knee pain

at 09/10/2006, 08:54:58

God is Love

Dear Gurudeva,
Reading all of your recent posts about pain has reminded me of a pain in my right knee that I have felt for years... It is usually worst at the end of the workday, and hatha yoga helps a lot, and kriya yoga also helps, yet the pain persists. I am trying to use my body symmetrically, like not always lean a certain way when standing, etc. I used to be very worried about this pain, but for the past year or so I have been more and more just trying to make my legs stronger through activities (I still avoid jumping off of high objects, though) and thinking like 'this body is just temporary, I should not be so concerned with this pain.' The pain was significantly better after a 'yoga immersion' weekend in Homer, AK with Todd Williamson, and it is never enough to keep me from doing any activity, but I feel like ideally it should not be there at all.
I wonder if you may have anything to say about knee pain in particular?

God is Love Knee pain or joint pain - causes of pain and some natural remedies to cure joint pain hans 0 Fri, Sep 15, 2006, 15:04:19

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