Kriya Yoga initiation

The Kriya Yoga teachings, preparation for the holy initiation and initiation itself are available from the Cyberspace Ashram

Preparation for Kriya Yoga initiation

Times have changed - instead of reading and studying in lectures, satsang or from books in a very limited number of God seekers - Kriya Yoga initiation and all the pertinent topics and teachings of love are now published in the Cyberspace Ashram since May 17, 2000. This new technology makes it possible to spread a gift from God - the holy science of Kriya Yoga among all humanity all around this globe

Kriya Yoga

Step by step

Just follow all these steps and your succeed. Do all and do it exactly. The benefit are yours.

Kriya Yoga

Path of Love

When you apply all the Kriya Yoga is the teachings of Love - then you create yourself with God's blessing and God love your own path of love home.

Kriya Yoga

Teachings of Love

Teachings consist of knowledge about God and his creation and basics spiritual laws of loving life and of various techniques for practical application in various situations of life

Kriya Yoga teachings

Study all carefully

Study AND practice all lessons. Only real life practice of all lessons of love brings you closer to God and home to God. The study of all until fully understood may take you years, the practice however is a life long endeavor to be practice day after day until one with God. That practice includes all aspects of life, family, profession, politics, recreation and that practice is the most important part of your Kriya Yoga besides the actual technique of the holy science of Kriya Yoga.

Be sure to start from top to the bottom - go through all chapters and all sections of the complete Cyberspace Ashram - at present many thousand pages

Kriya Yoga initiation

On the Cyberspace Ashram "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"

Shared as a file for download or on memory devices to be shared as one complete compressed file with a precisely matching md5sum published in Internet. Be sure you obtain a true original version with a truly matching md5sum to verify integrity of your "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition".

The easiest and safest way to assure you have all texts and graphics secured at home for the remainder of your life is the "Spiritual Treasures Final Edition" or use search engines to find original reputable sources of the "Spiritual Treasures Final Edition"

God alone is your Guru

This initiation is a gift of God - God is your Guru are one and are in your heart - even if your Guru may have a physical body - to guide you from outside your heart and soul is boring, old-fashioned and outdated - a technique for extreme ego only ! True lovers open their heart and find all guidance clear and filled with warm and healing love and light inside their heart - guidance from God or guidance from Guru - Whether Guru has a physical body or none - never matters to any true Guru !

For this initiation to Kriya Yoga - God is your Guru and Jesus is your personal Guru

God is your Guru and Jesus is your personal Guru for all mankind from all around the globe and beyond, for all religions, all cultures, poor or rich, male or female, young or old, black or white, east or west, north or south !

God is Love - so is his son

Since thousands of years and longer, true God realized Gurus - such as Jesus and others - have guided billions of people from within - from inside their heart and soul - with Love and in Love ! So it be for ever and ever !!!

Kriya Yoga Guru

kriya yoga diksha Autobiography of a soul

God is your Guru and if you prefer to have personal one - Love is the key to find one - Pray to God with Love and he gives you all you need. If Love is the key to God - then Love is the key to a personal Guru as well !

For other Kriya Yoga questions you fail to find answers ?

Pray to God and ask for clarification and ask for help in doing your Kriya Yoga sessions better and correct. Pray repeatedly: "Dear God, please teach me Kriya Yoga" or "Dear God, please correct my Kriya Yoga" or "Dear God, please do Kriya Yoga for me" or "Dear God, please do Kriya Pranayama for me" or "Dear God, please guide my Kriya Yoga".do such prayers regularly, may be once a week or latest once a month God shall help and assist you. Be open in your mind and heart, create quiet moments for such prayers to be perceptive for God's answers and follow God's most loving guidance in all parts of your life home to God.

Let's start now with Kriya Yoga information first

Know what you want - and when you have a goal and learned about the path to take - learn to apply love in all you do. Here we go now now step further to lean about Kriya Yoga ... step by step !

kriya yoga guru is God Kriya Yoga Diksha

God is Love

Love and Bliss


Kriya Yoga initiation

kriya yoga guru Kriya Yoga teachings of love