Communication with your Guru

semen is liquid love and needs to flow - semen is a gift of love for your partner.

Different Gurus have the Divine freedom to teach you a very individual path - hence your first choice is always to "listen" to his spiritual guidance or to contact in person your Guru - and ask him for advice - you have selected a Guru based on your individual Karma, likes, dislikes and many other factors. Your Guru may be the best choice to tend you on your individual path of Love to God.

If this communication however fails for any reason - please feel free to contact me any time with whatever question you may have. Keep in mind that a chela always is free - free to ask questions, to ask for love and bliss from God - and to follow advice received from any source.

God is within all of us - hence God can guide you through any loving soul - even through your own children, parents, friends, neighbors, employees, employers, policemen, husband, wife,... - any child of God may act at one time or another as an assistant to God to guide you back on the path of Love to your eternal home in God.

God is omnipresent and always and continuously guiding you through the help of any soul willing to act as a mediator between a soul needing help and the source of help. it is up to each individual God-seeker to open his heart and realize the manifold help offered by God - behind any person offering you help in all various situations of life - it always is God who is behind and within that person - it always is God who is the source of that particular help - help being offered to absolutely all souls, all beings, every day, anytime, anywhere - help that is always based on true Divine Love - nothing but Divine Love - Love for YOU !!

Avoid mixing techniques

Please avoid however the mixing of different techniques. There is a Divine reason why your Guru is teaching you HIS way - and his way might be different from other ways. But his way might be the very best way for YOU. As your Guru knows your ego and all of your problems - he may find some very individual solutions of Love for you - to guide you on a path of Love to God-realization - to Godunion - Oneness with God in Love.

Ashok Vellappallil

Divine Master,

How can I start Kriya Yoga and please bless me so that I could get initiated.?

I have not had any formal initiation by anyone and I always long to have a Guru.

Bless me and love me.


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Diksha to Kriya Yoga can be received anytime, anywhere, by anyone who is true and loyal to God

The sincere desire to want to learn to love all is all needed to receive diksha to Kriya Yoga !

beloved soul

diksha to kriya yoga can be given to anyone really asking for did so and if you really mean it so and send your prayers for it to God anything you need to find your way home will happen. God always answers all and any calls from any of his children. developing love and learning all about how to open for love from all and how to love all is preliminary. kriya yoga empty of love is like a motor-car empty of fuel or energy. :-)))

Be prepared - learn and practice to love NOW

while waiting to receive diksha (initiation) just keep preparing yourself to open for all the love waiting for you. learn and practice all the teaching from this web site and please re-read the "autobiography of a yogi".

since you have financial debts it makes little sense to come to my place as this would be an additional financial burden to you.

God will find a solution and you may learn to open for that solution.

with love and divine bliss


Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Master,

I will be patient and I pray to God to accept me as a student for Kriya Yoga. I will get Autobiography of a yogi from library and read over. In the mean time I pray to you to show me the way to love and receive love and please tell me if I am going out of path.

At times while writing to you I feel fearful as to how to write to you.? This often happens with me while talking to Superiors at work,elders,people of name and fame.(Is this inferiority complex.?)

I think I need to learn a lot and feel miserable when I think I have not matured as per my age.

Divine master,show me the way ,I request you,please unveil my ignorance and help me lead the path towards God. Let me hug one and all in this universe. Let me love one and all the same way from my heart. Let me look at every living and non living ones as God's loving children. Please shower love on to me, your child who really needs it.

My love,prayers and good wishes.



Dear Friend in God,

Was in appreciation of your thought provoking site. But how is it possible that you are offering Kriya Yoga initiation? That is the sole right of Self-Realization Fellowship and whomsoever they authorize.

In Divine Harmony,


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Kriya Yoga is a gift from God to all

Hence Kriya Yoga never belongs to any person, organization, country, cultures or institution - Kriya Yoga is divine public domain !!!

beloved Sonia

here some more provoking questions that shall lead to some deep insight in God's creation and to finding more in-depth answers on your way to God.

first of all:

did you ever "discuss" and clear your thought and concern with God ? or with babaji ? or with Lahiri Mahasaya ? or with Sri Yukteswar ? or with Paramhansa Yoganandaji ?

how can you or anyone else really belief that only SRF is sole owner of such a divine and scientific method of God-realization - how can kriya yoga be the sole property of an organization. traditionally it has been given from Guru to disciple for thousands of years.

