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Happy Holidays are when you make others happy many days all year long. Enjoy Happy Holidays as a result of happiness created by you for others

Each year hundreds of millions struggle and are stressed to find the right Christmas gift. Yet most of them forget the truly most valuable Christmas gift they ever can offer - yourself. There is a much deeper reason why some people are around you, why some people have been born into your life. Love is that reason. Love for you - never love for your material gifts nor your money.

Some of the very closest ones around you are there simple for your love. For nothing but love. Time sitting with you may make your loved ones and family more happy than time playing with a computer gift given by you.

Time spent side by side with you, hugging, singing, dancing or working along with you helping others. For many there are hidden values they see, feel and realize - often subconsciously only. The value of your very own true love means millions of time more than any material value your hard earned money can buy.

Be honest to yourself - listen deepest into your heart and deepest desires. What is more important to you than to be loved by a few ones. To be accepted in the life of a few ones ... while enjoying a life free of any enemies.

Without peace there can be no way to enjoy love. Without you having free time there might be dozens having no loved ones at all. Many forgot to show you, to tell you, to let you feel that they actually love you.

Often it takes a while and severe incident - death of a loved one - to realize how little love you actually showed toward the one gone for ever. Most among mankind on earth realize their many missed chances to give love and to accept love when it appears too late to love - after death.

Learn from such incidents experienced by others and start to show love, start to enjoy love offered to you by others - today - during this very Christmas time. Then maintain this Christmas love opening all year long. Every day more and more until you are fully open and ready to love and mature to be loved all the way all year long, for all remaining eternity.

In a time of global financial crisis it is an ideal time to re-discover the true value of human love. Have the courage to give yourself as the only and single most happy making Christmas gift. Start now - this very moment to give yourself to your loved ones. Start this very moment to have time to accept and enjoy love offered by others to you. Learn to enjoy being loved by others. It helps loved ones to see, to hear and to feel that you enjoy their love for you. Your direct pleasure in being loved encourages loved ones to improve and increase their direct love instead of getting lost in money oriented material gifts of love. All material gifts are but a substitute of true love, a replacement when time and occasions for real love are missing or denied.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays amidst a family of happy making loved ones

Love and Bliss