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[Alternate lifestyle]Received Sun, 01 Apr 2012 16:03:08 PHT

One world for our eternal life: If we have eternity time to do our work and improve our world, we need no machines at all

If we have eternity time, we have no need to hurry in the destruction nor in the exploitation of our one world of love with all its limited resources. We can take your time day after day to contribute to the improvement of our one world. Men at work for the heavy work, women planting or doing other easier work.

Man made field work to maintain and protect nature beauty

manual field work
In many areas all field work is lovingly done by hand, saving money, increasing productivity and protecting nature
Manual field work results in beautiful nature
Manual field work results in beautiful nature

During the course of annual seasons, we have up to several weeks time to prepare our fields, another few weeks to plant. Followed by several months waiting and watching the crop to grow while enjoying more freedom for love and family or doing other work. The finally we have a few weeks time to harvest. All by hand at zero cost except love and efforts. A byproduct of such labor intense manual farming normally is a (near) perfect health even at old age. Civilization diseases such as cancer, tumors, MS, Alzheimer and other illnesses frequently encountered in "civilized" industrial countries are mostly unknown in such nature oriented communities. Real work results in good health which in turn also results - just as another byproduct of healthy lifestyle - in a fully active love life until old age between husband and wife and a bunch of happy children growing up with healthy food in a clean environment!

Healthy life with an eternal perspective and goal has many incentives and zero downsides

Manual work, manual gardening and family scale farming still is by far the most cost efficient and yield-efficient method to live in harmony with nature and all creation. Here on earth in a tiny limited world we learn to practice what we need before being allowed to leave the circle of reincarnation and enter our spiritual home in God.

Destructive agriculture by machines

machine maintained rice field
Machine maintained rice field in the Philippines showing destruction and waste of nature

The above machine maintenance of the farmland costs that farmer family approximately half the total rice yield in exchange for the use of a machine owned by another farmer. Half of the yield in exchange of laziness, gaining weeks to hang around doing nothing. When you look at such machine maintained fields, there is nothing at all to be proud of, nothing for your eyes and heart to enjoy, nothing to show your children as an example to follow. Compare yourself to make your own decision. A happy life amidst beautiful nature or a life amidst destroyed nature. What do you want to leave as legacy for your children and grand children?

Those who manage to deplete our global resources of oil, ore, wood, drinking water, clean breathing air, clean oceans, nature and other resources show and prove that they would destroy our heavenly home as fast as they have done on our planet earth. Within the last one century, most of the easy accessible oil and ore resources are depleted. Oil drilling offshore goes many thousand meter deep, mining thousand or more meter deep. Our excessive lifestyle and selfish exploitation of our entire planet is leaving nothing at all for generations to come in 100 or 1000 or 10'000 years. Mankind has managed to destroy and endanger with all modern technology our social peace, freedom and all natural environment as a mutual living space created and given by God. The creation of our planet has taken Billions of years, the destruction just less than a single century. These proportions between creation and efforts needed and our lack of love and appreciation for the value of gifts received from God or our ancestors shows that the vast majority of human society is far from ready to return home to God by the end of this lifetime. Hundreds or thousands or additional reincarnations may be needed by many among human society.

Time to work as in above linked pictures from men and women at work for a healthy livelihood in a clean and beautiful environment we have all eternity. Food needed as energy resource to work eternally, we also have in abundance and free of charge if we all contribute our own share of real work. Resources and space to happily live we also have in abundance for all eternity if we learn like animals to use only what we really need, to occupy only as much territory as we need for a happy social and loving family amidst a free and happy social community of loved ones and best friends.

When we truly understand the meaning of eternal life and our temporary learning phase here on earth to acquire the spiritual and thus loving habits of life in freedom and full harmony with all creation, then we also realize that we have all time to progress on a scale that allows us to do all our work by ourselves. Zero outsourcing, no need for industrialization or automatization of the work we are expected to do all by ourselves to acquire skills and knowledge needed for an eternal life.

Only the achievements and work we do all by ourselves, without slaves, without employees, without machines, etc will add to our true inner and outer strength. When we compare man made structures and community and compare with machine made communities, then we see that hand made structures such as the Banaue rice terraces may last for thousands of years fully integrated into nature, while most machine made structures may fall apart after decades or a century. Truly loving communities are able to build master pieces of civil engineering and most beautiful landscapes that survive thousands of years fully functional without any waste of resources. More importantly even, man made structures and communities such as Banaue rice terraces are built with own financial and material resources. No subsidies, no bank loans, no mortgages, no government involvement, no imposed taxes on third parties.

True social peace requires all to live within our own limits and use only what we really need and finance all by ourselves. Animals have acquired such higher state of living since millions of years, so has all nature as living beings learned to live for the benefit of all without destruction of part of our world.

When all mankind contributes a true proportional share of real work in organic food production and maintenance of our livelihood, then we no longer need a minority in need of machinery and mass production methods to produce food for the lazy ones who prefer to live and easy life and leave real work to others.

After this lifetime the dice of lifestyle may change for most, the weak ones living an easy life may turn into what they really are as a result of their own choice: Too weak to survive on their own, no strength nor any truly useful skills or knowledge worth to be used in worlds beyond this physical world. Hence they may become fully dependent on others, strong ones if accepted at all, or many may plunge into a world of darkness and often into a state of spiritual coma, waiting for another reincarnation, waiting for another chance to learn what all need to have acquired for eternal life. Usefulness and love toward all creation and a sincere innermost desire to live as free beings among free beings, human or other beings.

Love and Bliss


[Love]Received Wed, 28 Mar 2012 06:35:47 PHT

Different sharing mentalities reveal true love and manifest different levels of spiritual development and true love

The past decades of life and work in some 40 countries, richest and poorest in this world have revealed different sharing mentalities in different cultures. Poverty in some countries like the Philippines may only be outer poverty in money as a manifestation of true wealth in the heart and souls. The Philippines and many similar countries have a more or less well developed sharing attitude. While the sharing attitude in the richest countries is mostly nonexistent.

In some of the poorest countries, if you share a full meal with a poor one, usually that person takes that meal to friends and family members and shares the full meal with any number of friends. If you get one full order of take out meal. usually that one meal may be shared by half a dozen or more people before the recipient starts to eat. In our richest western culture, typically all you get is first of all for the recipient and a more or less luxurious lifestyle and if ever something is left at month end, may be that amount is put into a savings account for next vacation of some future recreation activities and fun. Rarely ever is part and only part of the remaining shared with others.

