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Different pollution types we create - learn how to prevent polluting our world and how to handle your pollution

When people think or talk pollution we usually refer to chemical pollution in the air or soil. However there are many types of pollution directly influenced by us that add up to the total amount of pollution affecting our world and our quality of life.

  • Chemical emissions by our industry into our air
  • Chemical emissions by our industry into soil or sewage system and thus finally into ground water/drinking water
  • Pollution by our daily household waste
  • Pollution by our daily use of household chemicals, cleaning agents, washing powder, etc

These above certainly are the most obvious sources of pollution but there are more widespread sources of pollution that affect our health, our environment as well as our overall quality of life and wellbeing. Such as:

God gave us crystal clear clean beaches
God gave us crystal clear clean beaches,
to enjoy beautiful beaches in the center of our villages

Optical pollution

Buildings and technical structures arising above nature or replacing nature and thus disturbing or destroying the natural beauty of our environment. That includes all structures on or above your house, windmills, solar panels, chimneys, communication antennas, etc.

Optical pollution includes such common practices as building higher and higher and thus blocking the free view into sky, sun and surrounding nature by all the earlier lower buildings in the neighborhood of higher buildings or structures.

Light pollution

Lights switched on in night time that disturb the clear vision of a blue, clean night sky, stars and moon light scenery. The beauty of natural darkness with millions of stars only becomes apparent if you enjoy a total blackout amidst nature and suddenly all, even smallest light sources disappear and you see all the natural beauty created by God. Or if you are lucky to live in areas without any electricity at all. Without total blackout, you won't be able to enjoy the thousands of fireflies / glow-worms in beautiful nights, nor to enjoy the dozens or more "falling stars" each night and much more of all nature beauty will get lost in your life experience.

Acoustic pollution

Acoustic pollution may be created by such obvious sources as motorized vehicles, agriculture machinery, motor cycles, electric generators, water pumps, industrial machines, etc. But also widespread home made sources add substantially to acoustic pollution: Video, Hi-Fi, TV, discos, life entertainment with amplified voice or amplified music and other entertainment.

All these man made acoustic sources of pollution make disappear all the millions of natural voices from birds, insects, animals, fishes when snorkeling or swimming underwater. But even worst, all the artificial noises interfere with the perception and awareness of our human environment. We no longer hear the crying baby or abused child calling for help or screaming. We no longer hear the fighting and yelling husband wife. We no longer become aware of all the human disasters and suffering around our home.

Pollution by odor

Cooking, BBQ, burning trash, home work using chemicals, paints, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc all create a cloud of odor traveling far beyond our own property and thus creating odor pollution for many more outside our home or land.

Pollution by man made waves

Several months back I traveled into a remote island province in the Philippines. On a jungle river by boat. There were only motor boats in use. No more row boats. All along the 3 hours riverboat drive it was apparent that the rather small but repeated wave action by motorboats driving up and down this river has created a substantial erosion all along the river. Hundreds of trees, palms and vegetation all along riverside falling into the river.

Another destructive manifestation of man made impact on water can be seen when people build right upfront the ocean. Taking all space away from natural wave action. As soon as natural ocean waves no longer have free and open access to wide beaches, then wave action starts to destroy beaches, wash massive quantities of sand away and causes dramatic erosion and destruction of entire coastal areas.

Any impact on water, rivers, oceans bounces back to us. To enjoy a peaceful nature we humans need to be peaceful loving toward nature. Stay within our limits and adapt to nature by fully integrating within existing nature rather than imposing our selfish and profit oriented needs onto nature.

God gave us pristne beauty everywhere
God gave us pristne beauty everywhere

Electric and electromagnetic pollution

Besides the optical destruction of nature and the destruction of all nature beauty, there is much more to all the high voltage power lines, all the power lines to individual households and all the communication, radiating mobile phones, WI-FI., satellites and transceivers. Electromagnetic pollution is known since decades for its detrimental effect on human health. Electromagnetic pollution also affects and negatively impacts our spiritual development, specially the spiritual development of weaker ones.

