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The ultimate love test beyond the first kiss - marriages and relationships break apart due to one major reason - lack of sexual harmony as a result of lack of true love - true love always results in a truly magic sexual harmony and happy sexual love life

Now that you have studied the chapter about the first kiss - and your
lover has past that first moments of falling in love - it's time to go
on and into the depth of subconscious signs of true love or ego love.

remember that you need to FEEL love without being touched
any love that takes ONLY place in your brain is pure ego love !!

love needs to flow on ALL levels
true love includes sexuality - but true love always MUST include
spiritual love
spiritual love CAN ALWAYS be felt at any distance when meeting
true spiritual love can be felt INSIDE your heart, body AND soul
such capability to FEEL love however depends on YOUR OWN spiritual
preparation and spiritual progress !
it is YOUR responsibility to FEEL love
if YOU fail to feel your partners love
then your partner may also fail to truly FEEL your love as well

Marriages and relationships break apart due to one major reason
lack of love
lack of love results in missing harmony
missing harmony can be caused by two factors

1. wrong partner
harmony is divine
only the ONE single partner in entire creation can be the best match

while having ego - many could be a temporary acceptable match for a
while, years or even the remainder of THIS lifetime / incarnation

truly spiritual persons however are developing faster and faster and
thus as a result of their own conscious spiritual efforts resulting in
progress - spiritual persons get closer and closer to their own true
divine being as made by God.

the more you are spiritually evolved - the less you can be happy with a
wrong partner and the more it is apparent to you

either the right one HERE and NOW on earth


NO partner until the right one is ready and met - either here on earth
or back at home in God's home made for us

2. lack of love results from missing testing each other the very first
if lack of love is causing later expensive divorces or painful
separation and thus wasted life time and wasted true occasions to love
why NOT start where relationships break apart ??

makes sense !?

sure !!

far more than waiting and hoping for ..

may be
much later
may be never

love while having a physical body is expressed the single most direct and single most powerful way by .. Sexuality

sexuality consists of MANY parts
being a sexual partner is infinitely much more than just having one kind
or a few kind of sex together

sexuality means:

showing that you can fully accept the love from your partner
showing that you can accept him as the sexual being God has made - male
or female

latter however also requires FIRST that you can accept YOURSELF being a
sexual spiritual being - either woman or man

if I look at the access_log of my domain
if I look at other relationships and see their problems
if I talk to older experienced women and men
of course i see always the very same cause for separation and / or divorce

lack of FULL acceptance of the partner as a sexual being
lack of readiness and WILLINGNESS to MAKE happy


i see the same reasons for happiness and lasting relationship -
improving year after year

full acceptance and an active loving and spiritually oriented sex life
between the two

acceptance as a sexual partner
being accepted as a true woman by the man
]or being accepted as a true man by the woman

is easiest and most efficiently shown in oral sex

the spiritual meaning is far more precise as many may want to belief
the point is simple and short

you want to make your partner happy
then you love to have oral sex with him as well
from the very first second and without any limits

for a man that means

a loving man loves to drink the sweet delicious milk his girl has to
offer - even if at the beginning it might be but a few drops

drinking a girls milk is a firm proof of FULL acceptance of HER female
love and to fully absorb female love

EVERY truly loving man also loves to kiss her pussy and make her happy
this way as well - because a girl who accepts being a female easily can
have one or many orgasms by her partner kissing her pussy

any time - when ever she feels like missing or needing it

kissing her pussy is a final proof of loving her as a female - of
enjoying making her happy, enjoying to love make the female being inside
her happy

then he will be a good sex partner as well

any time - any style - any place
from the very first meeting

for a girl that means

a loving woman will love to give her breast and share her milk with him
that is a proof of readiness to GIVE love - as the breast is a location
of a secondary chakra of Anahata chakra - heart chakra - used to GIVE
spiritual love

it also means that she will LOVE to make him a blow job and fully absorb
/ drink his sperms - as this is nothing else but the male supplement to
female sweet breast milk

as many girls know and regularly experience - the flow of sperms is
preceded by a constant lasting flow of spiritual love emerging like a
fountain of love from the penis of her partner as well - just like the
breast of a girl is a fountain of physical and spiritual love for her
lover as well !!

when fully absorbing such spiritual love along with all flow of love -
she easily may experience an orgasm JUST from making him a blow job !

a girl with a TRUE loving heart can do anything from the very first
meeting, the first minutes

any girl or a man saying "later"
means she/ he wants to enjoy YOUR love - without giving any love NOR
happiness at all
wanting to enjoy your love without accepting YOU as the spiritual source
of love

above love test typically is done the very first time
and again and again
as it is pleasure to make happy
and of course even more if you see that she / he enjoys being made happy

the first 3 minutes for the first sweet kiss
the first 3 hours for the first sexual proof of love

if any of above fails
then you better stop before wasting more time
failure of any of above is absolute proof of NO LOVE AT ALL
why would you want to spend weeks, months, years or a life time without
being truly loved at all ??

if you add all the previous love tests
and the first kiss within the first 3 minutes as well,

then 99,999999+ % of all potential partners fail during the very first
few minutes...
making any attempt for sex fully obsolete
thus also making any potential pregnancy from wrong partner totally

out of a few millions - less than one may pass the first few hours of
love test
provided YOU to all the maximum loving as well
else YOU may fail HIS love test while testing your potential new crush
or love
love is serious "stuff"
either you are TRUE
then you can prove it any time
from the beginning and all eternity
again and again in the single most direct and most loving way
by accepting ALL love from your partner
and by GIVING all your love TO your partner as well

later i may write you a practical example of a recent experience i had
with a girl that failed all - even the first kiss
and never got even near my room - despite her many "i want to make love
with you", "i want to have sex", "i am horny ..."

having spent far too much time with wrong partners
there is much need for all of us to always BE TRUE to YOUR innermost
being and to your heart
give all
do all
but only when your intentions are true love
and only if YOU are sure as well that the potential partner also MEANS
true love and can instantly prove it

that rule is valid for girls as much and exactly as precisely as for all
men !!

save your love for the one who gives you true love who is ready to give
ALL HIS true love as well

love and bliss