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Beautiful Christmas time of love to share your expertise and help with all world

Christmas lessons for a better future of all

Web site promotion examples to improve our friends business

The following are examples of how you can use a social network Blog to support your family business or help your neighbors' business for a stronger future and happier life. It is Christmas time for all world.

When writing in social network blogs or in your own web site blog, get the habit to integrate links to relevant chapters, pages or web sites into your texts. Learn to show loving gratitude toward all those who provide services or products for your own daily life by recommending their web services or web sites. There are a few rules to make such free but most efficient recommendations and web site promotions valuable and powerful.

Merry Christmas lotus with hearts of love
Merry Christmas lotus

Christmas time - example:

Please enjoy the beautiful Christmas wallpapers in standard format or Christmas widescreen wallpapers, or the new series of beautiful 1080p Christmas wallpapers available now from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. Enjoy the beauty of God's love reflected in the beauty of God's entire creation. Enjoy the beautiful nature pictures to remind you of true and true values of life that make our life worthy to live.

Christmas love should flow all year long because God made us to his image and that means God made us to love and to be loved. Prepare for your eternal life with Christmas love all year long and start here and now on earth. There is no loving later until you create a loving NOW. Christmas gifts of love can be made any time, any place to any person who needs love or a gift of love.

Christmas always starts in our hearts. Without true love no real Christmas feelings. For most among us that means to reconcile, to remember the true romantic love we once had toward our partner and to refresh love between husband and wife.

Did you ever look for Christmas gifts for adopted children? Then dig even deeper in your heart and ask yourself why your child still is considered "adopted" child rather than child!? Children above all need love. Happy children are children who receive your true love all year long, instead of a mountain of plastic toys at Christmas. Give freedom, guide and be a positive example for your children. Remember what you missed as a small kid and give all that and much more. Above all learn to fulfill wishes. Ask and grant wishes and fulfill them all - from the bottom of your heart and soul.

Let's have a look at above Christmas example from the SEO or web site promotion point of view.

If you blog, then there are two ways:

  1. Publish original content - hence use your Blog as a media to publish, to reach out, to teach, to share, to help, to inform. Most of the Cyberspace Ashram's Blog Secrets of Love - Solutions of Love is of that type.
  2. Promote existing articles or pages on own or other web site. Announce new chapters or new web site sections or major changes. Social network blogs or free hosted blogs such as this one here are ideal for such promotion.

A Blog on your own web site above all should be used for all the valuable content you have to share. Keep all values under your own direct control. Strictly avoid sharing valuable content on free hosted Blog sites or social network blogs. Your account on free Blog accounts may be censured, or worst deleted and all your time consuming publishing may get lost any time. Values are there to be shared, hence the valuable content needs to be protected and cared for by you on your own web site or blog.

Above example has a tutorial purpose but at the same time also a practical value. It is Christmas time and I do promote my important pages. Why? Because I gave my life and ten thousands of hours work to create that content. Hence it is made to reach out to the hearts and souls of mankind and open hearts to create or heal marriages and relationships among all beings.

You would want to do the very same with your own web site or family business. You may have given decades of your life to save the money, to invest and to build up all your business. Once a business is up and running you need to let the world know where you are and what you offer to this world.

Hence NEVER publish just for fun any bla bla or gossip. Web space is real space and needs to be used with utmost care and love. Use every article you write to publish help, useful information or to promote other people's help or quality services.

If you have a family business, then you most likely have family members living from that family business income. If so then have your family members help you promoting your family business by writing Blog posts on their own social network blogs about your location, business and services. Learn all together to publish on a regular basis. Write about all your neighborhood or even your entire country. Work as a family team, help each other to learn, to practice and to grow together! The younger family members - teenagers or older - may have more social network experience or computer skills, the older generation of parents may have more business knowledge and life experience to be shared in blogs or on your web site. Together as a family with joint knowledge, joint forces and joint hearts every family always is strong. In addition you may have true friends willing to share and help you to learn and do all the necessary work on your own. Never ask others to do all that for you but ask others to help you to learn to do your job yourself.

