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Poverty can be manifold - poverty can have many faces - learn to recognize poverty and solve poverty by helping really poor ones

Poverty can be manifold
- poverty can have many faces
- learn to recognize poverty and solve poverty by helping really poor ones

in God's creation all are equal - the apparent difference we see
nowadays is man made - self created.
All who failed in earlier times get again and again all necessary
opportunities to improve and be free

if we look at the situation of the angel children in the orphanage and
then compare their situation with the below shown angel children in Catbangen - then
we easily see a huge difference.

the families in Catbangen may be very poor from financial point of view ...
hence if your values of life
are of financial or material nature - then the families and children in
Catbangen appear to be poor and the children in the orphanage rich.


the children in Catbangen have families, father, mother, sisters,
relatives who work and fight for survival and family life - those
families care for their children day and night, they provide shelter and
school education as well as basic jobs that help children to learn REAL
life situations and thus to survive even in the toughest and poorest of
all situations possible.

as a result

the children in Catbangen - and all similar locations in this world as
well !!! - they all may seem wild, tough and rough - but they all learn
real life - work, serving and survival in any situations ...
without EVER begging for money.

if these families lack money ... then they know how
to work more
or they work longer hours
or one of the older children starts working and contributing to real
life expenses instead of continuing school for years or decades beyond
adult age - children may safely be considered adult by 14 - 16 years ...
that's the time when most children are old enough to face reality of
life, work and survival
being confronted with real life in early years - while growing up in
real life situations such as in Catbangen - makes children strong
adults, ready to work, ready to give or share, ready to work harder if
life gets rougher

for all these people in Catbangen any work is just fine - no single job
too hard or too dirty
no climate to rough and no working hours too long or too early in morning

in Catbangen i also know children without parents - accepted as real
children in a real family caring and loving for such like for own
children. i know one particular small boy who found a loving and caring
father and never is considered "adopted" because he is loved like his
own child !!
we find children without parents or single parents - and yet all still
are supported in full by relatives or remaining family members and thus
allowed to grow up in real life environment and real life situations.

real life as the one here among poor ones may appear poor from material
point of view - but rich in experiences, spiritual lessons in daily life
and challenges to grow strong in real life ... a preparation for
eternity with values of life of eternal spiritual nature.

the angel children in the orphanage
however lack any challenge of real life situations, they lack the
challenge to have to work or contribute to the expenses of real life,
they lack real family members or relatives willing to share work and
real life situations to allow children to grow strong and flexible for a
happy adult life within a partnership.

children growing up in the orphanage grow up without freedom to go into
jungle or beach on their own, they lack real direct contact with all
dangers or energies in real life ... hence eventually they may grow up
as fearful children who may have to undergo all real life lessons later
in their adult life ...
resulting in much later readiness for life and much delayed maturity for
possible partnership and family of their own.

whenever you have a choice - the best option always is to prevent
orphans or orphanages by directly supporting families or relatives of
children who lose one or both of their parents. a financial or material
support of relatives of orphans or abandoned children in a healthy and
loving society with a well developed family sense for a FAR expanded
family is immensely much cheaper all the way as compared to the
operation and logistic expenses of an artificial orphanage such as the
one here in San Fernando La Union.

relatives or family members never need additional housing, nor equipment
to support another child - just some help in school fees or other
assistance such as better or honest pay for available jobs or a small
financial aid every now and then ....
while orphanages are fully and artificially supported by outside sources
for best possible living conditions and schooling - nevertheless they
still lack in full a real life situations and hence fail in FULL to
prepare children for adult life, real life jobs on this tough be real
planet and even more orphanage children fail to be prepared as potential
partners since they lack a contact with real mothers and real fathers -
with adult women and adult men needed to be examples for their own
development of maturity as partners in life in the real world later on
in their lives.

real education only is of any value if preparing for life - for jobs in
our present world, for real family situations, partnership situations
and all nature and natural environment. children kept away from
apparently hostile jungle or forests or ocean situations grow up fearful
and weak ... lacking true preparation for real life all the way despite
all their intellectual school education.
real education of real life value always consists of thousands of daily
experiences exposed to the full content of our environment - problems,
work, quarrels, solutions, environment and nature.

hence some of you may now realize that the angel children in Catbangen
and all others growing up in similar situations on our planet may
eventually be richer than those kids growing up in a villa in Munich or
LA or in fine houses.

myself having grown up in a rather poor environment - with parents
sleeping on straw after marriage ... in Switzerland - and being exposed
to the need to work as a small man-boy at the age of 4 in the household
and field and later on as of the age of 10 years on the farm of my
parents ... i know for sure that it was exactly this rather harsh
environment that created the strength i needed to succeed in my life on
my path of love to God ...
a successful path of Love to God is the ultimate and absolutely only
criteria to evaluate or measure the real values of life.

would i have the choice again to reincarnate - i would most likely chose
the most difficult situations again - it's the really best guarantee to
succeed - the harder the life the stronger a person grows out of all !!!

the pictures below show the home or neighborhood of my family in
Catbangen - San Fernando La Union - a loving environment where i have
had the honor to life for some 3 months amidst all of them in a small
rental room in one of the houses here. during times when donations
received from Cyberspace Ashram users have been insufficient to pay
online expenses and living ... there were days without money for food -
just barely enough to pay online expenses
yet several among these "poor" ones proved richness to share with me
what they had to make sure i had something to eat each day
hence they all proved true and absolute richness in their heart - many
others i my life also proved the very same wealth of true love
a prove of love God always will remember eternally

love and bliss


angel children
angel children
angel children