the Roman catholic church has been teaching similar before - giving the impression that only Christians can find their way to God.

did you really and open-heartedly read the autobiography of a yogi carefully ? if yes please re-read it again with following questions in mind:

after one of my initial nirbikalpa samadhi resulting in full God-union my Gurudeva Lahiri Mahasaya said "now God is your Guru" at first I was sad for a few seconds or minutes, then I realized how much love his words contained. he considered myself as his disciple to be brought back to God while being on earth - then he gave me freedom in God to solve all and any further questions directly with God. He realized that he accomplished his "mission" as my Guru. he still remains my one of my closest and very best friend on earth since we have "traveled" for thousands of years through this planet and elsewhere.

why read in a book if you can read in God, why ask an organization when you can ask God. did you read the Baghavad Gita written by Paramhansa Yoganandaji during his very last years late 40s ? how did he write such a spiritual treasure ?

are you positively sure you have learned ALL lessons from history resulting from the past several thousand years - just on this single tiny planet ?

just some questions to make sure you truly find your way to God. because the answers will free you even more and you will find the answers - it may just be a question of affirming "yes I want to know the absolute truth" God-seekers are sometimes also called truth-seekers - that is very helpful to consider yourself also as a truth seeker. absolute truth can only be found if you have the courage to question any single book on this planet, any single rule ever published on this planet and beyond, any single law on this planet and beyond, any single tradition on this planet and beyond, any religion on this planet and beyond, any single hierarchy on this planet and beyond.

God is love - ask God in deep and sincere prayers to help you to find the absolute truth, to find your path to the source of all sources, to the creator of all creators.

it is all about love in Gods creation and to find your way back home. just love and it is important to learn again to love like angel-like beings made by God - to the image of God. whoever teaches you to love like God and hence brings you back to God is doing so with divine bliss and love from God.

I love you


heart of love

Spiritual questions and answers may serve and help many - hence should be as public as possible

beloved Sonia

Any answer should be posted directly there. to do so you need to login with your true and full name / address and provide a valid e-mail address. then you may place any comments or questions / answers in public about your concern.

any Guru from SRF has the right to give initiation to kriya yoga, any Guru blessed by God after reaching God-union during samadhi has the same right ! in Africa in Asia in America anywhere in the world. any Guru having been learning from God or teaching kriya yoga in any previous incarnation has the same divine right now and for ever.

God is open to all mankind to absolutely all - all holy techniques leading to God always are public and always have been. the path to God is a path of love. a path of love never could be possessed by a single person or any organization on this planet or anywhere else.

with love and divine bliss



Dear Hans,

This is my valid name and valid eMail address. I have received your previous eMail message. Thank you for both. The path of Truth and Devotion to God does not require public forums for discussion.

You are blessed to have Sri Lahiri Mahasay as your Guru and I'm blessed to have him as my Param-Guru. Sri Paramahansa Yogananda is my immediate Guru, sent by God to help me in my journey of life and I'm very happy with my Guru and all my Param-Gurus. They do not need any organizations of Themselves, whether SRF or or any other. They have set these up to serve mankind and SRF is doing an excellent job of it.

True Gurus are all Avatars and I know that the SRF line of Gurus are all Avatars and have been ordained by God for the holy work They are doing, in deference to God's Will.

Thank you for all the kind responses. Wishing you all the blessings of the Divine,


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

In God are no secrets - hence in any true God seeker can be no secrets either

beloved Sonia

thank you for your clear and kind answer.

I wish you all the bliss and love you ever need to accomplish your holy work on this planet.

I never discuss on any forum, however I can say all free and in public as I never have any secrets. ;-)) such as God never has any secrets of any kind. to avoid any double questions and answers I started to always say or write anything in public. Paramhansaji had his secretary , Sri daya Mata, writing a (shorthand ?) protocol of all or most of his speeches to be published later on for the benefit of all mankind. I liked the idea and converted it into my system of writing everything in person so no one else has to type for the next 50 years what I said myself. and all e-mails regarding any spiritual situations of life of any topic is always answered in public so the answers may serve as future reference when I have gone home to God.

all mankind has a divine right to know all thoughts and emotions of myself and anything regarding myself. or related to my "work"

