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What Christmas gift should i give to girls? .. treat them like women - treat them like angels - treat girls like you treat your own lover girl or wife

Another question today was

What Christmas gift should i give to girls?

simply treat girls as woman,
treat girls with love
treat girls like you would treat your wife and lover girl
and above all

if you are father or mother of a girl or girls
let them fall in love and find their own partner

avoid at any cost any attempt to find a partner or job for them
girls are different from what you think
and above all they love to be loved
romantic love is the purpose of eternal life

let girls grow up with a smile and love in their heart
let them fall in love to the one their own heart selects and love the
selection she makes
it is the one she selects that is going to share all live with her

girls are adult women in a young body with the very same desires and
dreams and fantasies as all adult women

see also the chapter

Christmas gifts
- Gifts of love and gifts for all occasions

if you are mother
treat your girls like you would NOW love to be treated
and remember what you missed in your own childhood
give them freedom
freedom to fully develop - to enjoy and to grow up in a loving free
to allow them freely to find their way of life - different from yours
may be or similar to your way
but either way as a free choice of their own

love and bliss



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