Gentle but efficient method of cleaning your digestive system

Posted by: Kasia
at 04/30/2006, 18:03:38

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There is a therapy lasting long but it's very efficient what I checked personally:
You have to take one table spoon of ( olive oil , corn oil or grapeseed oil), a table spoon of aloe vera juice mixed fifty-fifty with a pure water ( you can prepare more mixture at once mixing 2 glasses of water with two glasses of aloe vera juice) and a table spoon of lemon juice. You have to prepare it in advance, in the evening and let it stay for night. Next morning before you take your breakfast you have to drink it. It’s better not to eat anything for an hour or at least half an hour. You use this treatment for 3 months with each oil. At first 3 months of olive oil, than 3 months of corn oil, and then 3 months of grapeseed oil. Existence of oil in that mixture allows antiseptic lemon juice and healing aloe vera juice to go deep inside your digestive system what would be impossible without oil cause these substances would rather be absorbed already in the stomach, before they even touched the rest of your digestive system and cleaned your intestines. It can make a little discomfort in the beginning but it heals ulcers when you have them, it cleans intestines and stomach from debris, it works on your liver and other organs to make them work proper.
(If your stomach is ok. you can avoid olive oil and start your therapy with the corn oil. ( this part of therapy cleans your small intestine) and after that You continue a therapy with a grapeseed oil ( for cleaning large intestine).
If you start using it you will see the effects just after few days. At first you may feel a little discomfort-but when your body gets use to it it will dissapear, you will feel fresher, lighter. Remember then when you will change the order of taking oils it can cause some stress to your body: the olive oil is the most "heavy" so it " reachess" the highest parts of your digestive system, and the grapeseed oil which is much "lighter" goes deeper to your large intestine getting the lemon juice and aloe vera juice there. So when you start cleaning your body from the bottom using grapeseed oil at first without cleaning upper parts you can feel some light pain.

- Kasia

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