The key difference between the 2 extreme sharing behaviors is the truly loving cultures of advanced spiritual achievement and development first shares then has nothing left while the rich ones first use for self and may be - only may be - share part of the left overs.

The loving ones share to create equal happiness in all, while the spiritually poor ones mostly use all for self and share only left overs. Hence the spiritually rich ones are those without savings, but a happy community of loving ones caring for each other and having happy family with happy children as the primary achievement of their lives.

Poverty can be manifold, spiritual or financial are the key categories. Your spiritual achievements of an incarnation is what you take beyond death into your eternal future while your financial savings all are lost by the power of death and no longer count for your entire future. The larger the savings account or property after your death, the more you have failed your life^s goal to learn to love and become a spiritual person beyond a single lifetime on earth.

Truly loving ones know the difference between simple life and poverty and choose a simple but loving life over financially wealthy selfish life. For truly loving ones the happiness of the entire community is more valuable than an individual wealth or savings account.

Most animal species on our planet have a far better developed mind and soul than the vast majority of mankind. Animals have learned to maintain social peace within its own species and the greatest possible social peace amidst other species and all nature. Animals have learned to maintain a healthy and strong nature as a world to live while mankind has repeatedly proved to destroy all planet for the sake of short time profits at the expense of all planet and all others - animals and humans alike.

The complexity thinking and social behavior needed for a social behavior in full harmony with our entire planet is far superior to the limited intellect needed to create, produce and drop nuclear bombs, chemical or biological weapons, million of land mines or cluster bombs on villages or cities. That complex and far more world peace oriented behavior of almost the entire animal kingdom makes the human kind one of the spiritually least developed being on earth and in God's entire creation.

One major root cause of poverty among mankind is greed and stinginess or both combined. While the wealthy ones, that definitely includes you, are mostly occupied in spending money and spending borrowed money and later earning money to pay back loans, debts of any origin as well as all the penalty payments and interest rates, animals have long time learned to stay within limits and share all global resources without profits, without artificial alterations of pricing. Animals own and harvest as much as they need to cover the safe life support of their own species, their individual family or local animal community. No long time storing beyond the current season, no destruction of supply, no penal system, no revenge or retaliation to control or manipulate others. Animal species live fully integrated into nature, amidst millions of other species and nature in a far more peaceful way without the need of governing or policing nor any need of regional, national or global control. Animals share all and own or use as much or as little as really needed for a healthy life and healthy survival of their offspring.

The result of a loving sharing mentality is the absence of storing costs, transportation costs or any taxes. Animals are spiritual beings as much as humans but in many cases with a far higher developed social behavior within own species and all other species as well. All are here on this planet to learn, also animals. However God offers mankind many possible examples of alternate lifestyles in the life of the millions of animal species. The most valuable source of learning is nature. Plant and animal kingdom are mostly in full harmony with God. Far more than most human tribes and cultures on earth created by mankind.

Among all animals is no greed nor stinginess. Animals may have a natural hierarchy of who eats firsts, usually the oldest or strongest ones or the offspring first, then all others. Animals have acquired a sharing and social behavior that allowed most animals to survive far more peacefully for dozens of millions of years while mankind is at the edge of complete planet destruction after a few ten thousand of years.

The size of brain is absolutely no measure to compare spiritual achievement or development. If the bigger the brain the higher the development would be true, then the old generation of computers in the 1950ies would be higher developed than our modern laptops. Yet as a educated person you know that purification of technology involved and added optimization have allowed smaller processors, smaller memories, to contain more working units and to operate many thousand times faster than the older generation computers 50+ years ago.

The same applies to human development. As a result of spiritual development such as true Kriya Yoga, with all pertinent teachings and changes in attitude and lifestyle, allow a human mind to perceive communication beyond our physical world, to make use of more senses than our physical senses and to think and live a more complex but far more social and loving life than humans without spiritual development. The only difference between spiritual and non spiritual humans is the efficiency of mind and the harmony of mind with the innermost spiritual core of every being as well as a permanent connection with God.

Millions of "poor" ones are a gift from God to allow the richest ones to see, experience and feel the need of others. As a result of such God given apparent poverty, the richest ones receive a unique opportunity to learn to make gifts for the poor and thus learn to create and experience true lasting happiness by sharing before using for selfish purpose.

Learn to first share, with your family and neighborhood as well as with anyone in need across the planet and live with whatever is left after sharing. You may be surprised to see how little you actually need for yourself after having created happiness in many others first.

Once there was a man at the same table as a husband and wife. While husband and wife were waiting for their food, that man just received his chocolate ice cream already - 2 scoops. The wife asked if she could try the chocolate ice cream. The man offered her a spoon of ice cream. That wife liked the ice cream and the man was "feeding" her spoon by spoon until all his ice cream was eaten up by the other man's wife. When the wife finished eating and enjoying the ice cream, the man feeding that wife had eaten nothing at all but was absolutely full, full from that wife's happiness and all his own hunger was completely gone.

That real life examples shows that sharing people need far less and still are fully happy and satisfied and healthy inside and outside that all the wealthy ones who die of cancer and all kind of diseases resulting from selfish behavior of the financially rich ones. The financially rich ones are usually the spiritually poor ones. The lessons to learn to love and share are presented by God in nature as well as in books or in modern times in Internet. The choice to learn or wait for the karma to represent failed or omitted lessons is yours alone. That is part of God given freedom. The need for an eternal social and truly loving behavior however is more important than a single slow learning species. Our entire creation has billions of most loving beings, enough for all to enjoy a happy eternal life. No one in heaven really will miss stingy or greedy or violent ones. The time of mankind on this planet nears the end and that end has been created by mankind's own choices of destructive greed and stinginess at the expense of all planet. The only way for the planet to survive for future millions of years is by going into a "reboot" mode. Major corrections have been made many times in the past many hundred millions of years to protect the planet as a whole by removing destructive species and allow the planet as a living being to fully recover.

