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Poverty - poverty in the Philippines - causes for poverty in the Philippines - some solution that can solve the poverty in Philippines - reasons and solutions for poverty for most countries such as India and other countries ...

- poverty in the Philippines
- causes for poverty in the Philippines
- some solution that can solve the poverty in Philippines
- reasons and solutions for poverty for most countries such as India and other countries suffering from widespread poverty

one of the most recent question tonight is:
"some solution that can solve the poverty in Philippines"

to answer that question we first need to analyze sincerely but critically the various causes for poverty in the Philippines as well as in most other countries.

poverty can be manifold - poverty in the Philippines can be divided by priority into following causes:

- poverty in the Philippines caused by laziness to work harder and more hours
- poverty in the Philippines caused by lack of quality consciousness
- poverty in the Philippines caused by lack of love FOR God and thus FOR all his children on earth
- poverty in the Philippines caused by abuse by rich ones
- poverty in the Philippines caused by mismanagement of government due to lack of sincere interest for the benefit of ALL
- poverty in the Philippines caused by social injustice created by mankind / industry / money world / investors / rich ones
- poverty in the Philippines caused by accidents / disasters / war / political instability
- poverty in the Philippines caused by personal karma

lets elaborate from top to bottom above causes of poverty:

Philippines - compared to many other countries is a VERY spoiled country - spoiled by God far more than many other countries in this world. spoiled by having lots of natural recourses readily available for minimum efforts - resources such as - agriculture potential, agriculture resources, agriculture goods - food in all variations grow in abundance with mostly easy work.

the Philippines as much as India are highly fertile for agriculture - resulting in many farmers investing even less or no extra efforts at all to improve harvest or to improve quality of agriculture products and efforts to expand period of possible harvest or increase volume of harvest is widely missing.

farmers in central Europe - such as Switzerland, Germany and other similar countries with though climate, limited period of productive growth in nature need to work hard for every ton of agriculture product harvested - while here in the Philippines all grows almost on its own without any additional care needed. just sit and wait until mangoes, papaya, banana and other fruits fall down by the tons - into your lap or card box ...

whatever you seed with reasonable care - it grows nicer, faster and bigger than in most other areas of this planet. fruits are more tasty, sweeter and larger than many other places. you find a larger variety of any agriculture product than most places on this planet - almost on any major islands of the Philippines.


lack of difficulties made the Filipino people lazy and SPOILED. European farmers had to work hard to have a reasonable harvest of fruits or crop or dairy products - hence once the harvest begins such hard working farmers honor their harvest and remember how much work was involved to get harvest starting and thus such hard working farmers in harsh climate zones keep on working hard to care for their land and keep growth ongoing.

as a result of such extreme laziness among spoiled Filipinos, we have even basic products that COULD grow in abundance HERE in the Philippines - in such abundance to produce for EXPORTS, ... but even such typical local products are still being IMPORTED from OTHER countries. such extreme products do include basic food like RICE - just very recently a shipment of rice imported from USA arrived in the Philippines - a natural rice producing land with plenty of water flooded areas during many months of tropical rainy season - a few ten thousand TONS of rice imported into a rice producing country that has by nature ALL natural condition and weather such as rain, ground water, irrigation facilities from rivers or ground water for EASY rice cultures - still most rice potential is widely UN-tapped all around the country.

another product being IMPORTED despite the fact that we have large UN-used resource potential is sugar cane - brown sugar is imported as a result of insufficient local production.

such and similar is the situation all over the many islands i have visited and lived on during the past several years !

having grown up on a mountain farm in Switzerland - i see all land through the eyes of a farmer son - i see the POTENTIAL and never what IS. i see what COULD BE !!

the Philippines is by FAR low populated compared to its food potential. food is the single most important factor when considering poverty. poverty first of all relates to having

regular and abundant healthy and natural FRESH food for all family members at affordable prices directly proportional to the average income of ALL. the single MOST natural way of providing FOOD for all is to have ALL OWNING LAND to be used to PRODUCE food for family use PLUS food in exchange of goods or services needed by the family.

food is the single most important good in this entire planet. even the very richest ones never love to live without several daily meals . hence ALL planet - all millionaires and professionals of any trade or industry DEPEND on food resources.

