga ONLY works if TRUE use of a sincere heart with the ONE purpose - RETURN HOME on a path of love !!

Christmas Kriya Yoga is when you make many steps on your own FIRST and God then gives you even MORE steps as a gift of love in ADDITION to your self-made steps

Merry Christmas all year long

God bless all