[Christmas preparation]Received Fri, 24 Dec 2004 15:07:01 PHT

Merry Christmas

merry Christmas - love and bliss
Merry Christmas to all

Christmas time is more than time to love
Christmas is time to prove love, to act love, to practice love, to live love

the first place you always should start is in your own heart, in your
own life
then proceed to your loved one God gave you in this life time
if you have no partner or the wrong one
then free yourself for true love

there is abundance of love for all
for you as well

and there is abundance of love for all around you ...
but you - none else but you may be the primary source of such love for
your next ones

God showers and pores his love upon all
for God every day is Christmas day
Christmas day on earth has been made but for you
to start learning to practice what we all will practice once at home in God

as we progress in our attempts and learning steps to apply true diving
love in all our varies parts of daily business, jobs, fun and work - we
may start to expand such Christmas-like love on more and more days
toward more and more people
then toward other nations and cultures
toward other parts of creation - such as nature, animals, jungles,
oceans ...

until our love spans over all creation and radiates into all hearts and

true love and being true Christians means doing always what our
innermost heart tells us to do
never what others want us to do
by the end of each day
before falling asleep
we are all alone with our consciousness

if then we feel that we have done the very best we could each day
even if days or weeks we may know and do different or better
if we feel to have given the best and done the best we ever could
then we can fall asleep and surrender easily all remaining burden of
daily life to God
each day
each night
each time we fall asleep

also the last minutes before we drop or leave our body
... to return home
we a heart full of loving experiences

may love grow stronger and brighter in the hearts of all
to give us the power to always do the right thing in love and with love
there never is need to fight for justice nor to fight for the right thing
there is need to just be just, honest, sincere, loving and do the right
the power of loving action always is far greater than the power of all
else combined

the power of love - waiting to be applied by all is what creates social
justice, harmony and loving relationships among all mankind, among all
nations, ethic groups, colors, races and religions

God has never had a religion
God never will have religion
God is Love
so are you
God is God for all
all nations, all beings
humans and animals alike and all planet and all stars and all universes
once and forever

Merry Christmas from the bottom of my divine heart

With divine love and bliss