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Secrets for having a sexy body - how to have a sexy body

Secrets for having a sexy body - how to have a sexy body

that question about "Secrets for having a sexy body" is one of the
easiest to answer

a body looks and feels sexy when the girl really IS sexy

of course we may need to agree on a mutual definition of being sexy
a girl is sexy when she turns on a man without him touching her - simply
by her look !!

however to be more accurate it is actually her aura that IS sexy as a
result of sexual energy radiated into her environment as a signal of her
readiness to give and to absorb love.

a single girl may be sexy and thus have a sexy body or sexy appearance
in general - all day long - while a girl with a permanent lover /
partner may be sexy and appear sexy only to him as a result her true
partner love. the result or cause is always the same

to be sexy or to have a sexy body means true love flowing out of your
metaphysical body and true readiness to absorb love from a potential

all parts of a body have a precise spiritual meaning - a body of a truly
loving soul is attractive to the right person and thus creates a free
flow of love in both directions resulting in sexual attraction or even
in sexual arousal of a particular person

superficial signs such as particular dresses may be used to pretend
being sexy - the aura never cheats - a truly loving heart and divine
soul always shows and proves instantly all truth within that body

if a girl - no matter how she looks - fails to turn you on at any
distance, then she never is truly sexy but only pretends or plays sexy
girl. body parts may be artificially trained, formed, replaced, or
modified by implants or trained - dresses stuffed to change the outside
appearance - the inside and aura of a body however NEVER can be fakes.
God helps to always be truthful and always gives many clues and hints to
reveal the truth about each and all egos.

love and bliss