Feng Shui - the art of balancing inside and outside - Feng Shui in house and living areas - natural roofing to allow open sky for deeper meditation, relaxation and recovery ...

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Feng Shui - the art of balancing inside and outside - Feng Shui in house and living areas - natural roofing to allow open sky for deeper meditation, relaxation and recovery during sleep

Feng Shui is the knowledge and art of balancing inside with outside - of creating, maintaining or re-establishing the natural flow of life force - Feng Shui refers to the life force bar beyond the visible.

The first, easiest and most obvious step of healing if to avoid illness. Feng Shui starts in your living area, housing and all material used and ends in your spiritual work and progress to establish balance between inside and outside and God - the great tao in the Chinese philosophy. Obvious but more disobeyed than obeyed by architects and home owners are the rules of maintaining a natural flow of Feng Shui.

A few easy but important steps are:

  • energy needs to flow freely through your entire house or home
  • from east to west
  • from north to south
  • from top to soil
  • and vice versa in all above

Hence materials that are restricting the free flow of Feng Shui - of life force at any level to any degree must be avoided.
Most synthetic material do change the quality of Feng Shui beyond acceptable.
Natural material if used properly maintain the natural flow.

in addition to maintaining the natural flow and natural level of quality life force in your living area, many techniques are known to even further enhance or focus a concentration of life force into house or home. These are plants in a large natural variety inside any living room and many other techniques that are covered elsewhere.

The most important part of housing is the opening to the sky - the roofing.
In cold climate zones roofing should be made of natural material suitable for that climate and in subtropical and tropical zones of living roofing ideally is made of natural material such as palm leaves or dried bundled grass as shown in below picture

Feng Shui - natural roofing

The shown type of natural roofing is commonly used in the Philippines and can easily be applied to almost all housings in countries in tropical or subtropical climate zones. It has several additional advantages beyond being ideal to maintain natural Feng Shui in a house. These additional advantages are quite considerable and even more from modern point of view of environment consciousness.

These advantages are:

  • the material grows naturally and is readily available in large quantities to all
  • the material is free to all
  • the material grows much faster than it rots
  • the material is an ideal thermal isolator against cold and hot - as opposed to the often used GI metal sheets which convert any house into a baking oven in tropical sun - below such a natural roof you feel cool even in mid day sun shining at a vertical angle
  • the material is fully biodegradable to 100%
  • such material with similar or equal qualities is available in most tropical or sub tropical countries all around the world
  • the material is 100% water proof over many years if applied properly such as in the beach resort shown on above picture.

When planning a roofing as shown - make the roofing at a steep angle to allow any water during rainy season to flow as fast as possible down - a flat angle substantially reduces life time of such roofing as it increases rot due to deeper penetration of water into the natural material and longer exposure to water thus increasing rot and reducing life time.

Depending on actual material used - the typical lifetime can be up to about 8 years - then the material needs full replacement. Such life span compared to the typical one year growing time shows the energy efficiency of such disposable grown and fully bio degradable roofing and construction materials.

Of course the very same material could also be used for walls, if full isolation needed - in most cases of mild climate or hot climate however a material that is open to a gentle flow of air further enhances the quality of Feng Shui inside the housing. An ideal construction material for walls is bamboo or wood - depending on availability

A typical matching floor for such a roof would be wood or bamboo to complete the transparency of construction material for a free flow of life force from top to soil and vice versa.

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