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The Kriya Yoga teachings and preparation for the holy initiation are available online for torrent download free for all world.

Kriya Yoga - goal and purpose

The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to achieve Oneness with God - God realization and God union. Kriya Yoga teachings is the holy science of achieving happiness in life and oneness with God as a result of precise lessons for all aspects of life - family - relationship - business - politics - social and recreation. Happiness in life, family and business is the automatic result of proper Kriya Yoga practice here and now on earth.

Kriya Yoga definition and meaning

Kriya Yoga means love applied inside you coming from God during the practice of the holy science of Kriya Yoga as well as by permanently opening for the love from God and all others, as well as to love all others through action of love in all situations of life. Kriya Yoga is the scientific method of applied dynamic love inside you and outside you.

Kriya Yoga information

A brief and detailed description of Kriya Yoga and overview of the teachings of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga spiritual forum

To clarify any additional question that might arise and assure you truly have understood the complete application and content of Kriya Yoga in your life - now and forever. Read carefully all published answers and teachings.

Kriya Yoga teachings from A-Z

On your wings of love - On your way to God" is the complete Kriya Yoga teachings of love being a firm part of the holy science of Kriya Yoga with additional lessons of love tests - love feedback and exercises for your daily life in the spiritual microletters and spiritual newsletters.

Kriya Pranayama Kriya Yoga's key technique

To apply divine love in a very precise and scientific method into all aspects of your entire divine being with all is manifestations. Learn to understand the basic physiology of this divine Kriya Yoga technique before you start it.

Kriya Yoga diksha how to

Learn how to use the Kriya Yoga diksha file - the initiation file and door to the holy science of
Kriya Yoga initiation

Kriya Yoga techniques

A number of techniques to assure you apply divine love inside you into all aspects of your physical being and personality as well as into all aspects of your spiritual being and spiritual light body.

Kriya Yoga Guru

God is your true Guru for Kriya Yoga - as Kriya Yoga is a creation of God and gift of love for all mankind. A physical Guru for Kriya Yoga is given to you when you pray to God and accept such spiritual guidance by a Guru in your heart and soul. A true Guru for Kriya Yoga must be God realized and hence his actions and spiritual guidance are free of physical limits and distance or body !

Kriya Yoga Diksha

The Kriya Yoga diksha file is the actual door to the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga. You will find the link to that page in the Cyberspace Ashram during careful study of all texts and teachings of love that form the foundation of love and hence the basement of Kriya Yoga. The actual initiation - diksha is a spiritual and hence INNER process initiated by God as a result of your honest and sincere preparation and practice of all Kriya Yoga teachings as given here in the Cyberspace Ashram.

How to succeed with Kriya Yoga

Love is the solution - no love - no success in Kriya Yoga - true sincere pure divine love to God, to your partner, all mankind, all nature - and finally to all creation is the only driving power to act within and outside you and to make all the changes needy to become one with God.

When you want to succeed on your path - then do it all and do it right. All means study and practice the complete teachings of love, the spiritual newsletters, the spiritual microletters with feedback and love tests for various situation of life as well as the spiritual Forum FAQ archive. In addition the a.m. listed sections of the Cyberspace Ashram, you will find many hundreds of additional pages in the Cyberspace Ashram active 5 forums and the Blog Secrets of Love - Solutions of Love. Benefit from all and enjoy your bless path of love home to God - our eternal home in peace, love and freedom as one happy family in God.

kriya yoga guru is God Kriya Yoga Diksha

God is Love

Love and Bliss


Kriya Yoga online in Cyberspace Ashram

Cyberspace Ashram www.kriyayoga.com was created 1997 by the original author of these pages to bring you a gift of love from God. The complete sacred initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga is in full published in the Cyberspace Ashram since May 17th 2000 and made available to all world for free online.

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