Love or selfishness is a free choice of all beings, mankind choose selfishness. The Karma Law applies to all species alike, to animals as well as humans or plant life. Truly spiritual beings, including animals, have no need for a physical planet and may continue spiritual development in worlds beyond or if truly loving, may directly proceed into God's world of love for the remainder of eternal life amidst trillions and more of most loving species and beings of all different nature and kind, but all loving and pleasant to be around with.

Love and Bliss


[Love]Received Mon, 26 Mar 2012 12:43:31 PHT

Living from 37.50 US CENTS per day for a full day of work and still smiling

Living from 37.50 US CENTS per day for a full day of work requires to be really useful for others, to see and accept work, any kind of work, under any and every condition of life and work. Living from a very few dollars per day for a full family requires you to know all the free food resources God created even for the poorest ones. Free food made by God such as Water Hyacinth - Eichhornia crassipes, sometimes in large Water Hyacinth fields or Water spinach - water morning glory - Kang Kong to feed millions of families during season.

Cold climate zones offer other food resources of nature such as dandelion, nettle, wild garlic, wild berries, mushrooms and other edible and most healthy delicacies from clean forests and wild fields. All made by God and made for free harvest, if you ready to learn your forests and walk many miles or dozen of miles each day for free healthy food.

One of my most recent "patient" is a young teenager around 13-14 collecting crap metal, mainly aluminum softdrink cans and plastic bottle in night time after businesses close and put their trash on roadside for city garbage collection after midnight each day. The daily revenue in this case is Cambodian Riel 1500 per day = 37.50 US cents per day. If you think it is impossible to survive on such amounts for weeks or months, I can assure you from personal experience IT IS POSSIBLE and still be smiling and working!

One of the greatest gifts MOST of you may ever receive is a future incarnation born into the poorest of this world, experiencing on your own that even a few years of elementary school is enough to grow strong and successful in life. That there are MOST essential spiritual lessons NO university ever can teach. Lessons to be a happy making loving and truly caring partner, lessons of applied real love for life toward ALL. While spoiled ones who lose contact to reality and earn 5-10 dollars or more still may whine and drown in self-pity, the privileged ones who choose a current incarnation among poorest ones and hardest work to grow up to legal age may suddenly find themselves to be strong mature adults with an open heart for all because having experienced all and feeling for all.

  • You can either earn 5-10 dollars an hour and walk all day, all life through city and look for freebies, to get a free soup, free drink, free laptop, free downloads, free money, free mobile phone, free Internet access, etc
  • or
  • you can earn 2-5 dollars an hour and walk almost all day long through cities and search for people needing your help, needing a free soup or meal or a free pretty dress.

It all is a question of attitude and point of view. Those having been all the way down in life, know to survive even under the most difficult situations this planet's human population creates and eventually always will chose the option to share and help no matter how little they have.

Yesterday I met a single mother of 3 girls, never having heard of Facebook or Internet at all, just busy taking care of her family by honest work all day and half nights long. That again shows that escaping into virtual worlds is of no benefit for mankind. Most Internet users read without understanding, learn about love without practicing love. Such lessons of love are for more the final steps toward returning home to God for ever.

Those unfortunate ones who failed the basic practical lessons of love in previous incarnations may lovingly wait until their next incarnations to have heart opened and be turned into a humble, caring and truly loving human being and finally be prepared for happy making relationship with the God created soul-mate to be met later at home in a world of love no university or college may offer qualifications for, only real life offers such lessons even an ant, mouse or cat has already learned. Only humans skipped the truly important lessons for more selfish short cuts in growing into a mature child of God, made to the image of God, to love, to be loved and to give love for all eternity.

Love and Bliss


[Kriya Yoga Blog]Received Thu, 22 Mar 2012 19:31:39 PHT

FREE download of will end in a few days: Future download of available as usual for a honest donation

Since 04 May 2011 many enjoyed the temporary FREE download of FREE file This free offer will end in a few days, benefit asap if you wish to have a complete offline collection of all spiritual teachings for your future reference and for your children or loved ones.

Keep in mind that the full content of is FREE online for all world anyway for as long as the Cyberspace Ashram is online and the file was but a luxurious convenience to maintain a full offline copy of all teachings of love, eBooks and teachings of kriya yoga. You still enjoy all these free online teachings for as long as the Cyberspace Ashram is supported and maintained by YOUR honest contribution.

The Cyberspace Ashram has been free since 1997 and for sure will terminate some day and disappear from www when it is time to return home to God. Then the only copy of teachings of love left for you and all your loved ones is what you have secured by any honest and correct method on your own computer and backups.

Regular repeat supporters of the Cyberspace Ashram during the past several years, practicing full Kriya Yoga over an extended period of time may qualify for free download access for life or for as long as the Cyberspace Ashram remains online. In such case you will receive all download access data automatically within the next few days by eMail provided I have a current valid eMail address in my records.

The file will be available for a honest donation, one download per person per lifetime. Methods to donate are published online and may be modified as needed during the course of time and location of my work.

Treasures of love from God are free and yet someone has to pay for everything, from production cost to maintenance to spend a full lifetime on earth and other hidden spiritual or material costs for a full lifetime on earth. It is up to you to fully understand the value of teachings of love and the sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga and to carefully maintain your full copy of all original texts for life and beyond for all your family and loved ones.

Love and Bliss


[Christmas preparation]Received Sun, 18 Dec 2011 22:39:28 PHT

What happened to your To-Do list? Use Christmas time dissolve and complete all actions on your todo list to free yourself for Christmas blessings

A typical todo list consists of items that need to be done and you are aware of all items and importance or lack thereof but have neither completed your actions to be done nor surrendered to God your actions to be done or dissolved all.

Unfinished todo lists may lead to future
future may mean future reincarnations.
Just to come back on earth to finish what you failed to complete NOW until yesterday.

Do you have a todo list?

I did have a To-Do list, since many years. Always open on my desktop.
I did all that needed to be done always right away.
I always did all that needed to be done but time was too short ASAP. ASAP means a short break or a rest or timeout for God.

Today I realized that all my todo list no longer needs to be done at all.
Hence I deleted all.
First in steps, looking at what was the value and priority on my todo list item,
all pending items were of technical nature entirely!
All human or spiritual topics always have been instantly done.

Hence after the first few steps of reviewing my todo list step by step,
I deleted all at once.
Now my todo file on my desktop is empty
and then deleted
no more todo lists ever.

