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A full Christmas pardon to all is needed to enjoy a true Christmas blessing by God

To enjoy Christmas blessings from God to you, YOU need to first practice a full Christmas pardon to all. In legal correct and written form you may send a receipt to all those who OWE you money for whatever and any amount left. Such a Christmas pardon may be sent as a Christmas message of love to all person concerned and may read short and simple as below:

"In the name of God, all open amounts, your full debts are canceled, deleted and forgiven. Merry Christmas"

Add correct and legally required form, such as you name, address, invoice or reference number.


Christmas pardon to all

You may need to drop all charges, withdraw all lawsuits and charges against others in full. Again such actions of pardon and debt cancellation needs to be done in a legal, correct, written and irrevocable form. Without exceptions of a single cause or person. A true Christmas pardon always is practice toward ALL persons. If such Christmas pardon is practice by a king, emperor, president or other head of state, then again the Christmas pardon needs to include ALL person. Prisoners of war (POW), political detainees as well as all others including those you call criminals and all those on lifetime, multiple lifetime sentence or on death row! A Christmas pardon is without any exceptions for any reason.

A true Christmas pardon always is done in the name of God and toward all, from parking tickets, to sentences for economy or tax or any other reasons. ALL.

Purpose of Christmas pardon

The main reason for a Christmas pardon it to relief YOU from any guilt. The one who sentences, the one who judges, the one who incarcerates is the one who has darkened his heart and soul and filled his own heart with anger, with revenge or with hatred toward other children from God.

God guides all those who fail in a loving way. God always gives a full Christmas pardon any time of the year, eternally and again and again whenever a human repents and corrects his mistakes and repairs in full his damage and pain caused to others.

It never is possible for any mortal on earth to fully understand all the visible and invisible, all the past of a group of people involved in any fighting, war or any "criminal" action of any kind. Without knowing all past millions of years of a soul's history, It thus never is possible to make any correct judgment at all. Leave judging to God, God is Love and will create situations needed for all parties involved to learn, to improve and eventually to heal all damage done. Without prison, without penalties of any kind, without punishments of any kind!

God raises awareness and clears our perception until we have a clear perception of truth, creates enlightenment and thus creates a change of heart and change of mind and intentions by teaching all to fully understand all. All you need to do if in troubles is to pray to God and ask for God's loving help and healing love for all parties involved.

Your complete forgiveness, even in legal written form toward all would be the only correct and true Christmas pardon. A Christmas pardon though needs to be DONE in actions rather than just thoughts. A Christmas pardon may also require to be done in legal correct way to permanently erase all charges against all people and/or debts others have with you. Christmas pardon starts with you and continues all the way up until your own king, emperor, president or head of state learns again to practice a full Christmas pardon.

There is no need to ask for a Christmas pardon. A true God loving human always offers a full Christmas pardon to all even without being asked so!

If your king, emperor or head of state has no power to exercise his right for a full Christmas pardon toward all his nation, then he is NO head of state but a puppet on a string used or manipulated by mighty ones behind the scene. If your king, emperor or head of state has the power of full Christmas pardon toward his entire nation but refuses to use his power to reunite all his nation, then he proves to be a tyrant using, abusing and exploiting his position for personal and selfish goals rather than for the wellbeing and mutual peace among his entire people and nation.

The refusal of practicing a full Christmas pardon toward all is a safe way to secure you a place here on earth or other similar places far from God's heaven until you have learned to pardon all, to forgive all and to reconcile and give freedom to all. God gave freedom to all and thus it is an essential part of God's law of love to practice the very same level of absolute pardon toward all, including all your enemies.

That Christmas pardon is needed to clear YOUR heart and soul before your own heart and soul is prepared to receive YOUR own Christmas blessings and gifts of love from God. Every king, every president, every emperor, every sheikh, every individual persons need to practice such Christmas pardon before returning home to God. Today would be the best time of the year.

Merry Christmas to all - all year long