Sore throat - how to heal sore throat with hot ginger lemon honey tea - a hot mix tea swallowed in small sips that heals your sore throat in most early stages

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Sore throat - how to heal sore throat with hot ginger lemon honey tea - a hot mix tea swallowed in small sips that heals your sore throat in most early stages

Sore throat never appears instantly - but gradually within a few hours. learn to watch and observe your body for any early symptoms and act accordingly to the symptoms as soon as you become aware of an upcoming medical problem or condition of energy-imbalance. in early stages it always is easiest to solve and fully heal medial problems with gentle herbal medicine available at home in every well organized household

first you may have in earliest stage some sensation of tingling, or difficulties to swallow and only hours later the full manifestation of sore throat usually occurs

Ingredients for ginger lemon honey tea

The hot tea made of nothing else but the below ingredients. the most important of them are ginger and lemon, the others are for additional healing power but may in some countries be impossible to get.

  • fresh ginger - the size of your thumb, chopped into smallest pieces
  • 1 lemon or lime or calamansi - depending on your country and availability
  • 1-2 table spoon of fresh honey - if non available then take brown sugar - last option is plain white sugar
  • 1 stick - about 10 cm - of cinnamon stick - broken into pieces

This delicious and slightly spicy hot herbal drink or herbal tea will almost instantly cure most sore throat inflammation if taken, specially when taken in the earliest manifestations of your sore throat


if you are living in a cold country - now it's wintertime north of equator and you may want to have above ingredients at home ready for use - even better - take a cup ever once in a while. Hot Ginger lemon honey is a delicious hot drink in cold clammy days of winter time

How to prepare your hot ginger honey lemon tea

  1. boil water to fill one large cup
  2. add to the boiling water the chopped ginger and lemon - you squeeze the lemon juice and add the entire lemon into the boiling water. hence the lemon should be clean natural lemon without any chemical treatment. in most European countries such natural lemons are marked or sold separately. ask your professional dealer or buy directly in the market from the farmers
  3. add the cinnamon stick broken into a few pieces
  4. now let this hot mix gently boil for about 10 minutes

pore your hot mix into the large cup, now add 1 or 2 table spoon of honey to sweeten but also to add additional healing power. honey is heat sensitive and should be added at the end only !!

How to drink your ginger lemon honey tea

several times daily - about 4-5 times if possible, drink the hot ginger honey lemon mix as hot as possible in small sips. to start with you may take 2 cups at once - then every few hours one cup HOT ginger lemon honey tea in small sips

also chew and swallow the small pieces of ginger. ginger is tasty, spicy, very delicious AND very healthy!!

after the first 2 to 3 cups you may already experience that your sore throat is gone. keep on drinking another few cups as prescribed above for at least one full day. next few days take 2 to 3 cups of hot ginger lemon honey tea per day to finish the healing process and to build up some additional immune strength in your body

if for any reason the sore throat should get worst even after one full day of careful taking above hot ginger honey lemon drink, then you may have a different medical situation and may need to see your doctor for more accurate analysis of your medical problem

God bless


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