It's Christmas time all year
all that really matters in eternal life is love
sharing and helping always needs to be done instantly and fully
hence no need to place it on any todo list.

All else is of such inferior value that even the todo list file is a waste of resources.

Now these days clean up your own todo list,
free yourself for the really important priorities and values in life.
Then do whatever needs to be done instantly and completely,
even if that requires now and then a 36 hours working day or more.
Do until job completely done,
do until nothing of importance left to be done any time ever.

To always be fully free and available for all true emergencies and helpful jobs. To always be fully and instantly available for all humanitarian and spiritual causes of God's creation.

Life is all about love
all else is but decoration.

To love and to learn to love always can be done instantly.

To reconcile and to forgive all
always can be done instantly.

A full Christmas pardon to all
always can be done instantly.

To find your soulmate and make happy
always can be done instantly.

Merry Christmas to all

Love and Bliss


[Internet]Received Sun, 18 Dec 2011 20:00:18 PHT

Disasters in our global economy prove the uselessness and worthlessness of the entire computer and IT industry and its jobs

Briefly one of the several major reasons why I consider IT jobs as absolutely useless and worthless, including almost all coder jobs with the exception of Open Source jobs for the mutual benefit of all mankind. Absolutely worthless means zero cents worth! This world without IT and computers would be a better world than it is now with all computers and IT industry.

Ego and mistakes are self-destructive. The repeated and desperate attempts to bailout failed industries and governments is an attempt to delay nature's law of karma. Nothing in God's creation of selfish worlds is too big to fail. Whatever causes damage to mankind or God's creation will fail as a matter of self destruction. Darkness always fails when facing the light. The usefulness of an education of industry will be auto-proven. Anything that serves the true well being and happiness of all, always will survive and prosper without subsidies or bailout by governments or institutions. Anything worthy for the wellbeing and happiness of mankind and all creation always needs to be supported by its individual beneficiaries. By those who enjoy a particular service. Just as in nature, in jungle all the healthy strong plants and trees always survive all the crippled, ill or damaged nature. To figure out how valuable you are in life for this planet, all you need to do is ask yourself some most serious questions:

  • Would this place be a better place without me or is this world a more happy, more healthy place as a direct result of my lifetime efforts?
  • Do I create smiles and happiness as a direct result of my daily full time work and services?
  • Is my happy making limited to the hours after work?
  • Do I work in direct contact with end consumers enjoying my work?
  • Does my work above all serve only the purpose of money making to pay for my living and my family support?
  • If there is any disaster in my country or anywhere in the world, am I instantly allowed and able to take any amount for time needed to help those in need or is my help limited to a few days paid vacation permitted by my money oriented industry?
  • Does your work or your industry create any collateral damage of any kind. Damage by pollution, by exploitation resulting from outsourcing to poor countries, etc?
  • Is part of my work, services or products used for and by industries, authorities, military or intelligence agencies in any way destructive to global peace and absolute individual freedom?

When we look at the recent financial disaster in USA with GM, Ford, Chrysler and soon after the BP Oil spill, then we have an industry with thousands or millions of computers with all kind of Microsoft software, powerpoint, statistic software, graphical presentations of statistics, spreadsheet presentations of stats and facts and many other fancy ways to present or manipulate data.

Most likely all CEOs, Assistant managers and most of the office helpers, office "experts" and secretaries has one or several such "devices" with hundreds of apps. Swiss banks use computers since many decades, yet the major Swiss bank UBS has created huge financial losses despite all the high tech IT with all its "experts" and costly software. The very same applies to most European banks and US banking system. Yet hundreds of billions of dollars have been mismanaged and wasted. None of the IT experts and none of the costly software to process available data has prevented the mismanagement and financial loss. The planet is in a crisis of multiple levels. Financially, economic crisis, spiritual crisis, social crisis and political crisis.

None of all the IT systems in the world has warned or prevented the existing crisis. Because none of the IT systems have common sense and a heart built in. The entire IT industry is about easy jobs and making easy money.

Wall Street in a jungle of computers, IT experts and fancy software Apps

Computers and electronic controls all over, all connected and interconnected and controlled or monitored by central computers, data centers and all accumulated data processed with high end IT, SW controlled by "experts".

The very same situation for all Wall Street and all government offices from local admin, to states to federal government. And most of our European governments in deepest financial crisis use IT to replace common human brain and common sense since decades. Including those countries in danger to default, such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

All global industry is amidst a jungle of IT and empty of people with common sense

Including all levels of BP and all relevant security offices at governments, etc. All kinds of sensors are installed to monitor humans, machines and data.

Despite of all together millions of computers OR MORE and thousands or ten thousands or hundred thousands of IT experts and coders and computer system admins, NONE of all these totally overpaid "experts" ever could prevent the financial disaster or early enough create a serious prediction or warning to allow TIMELY corrections.

NOR did any of the millions of computers supplied with all the data, criteria, software and apps, operated by the thousands of totally overpaid IT experts create or suggest wise solutions to the disasters once it was apparent and in need of instant change.

ALL IT experts and ALL coders for the entire software industry AND all industrial companies and all government agencies FAILED 100% to prove any even smallest value of information technology!

ALL people at ALL levels of governments, Wall Street, banks, financial institutes and industries failed to have even the smallest left-over of God given common sense!

ALL human society in cities, industries, financial markets and governments have lost their mind and God given common sense, the ability to USE their mind to compute millions time faster a perfect overview and thorough overview of all facts to properly and accurately predict the outcome of decisions made.

The entire IT industry and all computers and software are meant to be a learning game like in kindergarden to learn common sense but NO game to apply and play with REAL world situations and even less to PLAY with human lives and human livelihood! In kindergarden or elementary school we learn to learn. Once we have learned to learn, we continue eternal learning in real life during real work. Useful work for the direct benefit and happiness of human beings, animals and all nature alike.

The entire global industrialization leads to a drastic destruction of our entire planet. Without that planet there will be no life in future and for many people there may be no return home to God as well. This very planet is where you need to live and learn to love and be useful. There is no other place to learn love and there is no other planet to live for the seven or so billion humans now on hearth. In the past 50 or so years of developing computers and IT, the global destruction has gotten worst despite all IT and data available.

