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How to be sexy for your husband - how to be sexy wife for your husband - how to be sexy girl for your partner - how to make a man feel horny

How to be sexy for your husband
- how to be sexy wife for your husband
- how to be sexy girl for your partner
- how to make a man feel horny

a girl wants to know "how to be sexy for your husband"

if a girl has asks herself "how to be sexy for your husband" then it
proves she wants to please him and make him happy

to be sexy for your husband requires

from the very bottom of your heart a sincere desire and sincere
innermost wish to truly make your husband happy

from the bottom of your heart the readiness to be true wife, to be a
female wife made by God, made to fulfill HIS sexy dreams and wishes with
all the sweet love you can create out of your true heart

the question itself in a wife is proof she wants to be sexy wife,
she wants to learn how to be sexy wife,
she wants to learn to be better wife or the wife of his dreams

of course all girl and all wives know it
it never has been a secret for thousands of years
... men love sexy girls
all true men love sexy girls

all true men means - there are men out on this planet who have yet to
achieve to be in peace with being a man - a male man - and thus such men
who still are fighting against being male man or rejecting being male
man or suppressing being male man - all those men of course may be happy
having a girl who has no sexy wishes at all as that female denial to be
sexy wife may suit their own fear or rejection of being a male man

how to be a sexy wife ? what is a "sexy wife"

it is far more than the outer appearance - yet it would be wrong to say
the dress and way of walking, dancing, talking, being ... would be

of course it matters how you look,
of course it really matters how you dress


the way you look need to be the same way you feel
the way you dress need to be a way you feel well

a truly sexy female girl / wife always feels truly comfortable wearing a
sexy dress when at home or when going out to any occasion with her
husband or partner

to be sexy wife requires that you truly and most sincerely feel that way
deep inside your heart
to be sexy wife requires that you enjoy sex with your husband
if you are a young wife - knowing your husband just a few months or years
but truly in love with your husband,
then admit all your own sexy feelings, admit all your sexy wishes and
desires you would love to have fulfilled by your husband

that full - open and true confession that you feel turned on by your
husband will may you a sexy wife

if you love to have sex with your husband - admit it, confess it and do
it - have sex any time, any style any position, any location ...
learn to be spontaneous
think of sex being FOOD for heat and soul
compare it with food you eat
sometimes you are VERY hungry and devour any peace of fast food,
chocolate or cake within a single bite
sometimes you have time and hunger develops constantly over a few hours
for a dinner of many courses

same behavior applies in sex life between any two partners
sometimes YOU love to have instant sex - a quickie full speed resulting
in an instant orgasm within minutes or faster
another time same day you may have more time for more style
some days you have many small meals and are feeling excellent and just fine
another day you may prefer fewer but larger and more complex, more
sophisticated meals ...

the essence is that BOTH ties you hare hungry and both times you take
and get what you need
hence both times you are happy and satisfied

if that is your honest and true inner attitude then you should learn to
admit it in clear positive words - say exactly what you feel, wish and
love to do
say it exactly when you feel it
never wait with such confessions of love for later minutes or hours or
even later
always say your sweet loving love confessions right away the very
moments you feel such sweet sexy feelings

to be sexy wife for your husband requires truthfulness, honesty,
sincerity in all your true love intentions
it requires that you are fully ready to love him for ever and ever
to be sexy wife requires that you love him without any birth control and
love control
free - open heart and open pussy

to be sexy wife never can be played
it requires true divine love
sexy wife is something a man and husband will FEEL inside his heart
the impression of "sexy wife" or "sexy girl" is something a man seldom
can rationally explain - it is the result of a very particular energy
that is flowing from that sexy girl / wife toward that man

to be sexy wife is the result of the sum of all aura from that wife
the aura never can be cheated
eyes may be cheated by make up and dresses
a loving heart of a man never can be cheated by any means

a truly loving wife is either sexy as the result of her innermost true
attitude toward her husband and eternal partner
she married him for another reason but true love and will fail to prove
him love and thus also will fail eternally to ever appear truly sexy to him

attitude always is revealed in full to each lover - sexy never can be

but you the girl - how do you know that you are truly a sexy girl and
sexy wife for your husband ??

