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Step one of the million dollar love test - the first moments you meet - the situation you meet - the first eye to eye contact - the first feeling before touching ... true love at first glance

step one of the million dollar love test
the first moments you meet
the first eye to eye contact
the first feeling before touching
the situation you meet first ...
it all starts there and goes on eternally
joint in body, heart and soul
or separate

look and feel
the first that happens to most - they see each other
they FEEL each other - at distance
if no feeling instantly at at any distance
then no flow of love
then only attraction by ego and karma

love FLOWS
flow creates action - produces results

so remember next time when you meet and think that's the one ...

what did you feel
how did he / she look like
what or how was the situation you met

did you feel happy - did you feel to want instantly merge with the one ?
did you feel like knowing each other ever since
like having no questions to ask
just to love instantly
to hug, kiss and embrace - to gently hold and LOVE - without limits
without ends ?

how was your first sight
did you love what you saw
from top to the bottom attractive, pleasant
every part

if you are a girl:

did you feel that one can hold me tightly - protect me - keep me out or
troubles for ever
get me out of troubles if ever my wild wings of angel-love have put me
in troubles
can i have instant full faith in his strength
doe she look experienced, strong, wise, courageous
does he look like he knows how to work
strong, willing and ready to get dirty, to kneel down and into work
does he look like having a left and right hand knowing how to solve life
rather than create problems
does he give YOU the girl the feeling of security without social
insurance and welfare behind you all time in life
a man who stands up again and again
a man who never gets lost in life because he knows the goal and keeps
you on a safe road of life
on the safe side - on the sunny side of life - yet enjoying full freedom
- free of even the smallest limits or restrictions
is he a man who neither fears death nor authorities
a man who does rather has others do for him

does HE make you feel special - female - angel - can his love flowing
into and through you - uplift you and feel you loved INSIDE as well
can he make you feel to love to be a woman because he loves the female
part of you - all ?
do you feel like wanting to have babies - any number - right from the
very beginning, angel babies made by him in love with you because you
know that he will care for all and you all will enjoy life even more and
love may multiply many times around you ?
does he know God - your home - can he bring you home ?

if you are a man ...

did she show you that she loves you as a man
does she look like and make you feel to love to be a man
does she look like an angel who have been missing on your side
like a dream come true
can she prove to be a match simply by her magic love and smile that
touches your inside even more than your outside
does she make you feel like having many children and each of them is
like an angel in your heart
does she prove to love your love even at a distance - at first sight -
can she feel your love and show it to you ?
can you touch her inside without touching her outside ?

remember that if you meet - see and feel
that feeling is what needs to be present all the time
evolving over the millions of years eventually
but NOW it needs to be there
now you look at the one
and what you see is what you will see for a long time
may be for a full earthly lifetime
age never matters
size never matters
color never matters
but you have to love it all
from the very beginning

you wake up n the morning
and look at the one
in her / his eyes
and they need to be like stars of love
you look at his / her face
and it needs to create a desire to kiss every millimeter of it again and
again - billions and more times
day after day

because inside the face - inside the head
is the SOUL
hidden behind the face
a beautiful soul is inside a beautiful head - behind a beautiful face !!!

you look at all body
and you need to love it
the way it is
with all traces and scratches of adventures and accidents of earthly life
because that body you are hugging, loving and making love to every day -
many times again and again until death separates you on earth to
re-unite you in heaven !!!

the body is occupied by the present ego
that's what you have to love as well
to make inside equal to outside
its the part that may be dissolved in love
that may change as maturity occurs in life
that might get older but more wise, stronger and more capable of loving
you all ways - sexually as well as spiritually

how did the body move ?
the movement of a body shows the still existing ego
is the body movement appealing to your eyes and heart ???

you will walk through life side by side
working hand in hand
in family business
dancing through life
playing with each other
having fun together
working together for others as well as for your family
and all the time you look at this body and its movement
and both should be thrilling and exciting to you
to your eyes and to your heart

you simply should love ALL from her / him !!

in what situation did you meet
have you or he / she been in trouble
was it a painful situation
or a problem situation
or was he she in a situation radiating success and strength
power and love
friendliness and friendship
love from others and toward others

was he / she in charge of the situation
or victim of the situation

because that reflects his / her maturity
that may represent the typical situation you find him / her more often
in the near future
was he / she working - involved in life - doing something helpful and useful
of just hanging around - lost control of life, without orientation ...
was he / she in a leader position - in control of her / his situation
and life
or in a situation of dependency from others

it is the overall impression that starts to create the condition known
as falling in love
true love is ready to instantly act
both being mature, strong and free - to fall in love can instantly occur
- at first sight

love and bliss