ALL such who practice true love and real FULL Kriya Yoga could easily be guided ONLY by spiritual means without any technology, without Internet, without mobile phone or Skype, without eMail or any printed texts of any kind!

Those who need God's help most at the same time are those who contribute least or nothing at all or create repeatedly additional new problems and work for God or for God's help received by any technology means.

Any reasonable business and any culture or country can be operated safely and most successfully without any computers at all, without any IT industry, just by active and intense use of God given common sense combined with a loving heart.

This world without computers and IT would be a better place to live in happiness and freedom

This world would be a better world with less war, less social tension and more freedom if all the computers and IT industry, all the high tech communication would instantly disappear. Like after one major solar storm destroying all global data centers and computers for good.

Above all, today's IT and computer industry serves military purpose to conduct war, remote controlled war, to create fake intelligence and distribute fake data, to control and monitor individual humans, to spy on God's children. Military and intelligence services serve governments. Governments fulfill a self purpose to use, exploit and manipulate its citizens. As a result of excessive people's abuse by authorities, hundreds of millions of humans around the globe start a revolution for freedom this time. In Arab countries as much as in China and many other countries. Including the 99% movement in USA. The IT industry with all related industries above all create and distribute gossip and trash, manipulate data and control data. The end result is to control people and to limit people's God given freedom. Authorities need IT to control people. God never controls nor limits people in any way by any means. In a world without IT and computers, all world would be returned to its rightful owners = individual free humans. Governments with all departments are to serve people. To serve people you need no IT, no computers but a loving heart and helping hands in real life emergencies. To communicate you need no mobile phone but a soul to soul communication as available to all truly spiritual souls on earth when properly applying spiritual teachings given by God.

If the entire global IT industry fails to prevent environment disaster, major technical accidents and economy disasters, then the entire IT industry has no reason and no value to exist at all. After all, the global IT and computer industry consumes substantial amounts of resources and energy, creates huge amount of trash and environment pollution in addition to the worthless jobs in sweat shops of third world countries where most of the work is created at the expense of human happiness and health.

No industry of any kind that creates or accepts collateral damage of any kind or environment pollution of any kind and level has a right to exist at the expense of a planet of global society. Every lasting part of man made creation has to prove its true human value and usefulness without creating any damage or any waste of resources at all. Once single finger or eye lost among 8 billion people as a risk of an industry is one finger too many or one eye too many! In God's creation all is 100% safe for all with zero damage to all. 100% perfection only is an acceptable outcome and goal. Anything else is beyond our limits and needs to be dropped.

In a simple lifestyle it is easy to create and maintain a happy life in full harmony with God and all nature at zero risk and zero damage to any part of society or creation. True quality of life has nothing at all to do with money or technology but only with true happiness we create day to day toward our entire community. True wealth is when you have created a lifestyle that allows you to be happy based on the happiness you create day to day all life long. Happy life is easy in a human and nature oriented life in harmony with God where above all human resources, human efforts and human love is used to make happy.

We have eternity time to do whatever we want and enjoy to do. Hence there is no need for technology to speed up or facilitate our work. If we invest individual efforts into our work, then we end up in a life where our projects may last thousands of years like the Banaue rice terraces. Made with love, made by loving humans without any technology at all. Just manpower. The result is a project fully integrated into nature.

Whatever is beyond the reach of your spiritual perception is beyond the reach of your spiritual maturity and thus outside your self created limits resulting from selfish love.

Stay within your limits and if your limits too narrow, then expand your limits until you are one with God and thus free of any limits to know whatever you need to know to do your job as good as needed for a perfect job.

Mankind needs no trillions of dollars to go outer space or to process data. Mankind needs peace and freedom to go inner space and explore who you are and what you are and how to reclaim your divinity by dissolving your ego. All you need for such purpose is either for free or available to all at affordable honest contributions to society and community.

Love and Bliss


[Christmas preparation]Received Fri, 02 Dec 2011 14:09:33 PHT

Your Christmas gifts for God and all world: Treat all with love, forgive all, reconcile with all and create equality among all to eliminate poverty

Christmas gifts for your enemies, adversaries or competitors

Without Divine Love and peace with your enemies there will be no true Christmas in your heart and mind. Christmas with your enemies requires your love and reconciliation as the greatest Christmas gifts for your enemies. Your full forgiveness, a true Christmas pardon to all enemies in your entire life, marital life, business, economy, political or other enemies you have created and accumulated in your busy life.

Whatever you do to your enemies, you also do to God!

If ever you want to return home to God. You may need to prove first to have forgiven all your enemies and to be in peace with all your enemies. To love your enemies is the prime lesson of your entire life on earth. Without loving all your enemies there can be no true Christmas blessing and Christmas love inside your heart and soul.

You may like it or hate it, but there is no other way to God and eternal peace then by loving all, including your enemies! True love is needed to reconcile with your enemies to find your very own inner peace and be ready to accept forgiveness for all your own self made mistakes and sins.

You always need to prove your true love, sincerity of love needs proof by actions of love beyond thoughts of love! For your very own feedback as well as for the other person to assure and prove that now you are friends again. Instead of flowers you could also bring a flower pot with flowers or a nice plant that may survive for months or years. It may be lasting memory refresher that all is in love again now.

Those of your enemies that are far away - many methods - first of all as above, get in peace inside your self. Then either send a nice postcard, telegram or eMail, like the Love eCards - Love by eMail with some beautiful flowers. The traditional flowers of love always are roses. If you are in a high tech country you may even find a shop or service that delivers real flowers or real roses to the recipient and you may use such services. Love should never stop when expenses occur. True love and true peace is priceless and of infinite worth. Hence always keep in mind that another few years carrying quarrels within your heart may cost you far more in medical bills or premature heart attach or heart disease than a dozen or two of the most beautiful roses sent across your country or continent.

The greatest enemies may become the greatest friends one day! Keep that in mind. Why? Because once you have learned to reconcile with your enemies one times, you know how to do it all over again. Even more importantly, you remember the times of war or cold ware and know how painful and costly any kind of war is. Thus you are mature to invest any efforts needed to prevent any new animosity with an enemy once turned into a friend. There is no other way to your very own and personal happiness and peace within your personal family than to get in peace with ALL others first. During Christmas time most people around the world are far more open for reconciliation than any other time of the year. Use this once in a year opportunity for the benefit and happiness of yourself and all your loved ones. Whatever is between you and any other person also is between you and your nearest ones, your living partner, your children, all your best friends and loved ones at home!

