Herbal medicine and alternative medicine in daily life - a forum for therapists and patients

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God is Love

Herbal medicine and alternative medicine in daily life - a forum for therapists and patients

Learn and exchange experiences about safe and successful applications of herbal medicine and alternative medicine in daily life to maintain health or heal ill conditions and malfunctions of your body.

For every illness a natural God-made medicine has been provided. Herbal medicine, TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) , Ayurveda as well as traditional medicine forms from many tribes, cultures and nations are becoming more popular again. Alternative medicine is affordable by all and can be practiced by all quality minded therapists and medical doctors.

The purpose of this forum is to allow professional therapists as well as all responsible and experienced people to publish well proven established herbal recipes and alternative medicine treatments. A forum to exchange helpful, safe and efficient methods of natural healing - to the general public as well as to professional therapists or medical doctors. While million of various - often complicated and exotic recipes and treatment forms are known and practiced - the main purpose of this publication is to promote simple yet most effective proven and safe methods for all common conditions of illness or energy imbalance needing adjustment.

When writing in this forum for professional therapists - I expect such therapists to see, feel and be fully aware of energies, energy balance or imbalance. It is far easier to apply or forward applied and successful methods when the therapist publishing has true aware perception of all conditions he is writing about.

Recommendations published for the general public should all together be totally safe in their application and easy to perform. Hence for example herbal medicine recommended to the general public should only include herbs that can easily, safely and absolute clearly be identified by the general public.

Each individual person has a full responsibility to be as healthy as possible - to feel any deviation from perfect health and to adjust any health threatening condition before accident or damage to health occurs. Each person is fully responsible for any treatment made or avoided. It is your own and full responsibility to know when to contact a physician for any additional medical assistant and to know and feel when self administered natural medicine is perfectly sufficient for adjusting your condition and reestablishing your perfect health balance. Feeling and becoming aware of what is going on inside your body, inside your organs, inside your emotions, mind and soul is a long term goal for all humans. To accept full responsibility for your health and illness or accidents is your duty. Never can you forward even part of your own personal responsibility to any other outside person such as a medical doctor or therapist of any tradition. Love is the key to health - any deviation from the first and great commandment of love leads to disruption of free flow of pure love within your entire body-system, spiritual as well as physical body. To make adjustments in your own attitude and behavior toward your self as well as toward your entire environment is a key to re-establishing health or maintaining health. Only you can make all the needed changes and adjustments needed to get love flowing again between you and your environment and family. You are the only one responsible for your entire inner world - and any illness or accidents in your outer world, your physical body and your relationship to any and every part of God's divine creation is a direct and true reflection of your inner world. See in the outside what needs to be adjusted and healed in your inside.

Recommendations or recipes intended to be for professional therapists should clearly be marked as such - already in the subject or title of such posts.

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