Keep in mind: If you ask others to do your job, what are you doing for your own life and who is doing the job others may miss while doing your work? We all have the right to ask others for emergency help or help to teach us become grown up members of God's family. We all have a divine duty to learn to do our own work all on our own. Hence we need to learn to stay well within our own limits of skills, knowledge and work potential when opening and expanding a family business. We strictly should avoid becoming dependent on others.

One such example may be my own promotion of the country I have the pleasure to be a guest since end of 2000 - the beautiful Philippine islands. There are many reasons why I love the Philippines or more precisely to loving and smiling people of the Philippines. Filipino people have a far above average love for God and thus also the longest Christmas season I know on this planet. Christmas season in the Philippines starts soon after Mother's day. Playing Christmas songs in summer time every now and then. Playing Christmas movies even in summertime. And the final Christmas preparation starts late September or latest very early October with true Christmas decor being sold in all major malls and shops and displayed all over the beautiful island paradise.

Back to your own business and web promotion. You only can be successful in your own business if you ...

  • love what you do
  • can do with all your heart and soul what you do
  • love the location you live and work
  • love the country and its culture you do business and work
  • all your work creates but benefits, relief and incentive for all mankind, all nature, all creation and all potential customers without causing any harm to anyone at all.

How to proceed now for your own blogging activities NOW this very moment? Sit down, think about a topic you love, a service or product you needed badly and that helped your own work. Or think about the true values you have to offer to the world. Then write a few short paragraphs about the topic of your choice, integrate links and post it on one of the social network blogs or free blogging accounts you have created after my previous lesson.

Christmas time is a time to make gifts. Gifts of love to show our gratitude for all the wealth of help and valuable resources others provided for our own life and business. Hence the best is you start writing a Blog article about any other service you enjoyed in your life. You may have a Blog article including several resources and thus linking to several precise resources / pages or you may pick one by one. That is up to you.

Here now the most important part of your blogging as a means of web site promotion. When ever you integrate a link into your text, you need to use the correct anchor text. Anchor text is the text used for the link to click on. The one or few words used as anchor text are vital for the value of the linked to page or web site. The anchor text ideally always contains either:

  1. the official page title of the linked page
  2. part of the official title of the linked page
  3. one or a few selected keywords out of the official title of the page you link to
  4. one or a few selected keywords out of the official title of the page you link to PLUS a very few additional keywords of your choice fitting into a human readable phrase

An anchor text should strictly be limited to any of above 4 options. Totally wrong are anchor text like:

  • click here to find more information
  • click here
  • here
  • my father's business
  • my mothers restaurant
  • my kids hotel
  • my father
  • my mother
  • ... etc
  • unless of course the page contains such a precise main title

The anchor text of a link to a web site or web page improves dramatically the SERPS for that particular page. If and only if the anchor text meets any of above criteria 1-4. A few dozen blogs writing about you or a particular page or your main site and using any of criteria 1-4 above as anchor texts may stabilize your current SERPS or bring you closer to page one or even #1 SERPS. Often current top 10 positions are occupied by web sites having hundreds or thousands or more links to that particular page from all across the www and above all from valuable web sites of good reputation.

Let's have a closer look at choosing anchor texts to assure you create value backlinks to your site as well as to other sites you wish to support.

In my Christmas time - example I chose anchor texts like: In some of the below listed anchor texts used for above example Blog post, I use variations of the official title. Many people sometimes search beautiful xyz. Hence if your title xyz and no where beautiful in your text or backlinks, your SERPS may suffer. If however you add several backlinks with the beautiful, your SERPS may improve over time.

If you click the above links and see the exact page title and compare with the anchor texts in use as listed below. Then you may get a pretty good idea how much or how little you can vary and still achieve an improvement in SERPS for a particular keyword combination or keyword variation typically used by surfers. Only use keywords in anchor texts that are actually used by search engine users. Check your access_log data to see what keyword combinations are successful to find your site. Use Google Trends to compare different keyword-popularities!

