Short version of Diksha for Kriya Yoga
Initiation to Kriya Yoga

This file is strictly and only for those truly loving souls who have received true spiritual initiation to Kriya Yoga from God or any of God's sacred, blessed children who have achieved freedom in God and act as spiritual Gurus for mankind.

All others - please strictly refer to the full length, complete and detailed complete online version of diksha - in English or German / Deutsch

Such truly spiritual initiation is received either in

Kriya Yoga initiation to the holy technique

Beloved soul

Whatever you do - do it correctly or leave it.

Kriya Yoga is extremely powerful and should be done 100 % correctly. Kriya Yoga should only be started and practiced when God is your only goal in life - Maha Samadhi and oneness with God is the only goal of Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga is the "vehicle" - Love your "fuel" on your path to God

Love is the key to success in Kriya Yoga

Rules of love for Kriya Yoga

  1. Love all mankind
  2. Love all nature
  3. Love all creation
  4. Love God above all by loving all around you
  5. Prove your love by doing a honest and useful work
  6. Prove your love by making others happy
  7. Prove your love by being in love with the opposite gender
  8. prove your love by sharing all with all
Kriya Yoga - holy science of applied divine love !

Kriya Yoga technique

read and study until you understand !

The technique and teaching of Kriya Yoga is a gift from God - care for it and forward it to all mankind

I love You


God is Love
Love in all situations and all aspects of life - then practice Kriya Yoga to succeed
Kriya Yoga is applied Love

God is your Guru and will guide you all the way home !

May Divine Bliss and Love from God uplift and guide you.

God is Love

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga and Solutions of Love