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Christmas preparation include new Christmas wallpapers to get you into Christmas mood of love

Just in time before Christmas and a little late for the Christmas season in the Philippines which usually starts latest early October - a few new Christmas wallpaper 1080p, updated Christmas wallpaper 1600x1200px and also a few new Widescreen Christmas wallpapers 1920x1200px have been added to the beautiful wallpaper collection.

Christmas wallpapers
Christmas wallpaper

Enjoy the many topics on developing and maintaining a Christmas spirit of forgiving and caring love toward all by reading and practicing the exercises from the Christmas message collection. Without forgiveness there can be no flow of love at all. Hence learn to forgive all to be loved by all and be able to love all. One day you too may need the forgiving greatness of others and the forgiving and healing nature of God as well. Christmas time is the ideal time to start all actions of love for a better and more loving future for all mankind. Christmas time is like spring time for farmers. Seeds properly placed into the hearts will eventually grow and finally bear fruits later in your life time. Your own loving forgiveness given these coming weeks eventually will bring fruits by poring oceans of love upon you in later months and years.

Unforgiven things of your own life are above all your own burden to block your own spiritual progress, happiness and love. Unforgiven actions or mistakes seldom are a burden for the one receiving your forgiveness. Hence forgiveness is above all your own benefit. The sooner you forgive, the better for you and all your loved ones and family members!

Merry Christmas all year long - Happy Christmas preparation and loving all

Love and Bliss