NO government should be allowed to OWN land - as all land is a gift of God to all mankind. hence each individual family or person should own only as much as they THEMSELVES and personally can care for with their own human resources without employing or using foreign workers or helpers.

if all land is honestly shared among all willing to produce - then all or at least all those who really want can have a food production covering all personal and family needs plus a reasonable excess for trade against other products or services needed.

to own land you have the responsibility to CARE for ALL you OWN. to own land means to ACCEPT a gift of love from God - to care FOR such a gift means to keep such land free of poisons, free toxic material, free of waste of any kind except 100% biodegradable agriculture waste. to care for a gift of love from God also means to cultivate it - to allow all natural plants to live and heal YOU and to establish and maintain a natural balance of MIX culture - mix culture as opposed to monoculture of dozens or more hectares of land or entire valleys or regions used for a single product only - such as huge monoculture of rice, sugar, mangoes, coconut trees, corn or similar monoculture.

to care for land created and given by God requires a full and TRUE understanding of the NEED and usefulness of all animals, bugs, worms, insects, bees, ... as well as the meaning, need and usefulness of all "weeds" created to be ALL healing source for nature itself OR animals serving God's nature OR healing the environment for the direct health benefit of all mankind. ALL God has ever created, all animals, all plants - including so called *WEEDS* serve a divine purpose and need to be protected to maintain our healthy balanced ecosystem on this planet.

to care for land also means to treat ALL land and all that grows on our entire planet as a living being - part of God himself as all is created OUT of God - and thus to deal, handle and treat all with TRUE love in our heart and body when doing all field work.

the farmer who cares
- for the land he has the honor to possess and care
- for the people who need HIS products
such a farmer always will improve the quality and quantity in a loving and natural way to give the very finest, cleanest, best, most delicious natural organically grown vegetables, crop, fruits and other products of his farming efforts.

the Philippines - like India and a few similar countries - has the potential climate - tropical and subtropical - ocean level hot and humid to high altitude moderate to grow just about anything and everything that ever could grow on any part of the entire planet.
the Philippines are in such extreme favorable geographic climate that almost any fruit, any vegetable and any herbal or other food resource can be grown in its most natural environment FREE of the need of artificial modifications made to its land.

we have cool to moderate high altitude agriculture land such as we may find in summer time in Europe or USA/Canada - we have moderate climate zones similar or equal to the magic Mediterranean climate - we have true tropical and subtropical ones .. all within dozens or hundreds of kilometers apart. most of the natural resources are widely untapped / unused. there are such huge areas potentially ready to be used as fertile and producing agriculture land without the need of deforestation and without the need of destruction of any natural biological balance. all potential agriculture productivity can be integrated INTO the existing natural beauty and treasure of a wild nature. fields amidst jungle or wild ares left to nature for natural balancing and healing of our environment.

we have dependable rainy season, abundance of water all over, sufficient means of reasonable transportation ways by sea or land.

all we need is a cooperation among all farmers - a free and living exchange of experiences, exchange of fruits and seedlings among all islands and with neighbor islands / countries in OUR South East Asian neighborhood - a coordination on a global level as well as within a nation to exchange free ideas and simple natural skills / technologies to ease agriculture progress.

a change of attitude in our all hearts to be willing and ready to pay a honest price for all food we receive from all global farmers to enable farmers to conduct a clean and modern healthy life style enabling all farmers to offer all school education to their own children - school education of basic nature as needed to further progress in producing healthier and better food resources for all in abundance.

agriculture goods are the single most valuable goods ever produced on earth - no industrial good ever can match even nearly the value of healthy natural resources and products as offered by the hundreds of millions of farmers and fishermen all around our globe !!!

lack of quality consciousness is directly proportional of lack of LOVE FOR others ! this lack of quality consciousness is common in many countries - but MUCH more evident in the Philippines. the Philippine people love to be loved, they all enjoy being loved, being spoiled, being paid - without returning anything at all or returning as little as possible ... selfishness is the name of such illness form a spiritual point of view and such selfishness, laziness and thus manifesting in lack of quality consciousness obviously leads to reduced income from insufficient quality of goods and services provided.

such is very apparent in the entire tourist industry - the Philippine tourist industry quality is one of the worst quality levels on all planet - comparable to India only. with the exception of Boracay island's tourist industry i have never seen any hotel resort or restaurant truly interested in top quality and to satisfaction of its customers. smiling and standing around - offering the least amount of efforts and expecting tipping for a smile instead of excellency in quality is the typical common behavior here in the Philippines. Gourmet restaurants are virtually nonexistent - with the exception of a VERY few ones - like the ones mentioned on Boracay island or Baguio city and a VERY FEW exceptions here and there in this most beautiful country - most beautiful by means of its FULL but widely UNUSED potential.