  1. beautiful Christmas wallpapers
  2. Christmas widescreen wallpapers
  3. beautiful 1080p Christmas wallpapers
  4. Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love = here for example I love to get good rankings for multiple keyword combinations. Each one is useful alone: Cyberspace Ashram + Kriya Yoga + God and Love. All rankings for each individual combination needs improvement.
  5. God's love
  6. beautiful nature pictures
  7. true values of life
  8. Christmas love
  9. Christmas love all year long
  10. Christmas gifts of love
  11. hearts
  12. refresh love between husband and wife
  13. Christmas gifts for adopted children
  14. Happy children are children who receive your true love

When writing a Blog article, you may either prepare your entire text including links on your offline HTML editor of your choice. My HTML editor since many years is Quanta Plus - a default web developer tool included in my openSUSE Linux package. Or - you may use any of the rich text editors (HTML-editors) most social network blogs offer.

If you are short in time and still want to Blog about your site, your services or another web site, then you may practice a brief mini Blog article 2-3 sentences with 2 links to inner pages of a site and a final link to the web site start page. Since the site owner ( you ) has made some deep thinking before choosing his domain name, it always is a good idea to support the web site index page ( start page ) in addition to one or several chapters or services from inner pages.

I show you a few examples:

1. Related to the Cyberspace Ashram:

Enjoy beautiful nature pictures and exotic lotus flowers from tropical Philippine islands and Cambodia - all free services from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga">Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga.

2. Another site - all in life is about ... love and happiness

Read and benefit from experiences in solving marriage problems through miracles of love, the healing power of my husband's love resulting in marriage healing counseling and a bunch of other most loving spiritual experiences on the way to a happy life by a happy husband wife team.

As you see in above 2 short examples. It may take but a few lines to start web site promotion or to add some value to OTHER web sites. A few more lines would be better and once you started typing, you certainly may have a few more phrases and experiences or data to share. You may give color to your Blog article by adding pictures. Take a good pocket camera and collect pictures from the neighborhood, your business and region you do business.

A word of caution about the quality of sites you link to

You have no influence about sites linking to you, therefore you can receive no penalty by search engines for getting links from low quality sites. However you alone are responsible for the links to sites you link to. If you link and write about low quality sites, then you are considered to have a bad neighborhood. Bad neighborhood reduces the value of your own site and therefore may have an impact on your site value, SERPS and PR.

As a general recommendation: Avoid linking to young sites that exist only for a few years. My experience has shown that young ones change their site, their topic or domain name as older ones change T-shirts. Many young web sites come and go and your links may disappear or become death links. Like in business, be picky, select partners with integrity and stability. Link to old sites - may be 5 or more years old. Link to sites with real content and fresh content. Avoid linking to sites death since years without maintenance. Link to sites with a minimum traffic amount - for example Alexa rank 100'000 or better. That may be an indicator of a natural popularity of the site.

Link to quality sites - link to quality businesses and be yourself a quality business

Link to quality sites, link to authority sites and strive to become an authority site yourself. Be a leader, a living example for your family and neighborhood as well as for younger future generations. There may be no need to be the very best, but there definitely and absolutely is a need to be among the front row of your industry and to act as a living example for your culture and country. No matter what your business - pizzeria, garden center or carpenter - acquire qualification and strive for high end quality and reliability in all you do. Then surround yourself with similar attitude neighbors and business partners to build a strong, loving community that serves as a basis for future stability and peace in your own neighborhood and country. Every culture, every country on this planet is but an accumulation of a large number of individuals forming loving families who unite to loving neighborhoods. The basis of every culture and God's entire creation is husband wife. Make sure you act as a family, maintaining a family business - together with possible children of compatible interests. Help each other in a loving way. Give and enjoy freedom to experience and venture - but be there for each other when you need to join forces. Joint forces of entire families are specially needed in our current ongoing global economy crisis. Reduce expense, reduce your lifestyle to a humble and simple but happy level and focus on increased quality and increase the amount of own efforts and love invested into your own career and family business.

Success never is a matter of money invested but of love and efforts invested into the right choice of activity!

Merry Christmas starts today with your own efforts to help each other and refine and increase your skills and efforts.

Love and Bliss