I love you



Dear Hans,

Thank you for the kind response and the clarifications. each one of us must do what God has given us to do. I am happy to do so under the directives of my Guru, who has been with me all through and never deserted me, for the sole purpose of bringing me back to God and not for his personal glorification. He expects nothing of me, only shows me the way and his help is readily available. Sure, when it was time for him to leave his body, he appointed Sri Daya Mata as his spiritual successor and she never claims to be the Guru. If all want to be leaders, there will be no followers. I am happy top be their followers because they present truth as it is, not as an opinion.

i am sure you must be doing very good work for God and you will be blessed for it. And your Guru's blessings are there too.

the mercy of the Great Masters,



Dear Hans,

These are very good questions no doubt. And very intellect related. Unfortunately, it does not appeal to my sense of devotion, the surest way to follow a Guru and reach God. There are those like Saint Francis, Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ and others who did not need an organization or Gurus and their life was so prescribed by the Will of God. For some of us, God determined that we need our Gurus and their organizations which are serving mankind. I am extremely happy with my Guru and his organization for they are not biased or self-motivated.

In Divine Joy,


Sergio Silva

Dear Master Hans

A send a e-mail to you some time ago, thanks for the kind answers. I am thinking about travel to India to find my Guru in the Kriya path. I receive initiation in Kriya but I discovered that my teacher made changes in the original technique and I want the pure and original technic.

I read that you have traveled to India. What do you think about live in India? Can you recommend some Guru or Ashram? Can you give me some advice on this subject? Im thinking in go there and live there. Im from Brasil.

Thank you very much, I bow at your feet.

heart of love

India is different now than it was 100 years ago - you are guided by old memories to old places !

Now is now and now people are incarnated in a totally different place or stay at home in God. The ones you met before in a particular country may no longer stay there but have reached God union long time ago. Hence the drive to go to ancient spiritual places may result in a clear deception.

Dear Sergio

life in India can be quite difficult for foreigners as you enter usually only with a tourist visa for maximum of 6 months. jobs for foreigners are limited - unless you find some other answers / solutions - but I have seen almost NO foreigners at all who were working in India.

in regard to your kriya initiation - please note that in our world the God seekers are manifold and of great variety ;-))) hence some Gurus may attempt to adapt the kriya yoga technique to the spiritual needs of their individual disciples. some do it very efficiently and with all the bliss from God.

however finding a Guru is like finding a 10000 carat diamond !! there are but very few as there is very little need for more.

a few select ones can easily serve all planet.

accepting a Guru is like searching for a wife - it is a love affair between two souls. you as a disciple need to be able to have full confidence in a Guru - and then follow as exactly as possible his advice and spiritual guidance.

you would rarely get married to any women across the road or next door (nor would any women get married with any man of course) partnership on your path to God is very divine, may be rocky and stormy - as you may travel through the storms of your ego - hence you may travel to foreign countries around the world and may never find a Guru that pleases you or your ego whatever may decide on the selection or you may find a Guru in your own country or even within your own soul - depending on where you are searching.

that is the reason why I offer initiation to kriya yoga to those who can accept God as there Guru - having God as your Guru means that you pray to God for assistance in your daily life as well as in your kriya yoga practice and of course God shall always answer you directly or send you to someone being able to answer or help in a way that you can clearly perceive.

the initiation to kriya yoga offered by the Cyberspace Ashram is the traditional technique as being taught by my Gurudeva Lahiri Mahasaya - with the exception of kechari mudra - the reason to exclude kechari mudra is explained on the initiation page and is a very valid and absolute reason.

many Gurus around the world have split the traditional steps into more steps of initiation to make it easier for beginners. specially western God seekers have sometimes a hard time to really and fully devote all incarnation to spiritual progress and development of love. however making things easier never has solved any problems. there are steps to be made by absolutely ALL - whether you make them NOW or in thousand years from now - they need to be made. therefore I have decided in harmony with my soul's many thousand year old tradition of teaching the path of LOVE in combination with kriya yoga - to drop kechari mudra for the explained reason.

developing divine love is a step that absolutely all have to go through if they want to achieve God union one day. love in its purest state of divinity dissolved all and hence quiets down all mind and intellect to a degree to achieve Godunion through the power of kriya yoga and divine love.

the efforts and money you may plan to spend on your journey to India could well be more distracting as beneficial.

focus all your efforts on developing divine love within and practice kriya yoga as taught to you and anyone including you may receive all the bliss, love and help from God that you ever need to succeed on your path of love.

remember all the time that all mankind are children of God - beloved children !!! so God is guiding all in any country - also in Brazil !! where ever a God seeker is born or living may be the very best place to find his way to God unless you find a much better place.

with divine love and bliss



please refrain from using titles for me - I prefer just to be called by my simple first name hans.