God is Love

God is Love
God is Love - see and enjoy more beautiful God wallpapers

Christmas gifts for the poor, needy and exploited ones

Poverty is the result of greed: The best Christmas gifts for poor ones your honesty giving equal rights and equal opportunities to poor ones. Share all with all and help all poor ones to be equal family members. Be ready to pay as much as you want to be paid to eliminate poverty on all planet.

When you share all with all poor ones - when you pay all poor ones an equal salary as you ask for yourself, when you help the poor and needy ones to enjoy life and to be free on this planet as much or more as you spend time, money and resources for your own pleasure and recreation - then the Christmas spirit reigns your heart and soul and Christmas may be all year long - eternally.

Only the poor ones know all their needs. Hence for ALL poor ones on this planet, no matter where on the earth, the only gift they can use for their most urgent needs is money. a gift of money, while appearing impersonal to you, can be compared to sunlight in relationship to the rainbow colors. The rainbow colors are but a manifestation of the sunlight - no sunlight - no rainbow colors.

The easiest method to give the needed money to poor ones is to pay honest prices, honest wages for all their services and products offered to you for all future. Instead of abusing and exploiting the poor ones need to support their loved family and hiring or buying at bargain prices a fraction of your own salary, pay honest prices just as you wish your very own children and loved ones to be paid. The poor ones love for their own family results in the readiness to work in factories and sweat shops of the third world at prices per day most of the industrial world never even would consider as an hourly wage. Hence many of the poor ones are poor only because they are willing to sacrifice their entire life to support their loved ones no matter their own comfort and happiness in life. From that point of view, the poor and needy ones of this world have much more loving example to offer to you than any money ever can buy.

Poverty may in some cases be the result of laziness. In most cases poverty however is the result of exploitation by wealthy and mighty ones.

Your change of heart and sincere love will open your heart for the needs of our global family above the needs of your personal benefits, bonuses and bank accounts to maintain a life in luxury while some 90 percent of the world may be struggling just for bare survival. The direct result of man made poverty is the lack of proper nutrition resulting in increased susceptibility for all kinds of illness. A malnourished body has a weak immune system and fails to maintain strong health needed for a happy life.

Honesty in all human relationships, forgiveness for all past and a loving relationship with all world is the most precious gift of love you can give. For Christmas as well as all year long. Christmas gifts of love are affordable by all and most precious to all. Every day is Christmas day, every day is a day to love, for gifts of love. Christmas gifts are intended to create joy of life and instant lasting happiness, hence Christmas gifts are gifts of love from the bottom of your heart.

Your only way home to God is by you loving all and getting in peace with all. God is with the poorest ones and all your enemies alike because all mankind are God's children of love - even when lost in a material world or amidst struggle, disaster, corruption and war. A full and new restart on a path of love requires a complete forgiveness, forgiving also all old debts and deeds. A full Christmas pardon will fee your own heart for love and blessings from God. During Christmas time as much as all year long - love is the key to happiness. Happiness for the world created by you results in happiness in life for you and all your loved ones.

Merry Christmas preparation to all


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Christmas time to revue relationship and progress in true love and happy romance rather than Christmas gift shopping.

Imagine a Christmas time without shopping spree. Just digging in your heart to find out what is most precious to you. Most likely you may find that true love might be most valuable in life but missing in your life or risking to get lost in all the business and career thinking and related stress.

Only love so sweet and powerful like God love can be true love making really happy. Your own intense spiritual efforts may bring that God like love back into your heart. One full life time may be enough if you invest all your efforts to improve love by reducing ego and learning to say yes to love.

Or worst, you have lost your partner or never found one in life. God gave you one a very long time ago. Before you started life on earth. The partner given by God is unique. That's why he is called soul mate. One single partner in all creation, in all the stars you see and all the invisible worlds beyond our physical universes.

Where is your soul mate?

Most never know their soul mate while on earth. May be the soul mate is waiting at home in God. May be he followed his karma into another country. May be however you know your soul mate and just are too pride to see him and admit that he is the one in your mind and heart you always missed. That certainly is woman style specially for all the princesses waiting for a prince or millionaire. Your soul mate may be a farmer girl working and living on an island or in the mountains. Or he may be a construction worker, fishermen or farmer son loving all world with his work while you look for a clean white shirt, tie wearing model like young man, he may be tired from hard work, older than your princess mind allows and living a much more loving and simple life than you expect and have learned at school how a man has to be.

Most likely you lost your soul mate for a very precise reason that keeps you or brought you to this very planet earth so far away from our all home in God's world of love. An instant change of heart and mind may take one single moment. God always loves to see and feel all his children to be really happy inside and outside. If you happen to know your soul mate, the true soul mate given by God millions of years ago. The free yourself from all the conventional thinking and travel to his place. May be he has been waiting thousands of years always loving you and nothing but loving you. Your happiness is in your own hands, mind and all decisions are yours to make. A woman always follows her husband lover, no matter where or why. From heaven to hell and back to heaven your husband always works for God and no one else but for God. The only reason why your soul mate works for God is love and nothing but love for all lost children of love lost so far from God.

Love is the only key to find your soul mate. Love missing in your current relationship may result in loss of your current partner. So what to do? Be more loving, more sexually attractive. Imagine a woman makes one single Christmas gift to her husband: To be a sexy wife for life. Sweet loving, hugging, kissing instead of nagging. Only love and nothing else.

Why is it important for a wife to be sexy for her husband? Because that's the way men are, your husband as well. One of the most common cause for divorce is adultery. Hence if attraction from another woman is stronger than your conventional and may be boring way of being woman, then look at the one catching your husband away. May be she is dressed cute, in skirt or mini instead of jeans or old fashioned business suit. May be the one attracting your husband's eyes and attention and may be much more, is just feeling well being a sexy woman, making love and enjoying your husband.

And women too look around or shop for a new lover. What causes women to get another lover? Often she is fed up with a money making career man and just loves to be loved more often and more intensely. May be a little more unconventional love. Romantic, sexy like from an Alpha male. Every man could be Alpha male for his wife, if he just would work harder physically and in a more practical real life oriented job rather than in boring office jobs.

