How to communicate with God - with love
How to communicate with God - with love

How to communicate with God

There is little difference between communication with God and true direct and efficient communication with any human, except:

  1. God has no physical voice - but sometimes God uses other people's physical voice to say physically what you fail to hear from inside when he talks in your heart.
  2. God has neither eMail nor cell phone
  3. God speaks and listens on a different frequency range than any mortal physical body or high technology is using to speak or communicate.
How to communicate with God

Preparation to communicate with God

Before you can communicate clearly with God - you need to have peace of mind to have quiet and clear mind. Peace of mind is achieved by getting in peace with all and by being in love with all. In a troubles mind the perception of God and God's communication is troubled and falsified by your very own inner troubles, fears and fights. Hence no clear.

Preparation to communicate with God

Allow God into your life

One major barrier inside the mind of most humans is to exclude God from their ..

  1. Business life and job
  2. Sexual life
  3. Recreation and fun
  4. Finances, economy, industry and research
  5. Politics

So where do they allow God to enter their own domain and life ?

Include God in all parts of your life

Allow God to be inside your life, to be permanent part of your life. Be ready to accept the absolute fact hat God observes all, sees all, knows all, hears all, feels all - whatever you do, however you do, where ever you are !

When you can accept the absolute fact and divine truth "God is Love" - and have fully absorbed this truth, then you know that God has a fullest perfect understanding of all situations you are going through. Hence there never can be a secret between you and God. Secrets always are a burden for the one carrying that secret.

Allowing God into your life

Make God you lover and best friend

Make God your lover and best friend by opening for God, by allowing God to love you, by surrendering all your problems and all burden of your past to God and learn to enjoy life and love by accepting God as you most intimate friend in all and every situation of love. Of course God can be your advisor and counselor in all matters of eternal life, including earthly life. God can be your counselor in business, in your love life and partnership, including sexual life with your partner. God will be your neutral ever loving advisor and "Guardian angel" in all situations that you allow him to participate and share with you. By sharing all your experiences you allow God to learn how to make you more happy the way you love to be happy and by fulfilling all your wishes you ever may have.

To see, feel and know you to be truly happy - as happy as can be - is the only purpose of God having so many beloved children !!!

Make God you lover and best friend

Know more about God - learn about God

Before you improve communication with God, you need to know more about God, you need to learn more about God! In deepest Prayers for Love, you will find God and experience God directly.

When you search a husband or wife - a partner - and found what you searched, then your love is increasing day by day, as a proof of such ever increasing, growing love you may want to know more, all about your loved one that shares all your life, sorrow, pain, fun and happiness with you.

The more you know about God - the more you will understand and belief in his almighty love and the easier it is for you to fully surrender to God - the more you have true and absolute faith in God !

True love for God is a prerequisite to be truly and fully open for communication with God. Hence your true love also manifest n your true desire to know about the needs of God, about his problems, sorrow, pains ...

True love for God also leads to you wanting to know all about God's creation, about why and how things are created. All such answers are

Learning to develop faith in God is very similar as learning to swim - in small steps - under supervision of a Good swimmer - or all on your own with some real sense of courage and adventure. In small steps you surrender more and more of your body weight to the water - to find out that in most circumstances water actually carries you fully the more you relax. Love also can carry you - in full - when you fall in God's love ! God's love is like the ocean - water plus salt - making the uplifting force greater than simple water alone. Salt is the manifestation of divine male love. God's love - while sugar is the manifestation of divine female love ...

Learning to have faith in God - means learning with a Guru - the normal way, by using God's shepherd as your guide home. Learning to have faith in God all on your own is the ego way - most people prefer last one - a little longer, more complex, more tormenting, more indirect - but finally leading some day to the very same result and goal - to oneness with God and freedom in God.

You fall in ocean water - and you are fully carried by the ocean water ...
You fall in love with God - and you are fully carried by his love for you !!!

God is love

Learn to feel God's presence

As a result of your true progress resulting automatically by following all above steps and teachings of love - you will feel the presence and love of God in all situations of your life. First in only a part of situations, then in more and more and finally in all situations of your life and love !

Learn to feel God's presence

Learn to feel God's love

Practice the love prayer to feel God's love - practice it right and often and you know about God's love as a result of your very own experiences of his love. God's love can be felt and should be felt by all who have an open heart.

If you have difficulties feeling his love - remember - whatever is between you and anyone else also is between you and God. Hence getting in peace with all - falling in love with all - makes you open for God.

How to pray - when God doesn't answer my prayers ?

Now communicate with God as you communicate with your partner and loved ones

With love !

With strong love by all men

With sweet love by all women

With children's love by all children !

Just like in life when loving and communicating in true love with your one and only lover !

Your very own, personal true love is the sweetest and best for God - never copy the love of others - always give your love all at once to receive all at once from God as well ! Be creative to find your very unique and special way to love God by loving all his children as well - your way ...

How to pray ? Pray with Love

Love and bliss


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