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Reduce social tension by reducing pressure on people - Christmas message to love and pardon all

A Christmas message for a full Christmas pardon and withdrawal to within our own limits and reduce pressure exerted on others.

The more pressure you apply to a human, the greater the tension until that human "explodes" or reacts in an explosive way by violence or attempts of self-defense. Humans under tension suffer from stress and often lack common sense because they are put in life threatening and freedom threatening dangers by outside forces. To avoid tension within social structures, community, cultures, people or entire global population, there is an absolute need to reduce and remove all artificial pressure exerted by humans, by politicians, by military, by financial worlds, by man made law, by business, by anyone who adds pressure or limits on others for any reason what so ever.

As long as some create tension - there will be war among mankind. When all tension has been removed by all, there will be freedom and thus peace arising again in our world.

We are one world and thus also one big family of love. As one family treating each other with love, we can survive eternally and be happy all together. As long however as individuals or groups of individuals want to be different, better, privileged, richer or in elevated positions of or political or religious might, there always will be pressure.

Take an orange and put it on a solid clean table. Apply pressure with your hand using your full body weight and see what happens. After some pressure limits are exceeded the orange bursts. There is pressure exerted by you on top of the orange, there is an equal pressure experienced by the orange from the table. Hence the orange loses the freedom and free shape until it bursts.

The same principle applies to human psychology. There are natural limits to all humans on earth. Some have greater limits, some have smaller limits. These natural limits originate from within each individual and are self made by that human. These self-made limits already exercise pressure, stress and limits to that very human. No need for your pressure to be added to that human! A very few humans may have no limits. That usually is the result of multiple oneness with God. God has no limits. We all are made to the image of God. God is love. Like Jesus is made as God's first born son to the image of his father as a being of true love. Hence our all innermost being is made to have no limits in our actions, feelings, love and social activities. God gave us one commandment, that is to love all!

To love all excludes ...

  • To love all excludes control of others
  • To love all excludes to manipulate others
  • To love all excludes to enslave others - even animals or nature
  • To love all excludes punishment and imprisonment
  • To love all excludes artificial man made frontiers, such as political or economical limits or borders
  • To love all excludes exploitation of others
  • To love all excludes the use of others to achieve your own goals. You still may find voluntary friends and family members to support your loving causes

To love all includes ...

  1. To love all includes to care for all
  2. To love all includes to help all
  3. To love all includes to share all with all
  4. To love all includes to threat all as your very own brothers and sisters and family members - ALL
  5. To love all includes to support common causes for the benefit of all without a single opposition to a project. That means to do projects that find voluntary unanimous approval by all.

To love all consists of projects that always find unanimous consent - unanimous approval by ALL. God reigns at home in heaven within a world of absolute and infinite love and thus with wisdom. Wisdom always creates solutions that find unanimous consent by ALL.

Love dissolves all tension, love dissolves and heals all anxiety and all stress within humans. Love thus reunites all people and keeps all beings as one loving family.

To practice such love is possible on earth as well. It is our all duty to learn to behave and act as beings made to the image of God - as beings of divine love. That means to live again in unanimous consent with all others by giving freedom back to all. To give freedom back to all, all you need to do is to completely remove any tension you have created upon others.

Remove your pressure upon others to remove tension between society

To remove tension you have created upon others, just return to within your own limits. Withdraw to within your own house or home, your own country or village. Take care of all your very own problems and solve all your own problems first until you are in peace with yourself, in peace with all your own family, parents, children, neighbors and all your local community. Withdraw from global activities and withdraw from global expansions of your activities. Clean up all your own family, your own home, neighborhood, community, district, state and country. That may keep you fully busy one lifetime or longer.

Without your tension exerted on others, you may see that all your current enemies are gone. All they really wanted is to have their own peace back as given to them by God a long time ago. Each and everyone has a right to have his very own personal HOME. His place no one surrounds, his place no one intrudes or endangers by any kind of pressure or outside activities.

With all artificial man made pressure gone - peace will arise automatically. People by innermost nature are peace loving and social beings looking for friends, looking for friendly and loving exchange with the outside world. Loving exchange on the basis of mutual love toward goals with unanimous consent for the benefit of all planet and thus also for the benefit of God's entire creation.

A full and instant Christmas pardon to all may end a decade or century or millennium of war between tribes, families, individuals or entire nations, cultures or religions on earth! Make extended use of full Christmas pardon and learn to use Christmas love all year long in all political and economical situations of our today's world. A true Christmas pardon is offered to all mankind again and again every year on Christmas day. All you need to do is to decide on your own to accept God's love and God's pardon and return to being a loving human toward all creation, including your enemies and all nature as well. A true Christmas pardon always is extended to all beings - no matter what their past or present action or situation. It then is up to all the pardoned ones to prove in their future actions of love to be a true loving being made to the image of God.

Merry Christmas to all world

Love and Bliss