one easy method to "measure love" toward OTHERS is to look at the food a country cooks. look at local food specialties, look at gourmet food originating in that country and commonly offered to the wide public in that country ...

here in the Philippines there is NO gourmet food at all originating HERE and almost NO gourmet food at all offered by average restaurants or households. the way a person COOKS - is the way THAT person LOVES !! if an entire nation has NO gourmet food at all - if an entire nation cooks and offers only basic food - such as French fries, corn, rice, fried fish, fried chicken and a few other basic recipes - then this food palette directly reflects the variety of LOVE offered by women and men in THAT country !!!

compare this to the LOVE life in the Philippines and compare the Filipinas with European girls in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or France ... then we clearly see, FEEL and experience that European Love life is nearly infinitely more developed or refined than the love potential of Asians in the Philippines and most other countries HERE. European girls are gourmet in food AND in love - such is valid for both - men and women in Europe. YES of course in average the European girls are the very best lovers on all planet in all ways possible. Europeans have started to work hard and to imp0rove quality in most products or services already centuries ago. such development is proportional to love culture of a country !!

Europe also has far less or no REAL poverty - at least no poverty in the sense or size we encounter poverty in India or some other Asian countries. IN countries like Europe we experience a common attitude and readiness to WORK long hours hard and the willingness to MAKE as happy as can be - hence in an environment or society where it is common to THINK about how to MAKE happy - all society progresses faster and easier - financially as well.

in a country where hash browns are warmed up in micro wave, brewed coffee is kept kept warm for up to 6 hrs, vegetables typically are prepared boiled in water without any seasoning at all, where deserts and bakery is almost completely missing, where packed or processed food is preferred over fresh homemade food ... what else but poverty can you expect. such poor food is the expression of the TRUE inner attitude and readiness TO MAKE others as happy as possible. Such readiness to make happy is simple missing nearly to 100% here in the Philippines among the majority of Filipinos - some rare exceptions excluded - Filipina girls and Filipino men - are specialized in enjoying life - specialized in enjoying being loved and being spoiled by OTHERS.

people - entire nations - can earn only as much as they are ready TO GIVE !! receiving money is receiving love - love can only be received AFTER having GIVEN FIRST an appropriate amount or quantity of LOVE to OTHERS.

a far smaller portion of Philippine poverty is caused b y rich ones pushing the original population away and out of their traditional living areas into more and more restricted smaller areas ... for example fishermen are pushed / purchased away of their natural environment near or ON the beach to do their job most efficiently - fishing and providing food to millions of city / industry population. s a result of smaller and more remote / less favorable living quarters remaining to fishermen - their work is getting more and more difficult or even impossible. in certain tourist areas all beach is sold out to tourist industry and rich ones - leaving no or most difficult access to the sea to fishermen and leaving no true living quarters with garden for their families. the prices for land has risen to a level where normal mortals never can afford a piece of land with garden on the beach to do a work of fishermen.

social injustice is CREATED by greed and stinginess of the richest of a country - including the expat society of that country. social injustice never is a natural occurrence - it always is CREATED by conscious acceptance of that government.

mismanagement by government - in the Philippines as much as in India and many other similar countries is the result of totally missing LOVE for their own PEOPLE !! in countries where top government officials after just a few years in office *somehow* suddenly are rich, have / own houses, cars and ten thousands or millions of dollars - it is obvious that such fortune never can ever be earned by any honest means - but by some open or hidden from of most extreme corruption - just have a look at the past history of the presidents Estrada or Marcos and other lower level government officials. Lack of LOVE FOR all people in a country is of course nothing else but the very same attitude of the entire Philippine people - hence each people has the government it deserves ...

