Cleansing program with great benefits

Posted by: galina
at 05/13/2006, 09:02:15

God is Love

Cleansing program with great benefits

Dear friends,

Today is my 6th day of fasting.

i follow a cleansing program very popular in Bulgaria-

*drink only herbal tea
*eat only apples when hungry

my brother does it at least twice a year with great results-
his weight, his blood pressure and all his blood chemistry back to normal!

Now my results so far:

-the very first day I felt LIGHTER and most of the tension and resistance in my body was gone
-the second day I woke up in the morning with the feeling of JOY with no reason
-now my weight is only 3 kg down but I do everything much easier like in a continuous DANCE

in brief:


i drink 1-2 cups of tea only but plenty of mineral water

today I was hungry for a little bit of salty food and I replaced the apple with potato.
i boiled one potato with fresh parsley, fresh celery leaves and fresh dill.
i had the potato with the clear bouillon only but after this meal I felt my stomach a little heavy!

so from now on I will stay with the apples only!

What made me started this fasting?

Last years my weight is going up from 62 kg to 77kg.
i feel heavy, my joints hurt, my back hurts after work.
i easily get tired and I sleep a lot, no need to say I eat a lot too.
and I have poor digestion and often I have abdominal pain and spasms.

last Saturday when I was suffering again from painful abdominal cramps,
i took a FIRM decision-

i will do fasting for 10 days
then immediately positive affirmation arose in my mind:

"Next 10 days will change my life!"

that moment I knew I will do it this time and I regained the feeling of self-confidence

with love

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