All kind of radiation we create, visible or non-visible at any frequency, always has a negative impact on human health and spiritual development of mankind. All types of pollution - new or old or future ones - always impacts our all health and wellbeing.

In our modern high tech world we add more and more new sources of radiation pollution to our already stressed health and nature. Microwaves in household and industry, artificial UV, artificial IR, radiation by nuclear power plants and its waste, body scanners, X-ray and many radiation sources that pollute our all environment and living space.

God gave us a world of beautiful nature free from any pollution

God gave us all a beautiful nature - to be enjoy by all, even the poorest ones. To be enjoyed by all animals, pets, by all nature. Nature is made for nature and for humans alike. Nature supports mankind. Without strong nature all humanity instantly dies eternally. Nature on earth is a manifestation of all natural resources and God made energies we need for all eternity to feel free and be free in health and thus to enjoy life with love. For our all overall health and wellbeing we need nature, we need to see, to hear, to smell, to taste and absorb nature by all senses. We need to be able to communicate with nature and with God as well.

When we look out our home, we are entitled to see nature rather than our neighbors smoking fire. We are entitled to hear birds and nature sounds rather than our neighbors music or TV. We are entitled to smell the magic fragrance of roses, flowers and nature rather than chemicals from our junk behind our house or our neighbors house.

Do you know how it smells when after midnight, after all your daily work done, you take a water hose hand-held and irrigate personally your own garden, grass and flowers around your little home amidst nature during dry season? Do you know how it feels and smells when all the millions of plants, micro organism, insects, trees and blossoming shrubs sparkle of happiness and joy in return for the loving shower you offer?

Try it - a full hour or longer. Without nozzle on your water hose - just use your thumb to control the perfect flow of shower or droplets to each plant or part of plant and enjoy the return nature gives you. Maybe one hour later you no longer feel tired but showered by nature's love fresh for your waiting wife.

God created beauty - we converted nature into what we have now
God created beauty - we converted nature into what we have now

There was a world without all that artificial pollution

And there will be again a world without all that, either voluntarily or as a result of our own self destruction. God made nature in a most perfect way. In addition God helps all nature to evolve in harmony with our own needs to return home, to stay healthy and spiritually sound. We can improve our all livelihood, health, happiness and wellbeing by completely avoiding any pollution in our own life. We decide what industry produces by our own personal demand. If our demand stops - production stops.

Stay within your limits

One key rule that applies to all mankind is to stay within our own limits. That has a complex and deep meaning and application in our entire life. To stay within our limits - among many others and related only to this pollution topic means:

Create only pollution that you can neutralize, dissolve, bio-degrade or 100% cleanly recycle within your own property. That also means that you strictly avoid exporting garbage, sewage or waste of any kind onto public property or outside your own land. If you can fully recycle all or bio-degrade all your consumed materials within your own natural garden or organic farm - then you stay within your limits in regard to pollution.

That also includes that your neighbors never hear or see your TV, never smell your diner or BBQ, and that your family life and love life stays within your property and home. Within your own home, your own garden or farm, you can do whatever however you love - walk naked, enjoy love, have fun ... just plan your garden accordingly to assure you have your visual privacy and your neighbor has his visual privacy as well and reduce all your sound and other waves you create to stay within your own home and property.

Our pollution ... is also all the pollution we create at our job. Even if we failed to have our own home business. The job we accept as employee is our all responsibility. To burden all the pollution to our employer would be wrong. We have the free choice of qualifying for a particular job or industry. To learn more or better until we qualify for a clean industry even if we earn substantially less. Whatever waste of resources, energy waste, nature destruction or environment pollution we create by accepting and pursuing our current employment is part of our very personal pollution and thus also part of our very personal liability toward God and all creation!

Other aspects of staying within our limits include to know what we do, to first learn before doing and to be able at any moment to fully control or even stop any action we started, to make instant and full corrections, to completely avoid even smallest risk for nature, community or planet.

Love and Bliss