Flowers and plants are healing food and medicine for your soul

Posted by: hans
at 09/05/2004, 08:07:37

God is Love

Flowers are food and medicine for your soul

Flowers contain what your soul may be missing here on earth - love in a variety of divine variations. The healing power of flowers is focused on emotional and spiritual healing and hence resulting in excellent holistic health of your physical body as well. Surround yourself with living flowers you love most and create the environment these flowers need to live and blossom - that's the environment your soul needs best to heal and be happy.

Flowers in the house as well as around your living area or in your working space should be abundant, healthy strong plants surrounded by natural green bushes and grass in as natural soil as possible to create a natural active living environment providing the flowers and plants with all energy resources needed to be a healing source to you.

The more abundant and healthy your blossoming garden around you - the more creative energy you will experience and absorb and the better your overall health. If you live surrounded by a small peace of natural wild nature blossoming in all colors year round - it may save you the need to actually have to buy and physically absorb the medicine made out of such divine healing herbs. Flowers in abundance around you are the natural original for such modern substitutes as flower essences ( for example Bach flower essences ) and herbal medicine.

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