How did I heal my injury within minutes

Posted by: Kasia
at 04/30/2006, 19:11:02

God is Love

Hello everybody,
It is a method working amazingly. Let me tell you about it. Once, when I was washing hands in a public toilet I cut my finger badly with a piece of damaged, metal tap. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately:) it stocked on the hot water on. I couldn’t even flush my finger with a cold water to clean it and to make it stop bleeding so I did the exercise I read about earlier in one book. I was pretending a movement of twisting a tap just in the air; I acted like I wanted to twist a tap without touching it ( it is like you stop a movie just before an action and you repeat the moment) I did it many times( maybe 10 minutes) when suddenly the finger stopped bleeding and the pain almost gone!

- Kasia

God is Love Any healing procedure can be improved manifold by power of will and by a sincere desire to be healthy and active in life all the time hans 0 Fri, May 05, 2006, 14:17:35

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