Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From heaven we all came
to heaven we all return

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Year ends - for most much better than the year before
Progress is natural in all aspects of life, comfort, education, love and relationships as much as in business or politics.

If a year ends less pleasant than the year before - then it simply means you have made very substantial mistakes or omitted to progress - or - you simply followed the wrong instructions, the wrong path or failed to follow given instructions exactly and fully.

All creation always progresses ...
even if at times of war it is hard to belief that mankind progresses at all
if we look at the very details we see a difference from our present behavior compared to 2000 years ago

2000+ years ago people have been crucified and left at the cross for many days to die slowly
Now we kill people in seconds or days in more sophisticated methods
that is our progress we made

mankind progresses slowly
most of all - mankind emphasizes on material outer goals and priorities
and gets so much involved in distracting junk of life
that the real values ...
love from heart to heart
love from skin to skin
helping each other
hugging each other
sharing with each other
feeding the hungry ones
motivating the lazy ones
cleaning up our lives inside and outside
freeing ourselves from hours wasted for death matter
leaving no time and no money for times of love
leaving no time and no resources to love humans heart to heart

titles and borders separate all world
now less than 2000 years ago

hence we have made progress
but we could make far more progress focusing on our eternal inner goals and values

the decision what we do, how we do, with whom we spend our life, where we spend our life
all such and many more decisions are all our own
but most of us have got entangled in so many distractive things that most of us are caught like a fly in a spider web - caught by the result of our own wrong decisions made this year or in earlier years.

to clean up and to free out lives may take as little as an hour or two IF and only IF we are ready and mature to surrender instantly all to God
surrender all to God may in many cases simply mean


we also could postpone all such decisions to clean up our life NOW to any later time and spend many thousands of years doing the very same as we did the past few thousands of years.

No memory of your past few thousand years ?
Good for most
but the essence is that whatever you did in the past few thousand years has kept you away from God's home, has brought you back to this planet where we have war all over the planet among hundreds of ethic groups, religions, nations and political parties. In Afghanistan or Iraq, IN South America or Haiti, IN Kashmir or China, in Africa or amidst our own country in Europe or USA ...
we have thousands of smaller or greater wars going on these very hours
wars between families or family members,
wars between cultures or villages, between companies or banks, between entire nations or continents

some of these NOW ongoing wars involve weapons, other wars include cruelties without weapons, sanctions, imprisonment, punishment, torture or simply denial of love or rejection of love as a means of war between husband and wife or parents and children.

trash all these material goods that are too heavy to carry around
trash all those material goods that are of no real use in our today's and last few days life
trash all those material attachments that keep us from hugging or loving the one our heart belongs to

where are you in your dreams ?
that most likely might be where your heart and thus your body should be

either to solve the really important conflicts of heart eyes to eyes
to be loved by the one and only who always loved you and always shall love you no matter where you are and no matter what you did or do or will do

true love is infinite, absolute and eternal

to mature for true love may take as long as it takes for you to drop all pride, to drop all thoughts of revenge, to drop all feelings of disgust, hate or prejudice

God loves

all made to the image of God means all have the potential to love like God and thus to instantly drop all past experiences and to love again from the bottom of our hearts all humanity, all creation and those we have rejected so long

the ones we have rejected this year or in our past are the ones we need to love before returning home to God
who ever is rejected in our heart is keeping our heart busy with other feelings than love. to be loved and to be able to love requires to clean up and free our heart and all our lives from non-love first.

if we all learn to be true to ourselves
then we recognize that those we rejected are the ones we actually truly love
the ones we felt best when with or around them
it is our own ego - our selfish reproach of experiences we have failed to fully understand that keeps our heart busy with judgments
our heart filled with judgments means no space for love, no freedom for love to flow
love is like the sunshine
one dark cloud in front of our heart keeps all our surroundings in darkness
all that is left around hearts filled with clouds of revenge, reproach or even hate is the memories of ancient times when we loved each other
all such memories keep us smiling from time to time
all such memories of ancient love keep us searching for solutions to get out of our self created clouds

all we need is to have real Christmas
Christmas in our hearts and in your body
Christmas is a time of love where we hug each other eyes to eyes, heart to heart, soul to soul and instantly forgive each other once and forever

Christmas can and must be all year long once we want to return home to God

Christmas can be today
or we wait until December 24th
or whatever day you have decided to be your Christmas day

Christmas as a day of love means a day of flowing love
love to flow means direct contact with the ones we love
eyes to eyes, heart to heart
Christmas is a day - any day or all days - of our lives where we firmly decide to love and nothing but to love
to love the one God gave us in our lives as much as the very special one who will share eternity with us - heart to heart, side by side

in modern times of easy and affordable travel
we have another proof of progress we made
distances far away from the ones we love are no longer of any value or meaning
we book and take a flight across the entire planet - most of the time for the salary of far less than a monthly salary of a honest and hard working professional

hence to be with the ones you really love
to make instant decisions to change all your life for a better future
all those new capabilities to meet wherever your heart belongs to
... such divine potential only is of any value if you make your decisions and turn decisions of your heart into action of your heart

these moments
these hours

first trash all junk in our lives then use the newly acquired or freedom to do what your heart needs to be eternally happy and smiling
happiness in our life depends only on true love
true love only depends on being with the right ones side by side in our eternal life

true love needs harmony to flow
flow needs skin to skin contact with the source of love - contact with the beloved one
harmony means a full YES to each other from the bottom of our hearts
harmony means joint forces, joint venture - joint adventures of love in all we do

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Jesus loves you

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

love and bliss


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