Are you healthy but suffering from dry skin ? Here a natural therapy and remedy for dry skin - if done properly your dry skin may become soft and moist within a few minutes to a fe

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Are you healthy but suffering from dry skin ? here a natural therapy and remedy for dry skin - if done properly your dry skin may become soft and moist within a few minutes to a few hours

skin diseases of various kind may have many causes. dry skin as well.

provided that you are healthy in general - but suffering from dry skin - here a simple recipe that works fine and sometimes even within minutes.

first step of preparation to heal dry skin

  • make sure you eat healthy and natural food
  • drink sufficient quantities of water - anything else but fresh water never may be considered a real drink - for the need of liquid fresh clean natural ( tap ) water is best. a quantity per day may depend on kind of food in take as well as climate of course. a non-vegetarian needs far more water per day as a long time vegetarian.
  • n moderate climate such as Europe or USA - a daily quantity of 1-1.5 liter for vegetarian and up to twice as much or if thirsty even more may be normal for non-vegetarian. physically working persons with out door jobs may need more than indoor working office workers.

second step - the actual remedy for dry skin - to turn dry skin into moist soft skin

in empty stomach - best 1 - 2 hrs before any meal - take 3 to 4 times daily 1-2 TEA spoons of natural brown cane sugar.
leave it IN your mouth until fully dissolved, then swallow it gently in smallest quantities at a time.

ENJOY it - TASTE it and FULLY absorb it.

avoid drinking any liquid within the next 20-30 minutes !

in many cases you may see and feel almost instant changes after first treatment.

Skin care for dry skin

skin needs moisture from INSIDE - if you apply too much skin care products from outside - then the self regulation mechanism in your body is messed up. avoid ANY outside applications. let your body heal and moist your skin from INSIDE - that's the body's duty and function and every healthy body knows how to keep skin moist and soft.

refrain from using make up, oil or ointment - wash your face and body with clean water and very gentle soap - use soap only if REALLY dirty - like a car mechanic or farmer or construction worker.

skin care for outdoor water professionals in extreme sun and water contact to keep dry washed out skin moist and soft for lifetime

avoid exposing your skin to all chemicals and care products you used to have in your past. if any skin care appears needed - use 100% pure natural products - for skin care use natural cold pressed oils - such as almond oil or coconut oil and eventually apply small amounts of natural rose oil. once or twice a week such additional natural skin care should be far sufficient in all cases, unless you have an extreme outdoor job such as a SCUBA diving instructor being exposed and immersed for many hours in salt water and many more hours in bright tropical sunlight. similar may apply to wind surfing instructors or similar extreme outdoor professions.

for all such outdoor ocean professionals - best skin protection is plain natural cold pressed coconut oil ! it keeps your skin shiny, gently moist and soft like silk - for years and decades.

why I know ?

because long time before having practiced natural alternate therapies I have been a SCUBA diving instructor myself - using nothing at all except some fresh locally produced coconut oil every few days - working and living in tropical water for years - many hours each day in and under water.

the most important natural skin care in addition to natural healthy nutrition is love

love flows - love is energy and if you are loved and love others as well, if you touch with love, massage with love and are massaged with love then you receive the best skin care of all - love

skin needs natural sun light to be healthy !!

afford a full body seem-less sun bath a few times a week whenever your location or culture allows you such. from half an hour to an hour or more - even while working outdoor - let sun shine directly on your skin - let the sun care for your skin. absorb the sun light - never fight it. use with care and as long as you feel well and comfortable. avoid any sun burn.

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