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To be of value you need to be affordable to all who need whatever you offer

If what you create as service or products is of true value, then you need to make sure all those who need your services or products can afford what you offer. To afford means that the one in need of your values needs to be able to make his payment with his heart and without endangering his family or future. Without borrowing money and without abusing his credit card.

Criteria for success are:

  1. Usefulness and true spiritual value of your services or products
  2. Affordability of your services or products

If your truly valuable services or products only are to rich or richest ones or only by abusing credit cards or by using a bank loan, then you are of no real value to society!

Affordability and availability to all creates true value

Only products and services available to all who need your services or products make you truly valuable to society and to all creation. It is up to God to know why a certain person may be able to give nothing at all but still needs the full scale of your professional services or products - at zero cost. It also is up to God to show someone who has limited or no need of your services to eventually donate substantial amounts to support your valuable service to mankind or nature.

By being affordable to all eventually makes you loved by all provided you have a truly valuable service or product.

If you experience that no one pays you a honest amount for your work, services or products, then may be no one values you and you should change your customers. Or your services are of no value at all to humanity.

For example:

Most of the government services would receive no honest donation / contribution at all. The reason is obvious: Most or all of the government services are imposed by the government but of no real value at all. Who would give a tip for receiving a parking ticket ? Or a tax invoice? Or a death penalty?

All of the medical services offered to all - independent of financial capabilities, may easily survive on a honest donation only basis. Every person in pain or with a broken limb feels grateful for instant and full pain relief or "damage repair". There are small or larger clinics successfully treating all patients on a donation basis.

The exact opposite of above affordable medical services is a situation I experienced last year. A single mother 50+ years old with 7 children. That woman lost her farmer-husband some 20 years ago. He was ill, transferred to a provincial hospital, the farmer received treatment and eventually died anyway. Leaving all 7 children and single mother without father and husband. The medical bill for the hospital was so high, that the mother had to sell the entire farm = 7 hectares of land with farm house - just to pay one single hospital bill for one single illness ending in death of patient. Leaving one entire family without farm/home = without food. Such situations are quite common on our planet, specially in the medical field!

Usefulness and value of your services and products may be determined by your customers readiness to contribute for values received. If you create useless services or products, gadgets and items that create no true satisfaction or relief in recipients, then you have no reason to expect any support at all. That is a simple self evaluation criteria for your entire work.

Marketing and advertising only is needed for useless products. All people in need of useful and helpful products or services/goods of daily use will search and find you. All you need to do is to make sure people know what you offer and where you are located. In modern times this simple goal may be achieved by offering your services or products on a small family web site to be found by search engines. Another way to be found for most suppliers of truly valuable daily services or products is by worth of mouth.

If to your customers you are unworthy your daily life - change job or change customers

Either your work is valuable to others and others support your help and efforts in full or your "customers" fail to treasure and value what you offer and thus you should change your customers by moving to another location or change your job.

There was a teaching in ancient times: "If you are unworthy your daily bread and living, then your customers are unworthy of your services." These current years however lots of trash items are produced and useless services created just for money making. Thus you may also need to add that eventually your services or products are unworthy to be supported by your customers!

Far more than 90% of what I see in malls and supermarkets is totally worthless, useless and of no real practical value nor practical use in a truly happy life. Most of today's items produced serve but money making and rarely ever to be of true lasting help. Most of today's machine made items have a very short life time, then break apart and turn into trash. It appears sometimes that items produced have a "built-in" self destruction. To be of apparent use a short while, then self destroy to create a need for replacement. Such certainly is valid even for expensive items such as cars. Automobiles could easily be built to last a full lifetime with only minor parts to be replaced as a result of excessive wear and tear.

To be affordable by all creates the greatest value

The more people you can make happy or create help or relief, the greater the true value you create. If absolutely all can afford whatever you offer when ever they need you, then you are of greatest value. If you can help people to avoid any damage, to avoid people from getting ill, to avoid people from getting divorce and from starting war or fight or legal battles, the greater your value to all creation. Whatever people on earth forgot to give you - eventually God shall compensate you when you return home to God.

Think about your own usefulness and affordability and make adjustments where needed. The greatest happiness you feel is when you know deep inside your heart, that you never had to turn away a being asking for your help. That you could provide the best possible, best existing, most valuable help needed to all asking you for your help, We are one big family in God - also here on earth. If all contribute their own full share, then helping others in need always is within our individual limits.

It never is the duty of one to help all, but the spiritual and moral duty of all to help all. To be useful to others leaves exactly zero cents and zero seconds for any kind of punishment or war. To help all, to heal all wounds of hearts and souls, to repair all damages ever created, requires our all full attention and full resources of each and every human on earth. Now and for all future until we all are again one loving family in God.

Love and Bliss