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Happy Holidays: Have courage for a simple life and learn the value of true love. The greatest gifts always are from your heart - give yourself as a Christmas gift

If you know and are sure that your love for your family and friends is genuine, then have the courage to give love instead of material gifts as a Christmas gift these days. Love includes yourself. Hence give yourself to your children, to your loved ones, to your spouse! All of you - absolutely all!

There are billion of items and gadgets you and your loved ones can buy with money, there is one absolutely most important no money ever can buy - Love. There are hundreds of millions love-hungry ones shopping for love-substitutes instead of giving and receiving the original - true direct love.

Among lovers, between husband and wife - true love means skin to skin, private and most intimate time heart to heart, soul to soul! No limits, no time out, no restrictions of any kind, no protection of any kind - just free flowing true love and God as your Godfather and protector.

The most exciting toys or games are enjoying each other with the God given creativity in mind to create magic moments of love together with your family, friends, children, parents and other loved ones around you.

Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas

Love and Bliss