there is a very simple self test that always gives you true result

if you - the girl / wife feel horny FOR your husband - then you have
proof that HE TOO is horny FOR YOU
whenever YOU are horny - horny means you have a wet pussy - FOR a man,
then THAT man ALWAYS also is horny for you that very moment !!!
when you the girl have a wet pussy - HE the man always has an erection
he ONLY can have an erection when you turn him on and when he WANTS to
have sex with YOU that very magic moment ...
where ever you are !
when you are truly sexy girl - then you can do the first steps as well -
just do it - love him any style that TURNS YOU ON ...
what ever turns you on this very moment is what he loves most this very
this mutual harmony of unspoken or confessed love desires causes the
flow of sexy love between you two

always do what turns you on
because whatever turns you on is what turns him on !!

that simple test never fails
because if you are horny for him - i mean truly horny by having a wet
pussy ..
then your wet pussy is the result of FLOWING love BETWEEN your husband /
partner and yourself

flowing love is
dynamic love
- and as a result of the dynamics and physiology of flowing true love
you feel the reaction of your own body who signals you full readiness

when you feel sexual readiness by feeling horny FOR your husband or partner
then you have to take this as a full proof of being sexy because it
proves that your sexual attraction and love as a female and your entire
female appearance is turning your husband on

if that proof is too little for you - then you have another proof - your
husband's penis is erected
it is ONLY possible to have an erection as the result of FLOWING love
between HIS partner - YOU - and himself.

any and every erection NEEDS and requires female love from you - the
female girl !!

if i repeatedly emphasize female girl and male man
of course we have ill ones who are male girl and female man and even
more complex situations - all together the result of emotional /
spiritual trauma experienced in earlier years - childhood or even
earlier incarnations

a female girl only could cause a sexy impression and reaction in a male
partner - male man or male girl !!
God made men and women - with matching anatomy for the joy of both
the matching anatomy is accompanied by a matching magic physiology of
sexy love that creates wellbeing, pleasure and true happiness deep
inside the heart and soul of BOTH - the female sexy girl / wife and the
male sexy man / husband

when a girl is truly in love with her husband - then she always is truly
to be sexy for a husband also is reflected in all her body and body
parts or body proportions
her sexy body is sexy for her husband
dynamics and physiology of flowing true love
when she has to offer what he needs most
when she can be and wants / loves to be the fulfillment of all his sexy
dreams and wishes
to e sexy for husband means she always is ready to give and to absorb
love possible
flowing love in any of the 2 directions - love from her husband as well
as love toward her husband always creates a happy feeling inside the
heart and body
hence true flowing love always is a true pleasure
for the sender as much as for the recipient

true love to be true means
always feel, say and practice a positive YES attitude toward partner
a YES attitude
free of games - but FULL of true love to be offered on a permanent basis

to be sexy wife is the best insurance for a happy eternal partnership of
romance and love with one and the same husband ... happiness for ever -
together in your hear and soul as much as in your body

a sexy wife loves to have a baby or many babies from her husband
that is a full open heart proof
such open heart always turns your husband / partner on and thus always
creates a true impression of really being loved and really being fully

a sexy wife needs to be able to FALL in love - hence she also needs a
husband who is truly loving her
both always need to be true to each other in their innermost attitude
both always need to be willing and ready to GIVE all love needed by the
partner at any given time, at any given place
both always need to be willing and ready to fully accept and ABSORB all love
offered by that ONE partner

both need to be willing to fully fall in love with each other
then both are sexy for each other
turning each other ON
inspiring each other to greater heights in life and love
empowering each other to greater love work for the benefit of all creation

love and bliss