Merry Christmas Message Collection

Merry Christmas with an ocean of love

A collection of previous Christmas messages from the Cyberspace Ashram

Christmas love from God for all

God is Love

Christmas is all about love

Christmas is thus about God and Love

Love is the key to peace among all mankind

Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation

Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make happy

Love starts with your partner, children and family and expands to all world

God bless all mankind

Loving heart

Christmas time and preparing for Christmas love

Christmas feelings - Learn how to prepare and how to be ready for those very special Christmas feelings

Christmas lessons - Christmas lessons - lessons like all other lesson of love Christmas message 2004 a step BEFORE Christmas message 2011

Xmas message From Heaven above we came - to heaven above we return.

Soon is Christmas time

Soon is Christmas time - Love-Question of the day ... What would I do if I could do what I want to do ? Why would I do what I want to do ? Why would I want to do something different from what I do NOW ?

Merry Christmas - be a family of love. Create a time of peace and silence for you to be ready to accept and absorb God's love and bliss these days.

Christmas Message - A Christmas message to appeal to all loving hearts to refresh true love between husband and wife.

Christmas Kriya Yoga - a very special Christmas gift from God - Christmas Kriya Yoga starts beyond 5-6 hours of daily Kriya Pranayama practice

Merry Christmas

To enjoy and receive a full Christmas blessing from God, you need to be prepared and your heart and mind freed for Christmas love. A full Christmas pardon may be required by most people.

See all Christmas Blog topics on Christmas and Christmas love. A true Christmas pardon requires time and maturity to be sincere. Today may be the best time to pardon to be ready by Christmas eve.

Christmas love from the bottom of your heart

Christmas gifts need to come from the bottom of your heart
Your heart needs to be an ocean filled with love
like the ocean is filled with water all year - your heart needs to be filled with love all year
it's Christmas time all year - time to make Christmas gifts all year - each day!

Christmas gifts of love

Christmas gifts for her - Christmas gifts for him

Christmas love among husband and wife - How to practice and improve true Christmas love among husband and wife - how to restart from scratch your Christmas love - how to improve your Christmas love toward all - learn how to practice true Christmas love in your hearts in small and simple steps

Christmas gifts to avoid

Christmas gifts - Gifts of love - Christmas gifts for children - Christmas gifts for her or him - Christmas gifts from God

What Christmas gift should I give to girls? .. treat them like women - treat them like angels - treat girls like you treat your own lover girl or wife

Christmas time - time to change your life - Christmas time is the time to make up all missed or avoided lessons of love

Christmas and relationship

Christmas gifts for separated spouse - when you think about gifts for your separated spouse - you and your spouse are still in love - hence give all your love - give yourself to your separated spouse

Christmas at home - your Christmas partner you have on holy night - the ones sharing Christmas with you these Christmas hours are the ones sharing your future months or years or your entire life

Christmas feeling and Christmas love moves on - The gift of love keeps moving on - Christmas is over but the Christmas feeling and Christmas love moves on and on - many angels in human body help to do so

Christmas all year

Christmas time in the Christian oriented countries is a time of practicing Christmas love. Christmas love can and needs to flow all year to enjoy true happiness in life.

Merry Christmas all year - it's Christmas time.

Merry Christmas eCards Beautiful tropical seasons greetings with flower photos.

Printable Christmas greeting cards Beautiful floral photos with seasons greetings to print out for your personal use.

Christmas Message - Merry Christmas to all

Christmas time in Baguio - in the Philippines each province has its own kind of traditional Christmas decoration - colorful and usually always handmade

Easy method to maintain Christmas love all year round - just use all year round what initiates your seasonal Christmas love - music and decor to shift our focus toward God and Love.

Christmas time - Christmas Love - Christmas feeling - one day Christmas every day Christmas Love for all and every day Christmas Love from all

Christmas love - Christmas joy and Christmas love lives and loves on beyond Christmas season

Christmas and the poorest ones
Christmas in our hearts

Angel children - Angel children have many faces angel children have many homes

Christmas time and a quest for YOUR help for the poorest one here on this planet

Merry Christmas ... A Message of Love - words and thoughts about how to enjoy Christmas year after year - day after day - each day can be a Christmas day - a day of true Love

Merry Christmas - Christmas time is giving time

Merry Christmas in your hearts - A Christmas message to remind you of the importance of purity of Love and quality of Love

Merry Christmas

More Christmas messages from my Christmas Blog

As long as this body lives, I shall produce Christmas messages of love and Christmas love lessons to help you retune your heart and soul, to fill your heart with love and to reorient all your life toward God and Love. From God I came to this planet, to God I return after this lifetime. To bring you messages of love and teachings of love from God and to testify "God is Love" is the sole purpose of this soul. In my Blog Solutions of Love you find many categories with topics on all aspects of your daily life. Have a read in my Christmas Blog section with all Blog topics about our sacred Holiday Season of love.

Christmas pardon to all is needed to enjoy a true Christmas blessing by God.

Reduce social tension by reducing pressure on people - Christmas message to love and pardon all.

Happy Holidays are when you make others happy many days all year long. Enjoy Happy Holidays as a result of happiness created by you for others.

Happy Holidays: Have courage for a simple life and learn the value of true love. The greatest gifts always are from your heart - give yourself as a Christmas gift

Beautiful Christmas time of love to share your expertise and help with all world.

Christmas preparation - how to get you into Christmas mood of love all year long.


Teachings of Love - a Christmas gift from God

God's Christmas Gift of Love God's Christmas Gift of Love
Loving heart
Loving heart

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