A people empty of TRUE love FOR others never can expect OTHERS - including the own government - to have TRUE love FOR them. such is the law of karma. In a selfish society all think of their own happiness - using and abusing their present position and situation for their own personal benefits before thinking of the global wellbeing of ALL mankind. as a final result of such selfish attitude no one else thinks of you - a selfish person always is excluded from the wellbeing of all creation as a direct result of the self created stinginess to LOVE others above all.

loving others does include loving GOD - loving God is far more than just ACCEPTING God's love - loving God also includes giving TO God - giving TO God does include actively spending money, resources, labor, care, time, ... FOR the wellbeing of entire planet. such love FOR God does include above all

- to keep nature CLEAN
- to avoid herbicides and pesticides - but instead to PROTECT, maintain and SUPPORT life and God made balance in nature
- to love and care for all animals, plants and all nature in general
- to maintain all forests and wild natural resources clean and FREE of influence of mankind
- to preserve all nature with all animals, plants and minerals in the cleanest POSSIBLE way FOR our future generations to come
- loving God also strictly MUST include LOVING OTHERS - out efforts in MAKING OTHERS as happy as can be is a directly proportional measure of OUR true love FOR God. If we truly LOVE God - then we also want to make ALL his OTHER children as happy as possible. the easiest way into the heart of another person is to love all his friends and all his loved ones at the very same time in full. the easiest way to PROVE lack of love is to exclude one or several others from your own love or to do or give less than the very best you can.

one of the most complex source of poverty certainly is poverty caused by disasters or political instability ...


disasters often are caused by mankind's lack of LOVE FOR nature - mankind's impact on ocean, environment and forests .. such as abundant logging, environment pollution, dynamite fishing, changing the natural flow or rivers, changing natural beaches, breaking down reefs and many other human made changes in nature can and do lead to man-made disasters. such disasters finally is the ultimate result of lack of interest in God's wellbeing and God's creation.

we have to FEEL AND thus KNOW the needs of NATURE to protect nature, to withdraw from man made changes of nature.

when landslides, avalanches and other major disasters destroy entire villages or regions - then such of most of the time due to lack of knowledge about the NEEDS and laws governing ALL creation.

WE as God's children are to learn to live fully INTEGRATED INTO nature rather than impose ourselves to nature and environment. it is our privilege to be FREE children of God - it is OUR honor to SHOW God that we care for such a divine gift of love.

other creatures MADE by God - such as MOST animals and ALL plants have NO freedom of such kind at all ...

the gift of love called FREEDOM is the single most valuable gift any eternal being ever can have - we have to PROVE that we can handle and maintain such divine freedom with an eternal life of LOVE toward all.

industrial or material needs ARE TO BE secondary to ANY need of nature, environment OR creation in general !!!!!

as to poverty caused by government or mismanagement on government level - we all have the government we chose and deserve. the government's sole purpose is to SERVE and thus HELP ALL people - any other selfish manifestations by ANY government has to be stopped in a totally loving but STRONG way. people are to be strong - people are to prove strength by solving their problems IN DIVINE LOVE and thus FREE of any violence. people have to PROVE the power of love by making wise choices and by proving to be FREE of any government influence. ALL people have to learn to live and prosper without any influence OR even worst - without ANY dependency from ANY government or government like body or organization.

all people have to work harder, more lovingly, more precisely, caring for all their entire land, nature, natural resources in love and thus with divine wisdom. wisdom applied by people dissolves any need for government. only weak ones need government - only weak ones follow orders. strong ones follow the path of love given by God - eternally. hence strong ones always have their roots IN God and as such all strong ones always make ALL their decisions in FULL and truly loving harmony WITH God.

from the absolute point of view we ALL are ONE family - now and here on earth we are separated and split into many families - many countries and many more regions as a direct result of our very own ego and selfish decisions. as we grow our love toward all again - we manage to dissolve more and more frontiers that we humans created. as we dissolve our frontiers - we become again more and more one - step by step we will evolve again back to what we have been once a VERY long time ago - ONE family. however we will EVOLVE - we will WORK toward that goal and we thus will LEARN HOW TO LOVE to regain oneness in God. by doing so we will experience thousands or millions of various ways to make wrong AND right decisions until we reach a point of wisdom that allows us to KNOW the difference between right and wrong - between love and selfishness.

social poverty imposed or created by an abusive government - regional OR national OR global is nothing else but an obstacle we NEED to learn to OVERCOME purely on the basis of true divine love.

poverty caused by personal karma is even more complex but explained sufficiently in other chapters of the Cyberspace Ashram. those who have used and abused the weakness of OTHERS in earlier times - including in their own earlier INCARNATIONS may find themselves under the MOST unfavorable situation here and now on earth - situations comparable to those they created to others in earlier lives on earth or elsewhere in God's creation. those who create or HAVE poverty for personal gain or other reasons may find themselves as victims of their own personal selfish decisions in the roles they have created FOR others.

