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How useful is your professional education, how helpful are your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge?

Useful means helpful for the general public or for needy ones in times of disaster. Useful means of any real use to ease the life, to heal, to feed, to support the lives of hundreds of Millions affected by disaster, illness and war on this planet. Useful also means that all who could need your services or products also can afford your services or products you or your employer offers.

Useful services and products:

  • help to save money
  • help reduce waste of resources
  • help reduce energy consumption
  • help to improve health in a natural God created way without medication
  • help to improve self healing efforts
  • help to reestablish a natural way of life in harmony with God made nature
  • help to live integrated in nature instead of imposed onto nature
  • help to protect or reestablish wild God made nature
  • help to reestablish healthy, strong, self sufficient small social communities free of need for government and regulations
  • protect and establish a natural God made freedom to live in harmony with God - free from additional rules and laws
  • support or create spiritual progress by natural means without having to spend money
  • create freedom from dependencies of any kind
  • reduce the need to become a repeat customer
  • help to strengthen people to become free and self sufficient families and communities

Usefulness has nothing to do with your ability to make money, but with ease other people's life and contribute to our global well-being. Useful qualifications and skills enable you to directly create value needed by as many others as possible without any even smallest risk or danger for any part of God's nature!

How crisis proof and disaster proof is your professional education, skills and qualification?

These very days and the past many weeks, months and few years along give you a clear and precise feedback of true usefulness and helpfulness of your entire job, career, business or employer's business. Lets look at just a very few global crisis or disasters we had on our planet during the recent few years:

  1. Natural disaster in Burma (Myanmar)
  2. Tsunami in India ocean
  3. Flooding in Pakistan
  4. Earthquake in China
  5. Earthquake in Haiti
  6. BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
  7. War in Iraq
  8. War in Afghanistan
  9. Middle east conflict - Israel and neighborhood
  10. Congo
  11. and many other countries and areas of natural disaster, political crisis or war

Look at your current professional skills, qualifications and compare your professional usefulness with the needs of any or all a.m. conflict areas or disaster zones. Did you work in any or several of a.m. countries and areas during the actual need for help? Do you have skills that can directly be applied toward reducing famine, health and hygiene problems in any of above disaster situations? Can you create services or products that help all those children, babies, women, elderly, hungry ones, injured ones and other victims in any or all of above disasters and crisis areas?

Did you provide direct professional help and relief in any of above or any other comparable situation of disaster, war or crisis in past decades of your life? Are you preparing to do so by acquiring needed professional qualifications and skills needed to be truly helpful in times of disaster and crisis?

Typically there are no or very limited white collar jobs of any use and help in any real crisis or disaster. To have only office skills however is no valid and never can be any valid and acceptable justification or excuse for NOT helping in zones of need and disaster!!

There are Hundreds of Millions humans searching for office and paper work or IT qualifications JUST for the single purpose of escaping real life, real duties and real work. For the purpose of earning easy money without getting exhausted, tired or injured in heavy real world work! Real life is outside offices, outside protected communities, outside security boundaries. Real work feeds the world, directly protects the world and gives shelter to the world, heals and cares for the world. Real work in real life may at times be dirty, hard, tough on our ego, tough on our health, dangerous and of course much more demanding than any office job ever will be or can be. In true life, in disaster, war and crisis areas people need to work hands on, carry stuff, walk distances, create real products, provide human to human real services like medicare, emergency help, rescue work, reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure. Hence in real life you may need any or all of below:

  • far above average useful skills in a wide scope of areas = multi-talented
  • far above strong health to work until job done without time off, without weekends or vacation
  • see the need for help of others above own need for leisure activities
  • put duties, work, help for others above all personal needs for years, for decades or for an entire lifetime and beyond
  • speak multiple languages or be willing and ready to learn whatever needed to do a perfect job in places in need for your expertise
  • be willing and motivated to learn whatever knowledge and expertise needed, whatever additional skills or knowledge needed to perform services or create products in any disaster, war or crisis this planet has to endure now or in future

Common sense questions you may ask your self about your professional qualification

To self-evaluate your current professional qualifications, skills and education and thus to establish a plan of needed vocational training, additional needed education in weekend classes, online tutorials or vacation schools, you need to be tough in self evaluating your past few years, past decades and your entire past professional career. Ask yourself questions keeping a.m. war zones and crisis areas or similar disasters in mind:

  • How does your job promote peace among all mankind?
  • How does your qualification help to feed this world with healthy natural food?
  • How can your skills and qualification benefit a wide range of global population?
  • How can your professional qualifications help God to bring all people home?
  • How does your company / employer help to create and/or maintain financial freedom among all global population?
  • How does your skills help people saving money, saving resources, reducing energy consumption, reducing environment pollution?
  • How do your professional skills and qualifications help people to reduce overall spending and overall consumption to achieve a more simple life with more time for nature, family and direct social contacts human to human?
  • Can every person on all 5 continents potentially use and benefit from existence of your company and products / services created by you or your employer?
  • Can every person who could benefit from your products or services afford such without any debts and without having to reduce other comfort in life?
  • Does your product or service create any kind of environment pollution: Optical pollution, acoustic pollution, chemical pollution, electromagnetic pollution, radiation pollution, or any other form of pollution?
  • Ask yourself the critical question: "What would happen if ALL people on earth = 6+ Billion humans would use or consume your service or products?"
  • Can you still create and/or offer your services or products in times of total global crisis or in times of another world war or major global disaster?

All those among you who either have already spent years of your life for the mutual benefit of poorest ones, of victims of disasters or war or are already now about to acquire all skills and education needed to qualify for such demanding jobs may have acquired all the strength needed to survive all downsides of eternal life, to survive all ups and downs in eternal life. All those however who have but office and paper qualifications suitable for the richest ones, for business and money making oriented industries may have to realize that some day ( soon ) your entire skills and expertise may prove to be obsolete and worthless. In times of crisis and war or disasters there is no need for any kind of administration or paper work but true need for practical oriented people willing to work while using all common sense and all brain. If people use all common sense and all their healthy brain, then all administration becomes obsolete become all have one guide in common - God.

A substantially high percentage of all current jobs are obsolete. As you may see on your own tough self evaluation using above scenarios and questions, there are far more people who have nothing but paper money to share in times of crisis. Even the paper money may be limited with all the personal and selfish oriented - easy money making activities you still want to persuade despite all the global pain and suffering ongoing these very moments in many countries of your planet involving many hundreds of millions of people - including babies, women and elderly.

The more different skills you master to a highest professional degree of expertise, the more true value you may have for all global society and the more you actually could or should consider spending some quality time, years or decades for humanitarian causes on our planet.

Love and Bliss