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How valuable are you - how valuable is your life ? How to determine the market value of a human on earth.

In modern times of global crisis it becomes much easier to figure out the value or uselessness of people. Here I am never talking about the spiritual value of a human being nor about the value a father's heart has for all his children. But here we talk about how much of assistance and value you can be to human society, to your family members, to your village, to all planet in times of distress, in times of disasters.

In times of ongoing global economic crisis - the first factor that loses more and more value is the entertaining factor of work or services. Recreational services, hobbies, sports and many entertaining products or services are totally obsolete if money is short, if food becomes prime factor of concern, if energy becomes too expensive to afford, if our planet gets flooded or otherwise destroyed by natural disasters or war.

In times of global crisis such as happened again and again during past many thousands of years, the true value of a human being for society emerges on his capability, his practical skills, his professional experience and knowledge to produces basic needs for daily life. After meeting all the basic needs for daily life, there might be many billions of humans having no money left for SCUBA diving, tennis, golf, TV, computer games and many other gadgets of life that never had any real value. Most commercial products - MOST - are only of virtual value to those having money in excess or being willing to waste valuable human resources, time and money for gadgets, add-ons, luxury articles, fashion, electronic toys and artificial sports and recreation.

In times of war, crisis and disaster, most of our global population will learn again to refocus on the truly important values of life, on what really matters to be happy. Some 99% of industrial products easily can be dropped without significant loss of quality of life. Most of our modern society is society of disposable one way - one times use - articles and products. Once needed, then thrown away. Or if needed then at the expense of family and love life.

How much better would our all family life, love life and social life be without TV, without movies, without computers, without computer games ! People suddenly would learn to communicate again - eyes to eyes, heart to heart. Real happiness, real social life, real love needs nothing more than a small cozy shelter and lots of free time for your loved ones and all your neighbors.

If people know how to produce truly useful services and products, then their value of usefulness and helpfulness is high. If people are administrators, government officials, bosses, entertainers, sportsmen, ... If people have turned a hobby, a leisure activity, recreational activities such as tennis, music, golf, etc into a job, then they have failed to understand the difference between usefulness and getting lost in having eternal fun at the expense of others.

The current ongoing global crisis helps all mankind to refocus their entire life, job and all related qualifications toward really useful, really helpful qualifications and jobs. Now it is time to review your current or past professional qualifications and make adjustments while you still may have months or years time to study, to change, to learn, to practice something new suitable for to coming future of our planet.

Young ones - below 30-40 years of age - usually may be considered of limited usefulness due to lack of experience, lack of wisdom and readiness to make mistakes. After that time. After a few decades of active working life, the value of a true qualified worker increases steadily. There are things no money can buy. Experiences resulting from ten thousands of working hours under most difficult varied situations of life on this planet will turn you into an expert always able to find jobs, always in demand, always ready to survive on your own when needed.

That is the age of 40+ when it also becomes time to think about becoming your own boss. 2-3 decades of active working life usually is enough to have accumulated the treasure of experience needed to successfully start your own business, to serve mankind as your own boss. More efficiently, more individually than a corporate body ever could do. Until you have reached that age of accumulated professional experiences in a truly useful job, you may consider yourself a working student being admitted among other workers to learn from each other at the expense of others, at the expense of companies, factories or governmental organization or subsidized corporate bodies.

Until you have matured to the point of being your own boss, having your own business financed with your own pocket cash, your market value to society on earth is fragile. Huge banks and corporations go bankruptcy within hours these days - hence thousands or ten thousands of employees of any level and age may loose their jobs instantly. Strong ones survive by starting their own life, by being their own boss before such foreclosures occur. Disasters can be predicted. Proper actions can be prepared in time to survive without any damage.

Weak ones however end on the street. Jobless and often even homeless. Without job no money, without money no home. Without usefulness no job=no home! As a result of lacking self-education. As a result of lacking self-study into new topics. Lack to learn to be truly useful, truly valuable to human society results in a shattered life. NO one else to blame but all those who chose a life of easy money, a life as white collar top level employees living at the expense of those miners and factory workers, farmers and fishermen keeping all planet go round and stay alive.

If you want to survive all upcoming struggles of this planet and all worlds beyond, then you too may have to sit down and review your own value for this planet. Do you contribute something of true value in need even in worst times when no money at all is available? Can you heal, repair, fix, create, produce real products needed in real emergencies or for real basic life ?

Love and Bliss