when you FEEL - for a few years, decades or an entire lifetime what you have done TO others - then latest you may start to THINK about decisions and impact YOU will have in your eternal future.

what to do to solve poverty on a global or national or regional level ?

give freedom to all - freedom has been created and given BY God - and no human EVER has the authority to TAKE, reduce OR limit God given freedom.

such freedom includes

- freedom to travel
- freedom to live where you love to live
- freedom to work what you love to work
- freedom to OWN ONE peace of land YOU personally care for with love and on a regular permanent basis
- freedom to live FREE of any influence from OTHERS whoever
- freedom to make all your OWN decisions

pay honest prices to all - always be ready to pay same prices or salaries than YOU earn yourself do all the dirty work yourself - if you have excess work - give clean and qualified work to others and always allow all others to have same rights, same freedom, same benefits and same pay as you want for yourself

all are equal in the heart and love of God
your *slaves* are equal to you - hence you need to pay treat them like you are paid and treated
your employees are equal to you as well ...
your children and parents are equal to you - older or younger, but equal by value and love
your *enemies* are equal to you ... hence love your enemies like you want to be loved by others

practice this divine truth in all your life toward all creation - toward mankind of any age and any gender - male AND female, babies, children, adults and old age

practice equal treatment and equal love and care toward all nations, all ethic groups, all religions, all mankind of any race, color and culture

treat all nature, animals, plants and all planet or other planets of your future as a treasure and property given by God for the benefit and wellbeing of all creatures for all eternity. limit your property to what YOU really can care for with all your love from the bottom of your heart

be honest with ALL - be ready to always share all - information, resources and love - with all

use only as much as you really need of anything you belief to need
be modest in your life
be ready to reduce the resources needed presently by you to a level that can be practiced BY ALL mankind NOW AND eternally

focus on development of divine love above all in all your life and work - divine love toward all in ALL situations of life

any action of yours that has an impact on OTHERS may be a restriction of THEIR wellbeing OR freedom - whatever OTHER hear, smell, feel, see FROM you IS THEIR business !! that means to crate a truly loving society we all have to withdraw our impact ON others to a level WITHIN our OWN property and household - unless we are asked to do otherwise by particular individual humans OR other beings.

we exceed our limits when we use loudspeakers for our voices to impose our talk - such as in car loudspeakers, advertisements with loudspeakers, ...
we exceed our limits when we burn trash that poisons the air of our neighbors
we exceed our limits when we create an ugly or dirty environment visible TO others living within our sight
we exceed our limits when we *discipline* our children causing them to cry or LOOK sad or suffering
we exceed our limits when we cause any kind of environment pollution that is stored OUTSIDE our very own property
we exceed our limits when we distribute in any way bacteria, fungi, smell, toxins or similar substances outside our very own body or outside our very own property.

it is our divine duty to keep ALL our surroundings pleasant, clean and healthy - including our very own AURA !!

learn to increase your love toward ALL others by showing and proving your love in all possible ways. compare for example your garden ...
how many flowers are blossoming in your garden - the blossoms and beauty of your garden is LOVE FOR your neighbors. in the Philippines only a few people have any flowers they really CARE for - compared to most central European gardens where millions of difficult to GROW flowers blossom from early spring to late fall - here in a country where all flowers grow and blossom with very little care and work compared to the harsh and cold European climate - we see how little effort our Philippine children of God invest FOR others.

always keep in mind that you only can benefit from as much or as little love FROM others as you give yourself - work more, work with more love, think about how to make others MORE happy in all you do - then one day poverty will be solved in your power of divine love.

sometimes an entire generation needs to invest a lifetime of extraordinary efforts to prove true love - just look for example at the rice terraces in Banaue - northern Luzon. a result of extraordinary work and efforts invested by the population of an entire region during an entire life cycle lasts until these very days and brings *fruits* even some 2000 years later. such may be efforts needed to turn ALL Philippine islands and regions into spiritual treasures of growing, blossoming love toward all - treasures of agriculture harvest and natural resources ever lasting as long as mankind needs this very planet before having leaned to love to the extent needed to return into ONE family in God again.

love and bliss