[Christmas preparation]Received Sun, 28 Nov 2004 23:49:22 PHT

Christmas time in Baguio - in the Philippines each province has its own kind of traditional Christmas decoration - colorful and usually always handmade

My present place - Burnham Hotel - is already fully decorated for
Christmas like most places in the Philippines

the lobby and outside of rooms show signs of love
Christmas decoration is like a mental, emotional and spiritual trigger
changing the focus of life from business or material life toward
spirituality and religion - toward God

may the same occur at your place
all you need to do is to start early in the year to listen to Christmas
songs and to decorate your home and office with colorful loving
Christmas decor

the switch in all hearts will change automatically toward more love and
thus toward forgiveness
resulting in peace among and between more and more
until we are all again one divine family of love

love and bliss