While young girls may be attracted by money and care social status, titles, positions and flashing credit cards when going shopping. A few years later in her late twenties or thirties a girls suddenly turns into a woman realizing that half time of her fertile years and sexy look is already gone and romance still missing despite all the money she may earn on her own.

Women too love to be loved and sexed all ways, all styles, all locations, all times of the day. Challenging you to prove beyond doubt if you truly love or just need a pretty woman for presentation on business meetings. A woman is made to be loved and only for love. While in younger years women often may get a little lost in money making career life, some years later something may trigger the woman inside to wake up and demand her God given rights to love and be loved as a woman. No housekeeper or cook, but as a lover for life.

Even if a woman is mother of many children, she still is woman above all and needs love all the way every day. How often do you need love? A simple rule of thumb is: As many times as your body needs food, your heart and soul needs love. Your body loves a few full meals and many small snacks every now and then all day or night long. So does the heart need many kind of love. From sweet sex to short time (quickie) to hours of hugging or sweet kisses every now and then. The variety to love, to give and enjoy love is endless, absolutely infinite. Up to you to create small surprises of love on a regular basis.

May be this Christmas time you spend more time for love with your lover. Better you make your lover happy than someone else does all the loving for you. Up to you to qualify for your lovers life long love. God gave all the gifts and powers to change heart and mind, to instantly drop laziness and price, to work hard and grow strong in heart, soul, mind and life. God gave all girls the gift to be sexy inside her heart and soul. Sexy is the outside appearance of a woman and all her aura ready to be loved, to make love, to give love. No make up nor any fashion can make you look sexy, your attitude toward your husband however can make you sexy for life. A little change in dresses, the less the better. Less or no make up, to enjoy being natural all the way and ready to love any time.

That would be a Christmas gift for God from all lovers on earth!

Love and Bliss


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Guilty of adultery because no time for love, no time to be loved and to give love when needed

Imagine you have a partner in life who truly loves you
and wants to make you happy all the way ...
and you are busy with your career,
earning more money than love needs

One day you come home after work
and your partner is gone leaving a short note:
"I found someone to love, God bye, take care, your ex"

You file for divorce and claim guilty:
"I committed adultery because I had an out of marriage affair with money making work. I wish no support, no settlement, I accept full responsibility for having failed to manage time for love in my life and to have love above all else as a priority in my own life."
because God sent your partner to a lover while you were busy loving money, career and social status at work more than a God made lover.

If you neglect your partner in life,
then God gives you warnings,
if neglect as well,
God sends love to your partner - by sending another lover willing to make happy and be made happy.

The right to be loved
The right to be loved - More God cards

In the Philippine islands, neglect partners often just walk away. There is no divorce in the Philippine islands unless for exceptional cases of domestic violence. Being neglect by partner however is a reason for God to bring a love-willing human into the life of a neglect one. Hence God loving and love hungry Filipino and Filipina often just walk out of a marriage lacking romantic love and start and life with more love all on their own. Without the need of divorce by administration but with God's blessings! God has many children willing to love, to give love and accept love, to make happy and to be made happy. God wants all to be happy smiling children of love.

If you are stingy in love,
to busy to love,
football or NBA or Facebook more important than true love, hugging and making happy, your career positions and titles more valuable than someone at home calling you "honey" or "sweet heart" or "darling", then you may consider God already looking for your replacement.

Never blame your partner for adultery because he walks out on you, if in reality you had no time every day to be loved and to love your partner the way your partner has a God given right to love both ways.

It is God who guides new love-willing partner into the life of neglect ones. Imagine what happens if a week or months or longer you get no food at all. No breakfast, no lunch, no diner, no small snacks in-between main courses. That is exactly how a neglect partner feels without love in the morning (love breakfast), at noon (love lunch), in evening (love dinner) and the many small love snacks during day and night in a true love oriented happy life between lovers for life.

Without true love in a relationship, there is no need for that relationship at all and there is no spiritual value of such a partner at all. All eternal life is about love. Love requires time to give love, to create happiness as well as to accept love and be made happy.

Love and Bliss


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The steps beyond beginning warm up Kriya Yoga are the real part of your Kriya Yoga practice toward oneness with God

The first few hours of daily Kriya Yoga is but the "warm up phase" to prepare body for living from prana instead of breathing air. True purification of body, mind and soul starts when prana starts to flow throughout all your body.

Most of the world's kriya yogi stop after this few hours lasting daily warm up phase. It makes them feel good and better over the years without ever reaching near a Samadhi, even less near Maha Samadhi and that seems enough for most kriya yogi and yogini.

The real progress within months and ongoing years of true Kriya Yoga practice starts when you go daily beyond the "warm up phase" into real extended God Love phase in your Kriya Yoga.

For complete novice there is a time to prepare all life and all body for God and Love. Hence the first 1-3 years are preparation to re-arrange life for all those previously in non-loving work or industry or marriage.

Then starts real Kriya Yoga with all life arranged in harmony with God and Love and extended phases of daily Kriya pranayama until one with God. Your daily all day lasting work is the real part of daily Kriya Yoga.

You may compare this with the scrubbing part of cleaning your dirty house or a dirty off-road car.

The final part of the daily Kriya Yoga part of loving work is the actual Kriya Yoga session with ever deepening Kriya pranayama over the years until one with God. This phase of daily Kriya pranayama could be compared to the flushing of your scrubbed house and polishing to surrender a clean home to God and all your loved ones living inside your heart.

God is Love - God is always there even for  the very poorest ones
God is Love - God is always there even for the very poorest ones

Pray to God: "Dear God, please do Kriya Yoga for me"

On a regular basis, pray to God: "Dear God, please do Kriya Yoga for me" and watch God doing your exercises inside you, to upgrade your Kriya Yoga to the next level when you have successfully finished all previous lessons and steps. Kriya pranayama moves up level by level as you ask God to show you after you first have done your own full contribution.

Most of all Kriya yogi and yogini of all Kriya Yoga teachings around the globe do but the warm up phase even many years after begin of Kriya Yoga initiation or all life long, hence they never really do FULL Kriya Yoga as per teachings received as a gift of love from God.

