Angel children have many faces
angel children have many homes

My angel children from among the poorest ones in the Philippines

angel children Catbangen philippines

From my earlier neighborhood - a few dozen children growing up among the poorest ones - and yet they may be the richest ones by love, freedom and strength.

angel children Catbangen philippines

Simple life - but plenty of challenges to grow strong for real life

angel children Catbangen philippines

One small hut is for one full family - father, mother and a few children. Useless to give you an insight of the interior of such housing - these families and children grow up in a different world from the angel children of the orphanage. yet these children are stronger in life - have far more freedom to grow and experience and after all they are used to communicate and travel around and share all the minimal resources they have. Such families and children are more likely to receive some help and donations - they use it for the minimum of life, school tuition and basic food. none of these families has car or other luxury items - but all are very loving and sharing.

God has many angel children - in the Philippines and all over the world

Jesus loves you

Some children live in poor areas and yet such children may be very rich by the means of love, loving environment, freedom and spiritual lessons they received in such a life and living environment.

Other children grow up in orphanages - such as "Christian Praise Children's Home", San Fernando City and may face many totally different lessons in life. Earlier between Christmas time 2004 and February substantial amounts have been given to a.m. orphanage's person in charge. with very mixed results leading finally to the conclusion and decision to totally stop any financial support of that orphanage and other orphanages as well and to fully focus on direct support of needy families only!

ping rose - love for angel children
i love my angels
God's almighty love is with you

Bedrooms at an orphanage

angels bedroom

Traditional bedrooms for the vast majority of people in Asia, Africa, South America and many other areas of this planet may be far more simple and far less comfortable - yet sometimes a hugging and truly loving environment may be far more valuable and more natural than the luxury of orphanages. Hence where ever orphanages can be avoided - orphanages should be avoided at any cost and efforts.

To avoid the need of orphanages all around the world - most of all a direct support of families with children is far more efficient and far cheaper than the creation and operation of orphanages. an orphanage always has overhead expenses a natural in-family environment never has. in addition a situation within the real family and or within the real natural neighborhood or relatives offers more natural lessons of life, far more freedom for all children and more exciting learning opportunities for all children.

in many countries - such as the Philippines - the "family" is far beyond father and mother, often dozens of other families among all relatives still are an active part of the "extended" family. in many such extended families it is very common and totally natural to help each others, by means of sharing food, sharing garden space or agriculture space or by helping each other in any other needed way in case of emergencies and while growing up children.

children often are given to orphanages without exploring ALL natural methods and ways to keep children INSIDE their natural living environment amidst their extended families. some times children are given to orphanages simply because it causes less need to work and earn money for the parents. laziness among poor ones may often cause the poor ones to beg for money rather than to work harder and earn higher qualifications to cover additional expenses a child or several children may cause.

in addition to run an orphanage also may be a profitable business offering better income opportunities than working as a farmer or construction worker producing actual products or services for the general global community.

in ill societies such as central Europe where most family-ties are damages due to family conflicts even among sisters, the structure of extended family no longer exists and in lieu of the extended family or in lieu of a healthy neighborhood or village-community, the government or its appropriate authorities create a temporary solution in form of orphanages where no other natural substitute of missing father or missing mother is available.

in many out of Europe countries such need never exists since the natural structure of social oriented sharing neighborhood and extended family can very easily replace artificial solutions such as orphanages.

for the amount needed to run and fully operate an orphanage a far larger number of children from poor families or families with one or both missing parents can be financed when the same amount an orphanage needs would be given to the needy families directly.

For that reason and the severe and repeated problems I encountered with the "Christian Praise Children's Home" in San Fernando City I decided to stop financial support to the a.m. orphanage as well as to any other orphanage in the Philippines and to fully focus on sharing what ever is available directly with the needy families to prevent having to "give away" children for whatever reason. Children belong into their natural environment where they have been born - to grow up in the natural environment God made for his beloved children. even if such environment appears poor in the outside - it may be rich inside in all hearts of such more simple living environments.

having compared both situations and children from orphanage with children growing up in poor neighborhoods - it is very apparent that poor children growing up in freedom in their natural neighborhood or poor family environment are stronger, more open, more ready to work, more flexible to adapt to the needs of life and thus most likely will be stronger in all life than children growing up in an artificial, "protected" and fully enclosed environment such as an orphanage - separated from real life and real village social life - far from real life within that country. such is valid for the Philippines as much as for many or most areas in Africa, South America and other countries of Asia as well.

God's almighty love is with you

Kitchen and cooking facility of an orphanage

Orphanage children growing up in such artificial environments so much different and far above all average family living standards and different from average real life situations in the Philippines may never know how to live, cook and sleep in their real life situations as usual in the Philippines.

angels kitchen
angels cooking facility
God's almighty love is with you

Partially unused garden and play ground at an orphanage

angels garden

A small garden of a few hundred sqm only - actually one high priority would be a larger garden to supply more vegetable and fruits out of self production. In the fertile soil and climate of the Philippines an additional garden of half a hectare to one hectare might be enough to produce much or all of typical daily needs in fresh fruits, vegetable and salads.

But of course there is a pending question ... Why work for food if money given for food is free and readily available when ever asked for ?

God is love - so is Jesus Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

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