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The next step of the million dollar love test - The first impression that either lets love at first glance glow and fire up, or keep all encounter on a purely intellectual level, that first moment is influenced by ...

The first impression that either lets love at first glance glow and fire up
or keep all encounter on a purely intellectual level
that first moment is influenced by "subconscious" perception
by intuitive perception and spiritual perception of signs and symbols
beyond intellect

anything and everything in the outside appearance of a person has an
inside equal to the outside
hence every part of the appearance has 2 parts - the purely visual
effect and the spiritual truth within that visual appearance - the
masquerade that intellect perceives

intellect is falsified by karma, rejection, fears and more more

here a few rough details about the meaning of a few outside effects a
person can have at first glance

example in a female

hair- style

= uncultivated female personality
uncultivated means neglected, avoided, left out, overseen
such is often the case when a woman is in a totally wrong relationship
that offers some benefits other than true love or when she denies true
love to the one God made for her and enters a wrong relationship or is
in a wrong situation of life by fully ignoring God made needs of her soul

hair fixed by rubber band or tied up in any way in most daily life
= female sexuality suppressed, "handcuffed" by force of will power
such can for example result from having totally different priorities in
life than love - love requires a woman to be female first - if however a
woman pays more attention to career, money making or social status -
then she needs to tie up the female within ... which is clearly shown by
the way she handles her hair.

dresses of a woman:

wearing jeans or pants most of the time
= closed sexuality - the main chakra for being female has its center in
her pussy - if that female chakra is open, then wearing jeans would
simply be extreme uncomfortable for any women as any foreign object in
front of any main chakra is disturbing

a woman with open female chakra wants that chakra to be free to feel
maximum comfort
freely flowing love always makes warm - hence a "woman" can wear skirt
even when colder climate - because her flowing love warms her
comfortably - the source of her warming love is the love from her partner !!

suppressed sexuality as a result of wrong relationship
suppressed relationship only can make her live with jeans or pants as
foreign object in front of chakra.- she has closed her chakra as a
result of denial of love, denial to be female woman
this chakra opens downward - like the form of a skirt
a skirt gives freedom to flow of energy in and out of that female chakra
a woman in skirt - feeling well in skirt most likely has more or less
open chakra because of herself feeling well as woman in a matching
relationship. Such feeling well as woman usually results in true love
relationship when woman has true male man as partner.

a female woman however can only feel well as a woman if she has a truly
male man as partner - like the mermaid in the ocean can only feel well
in a clean and large ocean filled with beautiful love life and
adventures of love.

in both a.m. instances - hair and dresses of a woman - if the opposite
is a male man
he simply may find THAT woman unattractive because non-female / female
suppressed inside that body - hence NO match, NO complimentary energy to
male energy

a male however who has himself all suppressed or uncultivated will find
such a female attractive because she will suit his ego, his NON-male

male or female has far more than anatomical manifestations
it's a question of AURA
aura is the sum of all metaphysical radiation a person "sends" out

such radiation is perceived more or less clearly instantly - at first
encounter - at first glance
such perception is far more accurate than all the talk, gossip and small
talk that may follow the next few months

being ready to meet someone requires being ready to instantly fall in love
it thus requires being prepared
preparation for true love relationship
preparation for that one and everlasting love may require hundreds or
thousands of years
of most intense spiritual maturing - OR - it may require a sincere
readiness to ONLY LOVE and nothing but love

other factors are of equal value and importance
a sum of information is flowing in a single rush onto the 2 meeting
either both are prepared
if so then both can fully absorb information received on a purely
intuitive level
say YES to each other instantly because intuitive perception is accurate
when totally free of prejudice, fear and karma
intuitive perception only can be clear and true if done by a true
purified loving heart

anything else is falsified ego perception and as such always leading to
wrong decisions - to mistakes guided only by rejection, fear, memory and
unsolved karma

the right ones ALWAYS will recognize each other when BOTH are ready and
fully prepared - spiritually prepared
one to recognize never solves the problem as one of both usually gets
ready much later after additional intense lessons to make up for past
missed spiritual progress

ALL will fall in love at once with the right one
at the right time

else it simply may be the wrong time
time to separate and go on as single to keep on learning by doing
without maturity to truly and fully fall in love instantly all
relationship may be a year long or life long struggle of egos

to talk and explain the detailed meaning of all aspects of ego that is
shown clearly in "hidden" language to the knowledgeable would be a waste
of time
if you want to progress then you should fully focus on love rather than
on selfishness and its manifestations
love is the solution
focusing on love - increasing the purity of love day by day - hour by hour
only such can change to a good and result in happy-end for both of you

fact is however that a true heart never lies - your innermost heart
always reveals the full truth to ALL
only ego lies
hence the true inside of any human being always reveals the full and
fully detailed aspects of ego in very precise language visible to God
and the one ready to perceive in love

body movement
the way to dress
the colors you wear
the style of dress you wear
the surroundings you are met
the surrounding you live
the work you have
the life situation - student, free, employed or freelance / self-employed
at home with parents
and many more symptoms that affect the very first moments you meet
all such factors have a meaning and prove readiness or wrong moment to
love - truly love

to be ready is like a bird
either you fly or fall
either you are ready to fly on your wings of love
to fall in love and fly away - together
or one or both have to learn to grow strong and achieve readiness to
love - fully and instantly love - nothing but love

all apparently superficial outside signs have a deep inner spiritual
meaning of greatest importance to relationship and potential partner

at first glance all this information is clearly perceived and instantly
compared to own situation
if own situation is mainly ego driven
then choice or decision is ego driven

and may be wrong anyway but wrong path leading to additional suffering
and separation from true love may improve maturity to change focus in
life toward true love only ultimately leading to maturity for true
relationship with the one given by God.

if readiness and maturity to love is sufficiently developed
then love at first glance is the beginning of an eternal romance leading
to greater and higher spheres of love until one with God

if these flushes of love during first seconds are suppressed
love at first glance is suppressed as well as all love-information ready
to flow from heart to heart - from soul to soul and finally from body to
body as well - all these "universes" of love information are filtered by

any decision pro or con a particular partner may then be a purely
intellectual decision and no heart decision at all
any pro decision with potential partner whose signs would say NO would
be based on compromises only rather than true love
any con decision also would be based on intellect setting other NON-love
values higher than true spiritual love
if ego wins
love loses !

until next round - with the same one God gave you
may be years later
decades later
or next incarnation
or ..
after "death" - one last chance before an additional incarnation may
become necessary to learn to say YES to love

when body death - then also substantial part of ego death - except fully
unsolved remaining karma and open remaining spiritual love lessons

love and bliss