Grapeseed oil for your skin

Posted by: Kasia
at 04/30/2006, 17:39:57

God is Love

One of the best substances for the skin is a grapeseed oil. When added to a bath( you can add one or two table spoons) it makes the skin as gentle, soft, and well moisturized as baby's skin! It is good for all the skin types as well for dry and oily skin. After such bath it is good to dry your body very gently to let the oil stay on for night. How much oil do you use it depends on your individual needs, but to make this treatment succesful try to balance the amount of it- the skin shouldn't be to greasy.
As I expierienced myself after grapeseed oil the skin gets a better coulour, all the body becomes nice in touch and the skin starts looking like "ironed" from inside-small imperfections are gone.


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