A power of your will

Posted by: Kasia
at 04/30/2006, 19:19:35

God is Love

Hi again:),

I remember a situation from the past when we had some variable weather outside. It was a winter. The morning was warm but after a few hours a temperature went down to a very low level. My hands and feet (although I had warm gloves and socks) started to be very cold and in a short time I felt such pain that I felt dizzy because of it. I was waiting on a bus stop and the bus was late so I could do only one thing… I remember I was reading about tibetan monks practicing tumo. It is an exercise of drying a wet, ice cold sheet with the warmth of their body. I didn’t know how exactly this technique worked but I thought “ Maybe I could try to make my body warmer just by the power of my will” and I started to repeat in my mind “ I feel nice warmth all over my body. My hands and feet are pulsing with warmth. My fingers are as hot as a stove.” And... it worked in just minutes! After a few whiles I could smile and talk to a friend I met on this bus stop.

- Kasia

God is Love A positive attitude toward all and free flow of love creates always a feeling of well-being in cold or hot, in dry or wet conditions hans 0 Fri, May 05, 2006, 14:40:20

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