Christmas time all year

Christmas time and increased Christmas Love benefits all planet

Christmas time in the Christian oriented countries is a time of practicing Christmas love. The time of increased readiness to forgive, to reconcile with all. In some countries the law offers a temporary Christmas peace when legal cases rest, no foreclosures or repossessions are executed for a few weeks from before Christmas days until a few days after New Year.

Christmas time starts with forgiveness

Forgive all
Forgive all to free your heart to love all

Christmas time is about reconciliation within families and to refresh true love between husband and wife, to restart a true romantic marriage for life. If husband and wife can forgive, hug and reconcile on Holy Night, then the same hearts and minds also can reconcile and love all year long any time of the year and turn all year into a sweet loving Christmas season of ever refreshing everlasting romantic love..

If people are able to create a loving heart ready to forgive, to reconcile and to leave others in peace for a few weeks a year, then the very same attitude and efforts could be expanded across the full 12 months. Christmas time to love all year long.

Christmas is in the hearts of people. The heart controls mind. A loving heart always is stronger than the mind. Like all other things in life we are learning, we also can learn step by step to expand our love from a single month to a few weeks earlier and a few weeks past Christmas calendar dates. Every year we can expand our Christmas season a few weeks more, then a few months more, until we have reached our goal and enjoy Christmas love all year long.

Besides the idea of "Christmas" as a season of gifts, love and joy in the hearts and entire life of hundreds of Millions on earth, we also can trigger our Christmas mood by the many aspects of Christmas traditions to open our hearts for a loving reconciling Christmas attitude.

Many ways to trigger Christmas love to flow and Christmas time to start

The following points all may trigger more or less a full Christmas mood in Christmas lovers any time of the year:

All these and many more situations or activities in life connect our heart and soul with the Christmas spirit and start to open our hearts for God's love and for an increased flow of love toward all world. All we needed to to is to take more time for God and Love and have more time for all the love.needy ones in our society, in our direct neighborhood.

Christmas is about God and Love

Christmas is about God and Love
Christmas is about God and Love

Christmas is all about Love! Jesus as the teacher of love came from God to remind us all of the importance to reconcile and reunite as one single family of love.

If we wait for others to start the practice of Christmas love all year, then we may wait another many thousands of years or longer. Our own happiness depends entirely on our own willingness and efforts to practice a full Christmas pardon and love all from the very bottom of our own hearts and souls.

Every single human can connect directly to God and learn to communicate consciously and directly with God. Open for God, practice the Love Prayer and if you are really sincere, then latest after a few intense and most loving repeats, you will actually feel God's Love inside you, healing your heart and soul.

One single moment of God union, or one single moment of feeling love from God may instantly change all your life for the full remainder of this lifetime on earth. Every heart being touched by God's love will keep loving all life long and for all eternity beyond this lifetime on earth.

To enjoy Christmas blessings all year long, all you need to do is to take time for God. Your relationship with God needs quality time just as you would give or create for any other lover in your life. God is everywhere, in prisons, in prisoner of war camps, in bars and restaurants, in pubs and factories, even in governments if governments start to include God in political life rather than to exclude God and religion from many constitutions on this planet earth.

Whatever you do in life, family, neighborhood, business or job, recreation or politics, always include God into all your activities. Choose God as your wise and most loving counselor. Listen to God's advice. Listen to your heart and follow your heart in all your decisions in life and all your life will turn into a world of love to prepare you to return home to God's world of love in heaven.

Christmas time is when you have time for God and Love

Love prayer
Love Prayer: "Dear God, please love me free"

When all planet creates Christmas love within and toward all, then all planet will get in peace and become again one single family of love. A family once created by Jesus to make his father happy by offering a family of happy children to God. A planet in love needs no policing nor governing, no military, no war. Only love among all. A world of love without borders, all are free to enjoy God's world of love. First here on earth, then after this lifetime at home God's world of Love in heaven.

A Christmas time extended to a full year Christmas season would safe this world Trillions of dollars each year and all the pain caused by war and loss of freedom on earth as is. The benefits of a Christmas season all year long are obvious and for all. Love is free to all. God is God for all, for all those with or without religion. God is Love and so are you made of love and made to love like God.

Today is the very best day to start your eternal Christmas in your hearts.

A gift of Love from God for you:

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