Many never invested any true efforts into real re-arrangement of job, industry they work for and give all their life force to. Many failed to re-arrange all life to heal marriage, to get in peace with all, to reconcile with all world, to pardon all no matter what. Just hoping to sneak into the world of love without giving full love to God and all world.

To wait and expect huge blessings without full investment of own loving efforts first, is like the failing way of life to first spend money on credit cards, student loans and mortgages before having earned and saved money by honest means of life and loving work.

Love and Bliss


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Our planet has a need for Christmas time all year, learn to expand your Christmas season to increase healing Christmas love

Christmas Love all year benefits all planet, human society with all different cultures and minorities as much as all majorities. A Christmas time 12 months a year results in reconciliation and healing all year until all planet is one family of love again.

Christmas is all about God and Love
Christmas is all about God and Love

Christmas love is to heal and reconcile broken marriages and relationships with neighbors, ex partners and enemies to bring happiness and joy into your life again. Christmas love is to keep our planet from breaking into peaces of warriors amidst dying nature. Christmas love can refocus our industry and politics back to the true values of life, family and loved ons, local community and best friends we once had and lost in our profit oriented attempts to dominate the world or markets or our competitors instead of working as a loving team, a loving family made by God.

Christmas love lives and loves on beyond Christmas season.

Christmas Love all year benefits all planet, hence to extend our traditional calendar oriented Christmas time benefits all mankind on earth, politicians, businesses and all countries or cultures currently at war or in disaster.

To start applying Christmas love starts with all loving hearts to refresh true love between husband and wife

Find help and inspiration in the Christmas messages of love to help you keep Christmas Love flowing all year long and to reconciliation with all a primary goal until all humans are one family of love again. A family made by God, made of love and made to love each other in a happy life filled with God's bliss and God's love.

Love and Bliss


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Maximum flow of kundalini force is needed to unite with God

Without kundalini you would loose your connection with God and live like a zombie in darkness. Hence instead of a sudden awakening of kundalini force we should call it most precisely a sudden substantial increase of kundalini force as a direct result from sudden decrease of ego or obstacles in life.

The result of sudden removal or dissolving of a substantial part of ego may be the result of your own spiritual efforts or a sudden positive change in your life. Sometimes sudden kundalini awakening occurs as a result of a "healing shock" in life that forces to reconnect with God and think about true purpose in life. Such may occur as a result of loss of a loved one, loss of property, divorce resulting in loss of an obstacle in your life with wrong partner. Of course the normal situation of increase or awakening of kundalini would be as a result of your conscious Kriya Yoga, kundalini yoga practice or other spiritual practices such as developing divine love toward all.

Wrong situations in life like wrong non-loving job or industry or wrong family or living situation prevents maximum flow of kundalini and thus may prevent or delay Maha Samadhi or Nirbikalpa Samadhi. For best spiritual situation in life absolutely all life should be made in love with all in a most loving overall situation!

How to cope with an increase of kundalini force?

If you are blessed by a sudden kundalini increase, relax, focus on the truth "God is Love" and repeat "God is Love" like a mantra to connect with God. Spontaneous kundalini increase is a blessing from God that needs to be welcomed in your life. An ideal situation in your life would allow you to take a few days off, spend ample time in nature. Do extended forest of nature walks several times a day up to a few hours each time. In addition you may spend several times daily hours in deep meditation or prayers to remain relaxed and open for God.

Ease the development of an even further increase of kundalini

Some supporting actions from your part may help you to let kundalini freely for in any amount to heal you and to free your soul from any karma and attachments to this world and thus to initiate a steady increase in enlightenment. There can be no enlightenment without full and free flow of kundalini. A full and free flow of kundalini is needed to achieve Samadhi and to become one with God.

Helpful and needed steps to improve kundalini flow are:

  • Manage your life to be of loving nature only. Strictly avoid any non-loving action or work.
  • Live and work in a natural environment free from pollution and free from chemicals
  • Avoid the intake of any kind of drugs and be ready to fully surrender to God in your entire life
  • Go on multiple nature walks daily. Each up to several hours. Preferable in healthy wild and strong forest.
  • Chose healthy, organic clean food, preferable vegetarian food to keep your entire body as clean as possible and thus to allow a free flow of kundalini. Any pollution of your body by any means, including junk food may hamper the free flow of kundalini and thus make your spiritual progress difficult.
  • Purify your body by a brief fasten period or by a natural detoxification period to help increase the free and gentle flow of kundalini through your entire body.
  • To assist detoxification of your body, drink ample fresh, clean natural water. Avoid processed drinks or canned drinks. The most powerful means to flush your physical body is God made natural clean spring water as found in nature. If impossible, then you may have to temporarily resort to clean bottles natural water.
  • Take your annual leave and invest this entire time for God and Love in a loving and natural environment. At home of any place amidst or very near wild nature in a quiet, clean and peaceful environment free from distraction.
  • Keep your daily business or work or communication with third parties to the minimum possible. Possible is that you spend a few weeks only with God and may be a very few loved ones or your family.

The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to prepare for maximum kundalini in a balanced way

Kriya Yoga applied and practiced in its perfect and complete way, consists of teachings of love, teachings about spiritual laws as well as all necessary basic teachings about God's creation in combination with the proper Kriya Yoga techniques will help you to master the flow of kundalini and use the ever increasing flow of kundalini shakti for your spiritual benefit as well as for the spiritual benefit of all creation.

By taking time for God and love specially when visiting more often nature on a daily basis, your kundalini may flow gently more and more powerfully and thus increases your enlightenment and communication with God.

Full kundalini flow is an essential step of every spiritual development. The purpose of all spiritual traditions is to reunite with God and return home to God. A sudden increase in kundalini force flowing through you is one basic step toward that goal. If you stop kundalini, then you prevent your return home to God. God is Love and kundalini shakti is God's help to uplift you all the way until one with God.

There is only one door to God, the door of love also called death

The ultimate goal of any spiritual tradition or efforts always is to reunite with God. God is Love and the only door to God is what mankind calls death. A human soul is fully aware and conscious - more conscious than you ever can be while caught in a human body. A soul of a loving person may find union with God as a result of a loving death by the end of life or by Maha Samadhi as a result of intense and most loving meditation practice combined with a loving and helpful life at any age. A full and free flow of kundalini is needed to enter Maha Samadhi