Sergio Silva

Dear Hans

Thanks for your attention. You have talked to me about the first kriya. But and what about the higher Kriyas (2,3,4...)? I have read first kriya can lead someone to realization but the the time to realize would be much more greater. The second kriya pranayama is 12 times more powerful than first, the third kriya pranayama 144 times more powerful than the first!!! Only very, very advanced souls can achieve realization in short time with the first kriya and am not advanced.

Higher Kriyas could lead people more fast to realization I think. And I have read kechari mudra is a essential pre-requisite to practice these advanced techniques.

I'm I wrong?

I think in West very few people teach these advanced Kriyas.

I bow at your feet, thanks.

love heart

Higher gifts are given as a result of higher proven achievements

beloved Sergio

most babies when getting their first vehicle get a 3-wheel bicycle. so far I have never seen any child getting a ferrari right at the beginning.

there must be a reason why loving parents do this.

the same could eventually be the reason why your Guru gave you initiation to the first kriya rather than to the 3rd kriya.

may be he knew the reason !!!!

what is the difference between a "regular" soul and a "very, very advanced soul" ??

a "very, very advanced soul" loves so much - it never would ask for anything else - and because of this infinite love may get 2nd kriya either from Guru spiritually, physically or directly from God before even asking for it.

just as a result of their present spiritual achievements.

recently I gave my older daughter a greater electronic piano - she never asked for it - she never said anything against the older and smaller one she was using for years, but she continued to play better and better - she was happy using a small one she got some 8 or so years ago. now she was ready and very serious about really playing - and it was time to give her what she needed. just for love and as a result of her own achievements.

God will be aware of your proof of love and success

such is the reason for giving 2nd or higher initiation to kriya yoga. all and any God seeker in any country - even in any universe in God's entire creation, shall receive any initiation needed to further progress. can you honestly believe that God's love is so limited that only those few millions who can afford to travel to India or any other remote country will ever get the most efficient tools to achieve God union ?? God loves all alike - because ALL are beloved children and all are absolutely equal - on this planet and beyond. all beloved children on earth have absolutely the same chances and the same potential to achieve freedom in love in God if they concentrate on the single most important - developing love - they will achieve God-realization as illiterates, handicapped, blinds, or any condition they may have been put by their karma and ego - all can and will be dissolved through the power of divine love in combination with the complex kriya initiation received in Cyberspace Ashram all doors to God shall be open - for ALL !! some where on the Cyberspace Ashram there should be mentioned that God seekers receive all they need for their successful spiritual - but of course some God seekers may prefer a different menu and find elsewhere what they need. the point about kechari mudra has been explained extensively. also the importance of developing divine love on the path to God. - any repetition is obsolete.

God loves all in all countries alike and guides all where ever they are with equal love, care and attention

you will receive anything you really need to achieve God union - in Brazil as easily as anywhere on this planet. I have written this before and it really and finally should be clear for the remainder of eternity !!

- did you read all chapters and all FAQ sections of the Cyberspace Ashram ?? (totaling about 400 pages) - did you study all this chapters you have been reading ?? - did you understand in your mind as well as in your heart all chapters ?? - did you and do you practice repeatedly and successfully most of all the teaching contained in these chapters ??

please confirm above before placing additional questions - as it saves time for repetition of already published answers and explanations.

if you can honestly answer YES to all above - then I know that you have spent a few years doing it and have practiced a few thousand hours of first kriya - then however you have reached a state where you can easily listen to the spiritual guidance of God or any saint waiting to guide you more directly and more efficiently for the remainder of your path to God.

did you carefully study the Cyberspace Ashram's initiation in detail and did you successfully practice all stages of kriya pranayama as outlined on the initiation page (see the quote below)

3. Kriya Pranayama

how many years did you practice yama and niyama in daily life ?? this is a very essential part of the first kriya and I can remember to have practiced it for many many years and found yama and niyama to be almost a full time job on my path to God. - how many dozens of Kriyas do you practice at present regularly each day (remember that 12 kriya pranayama equals one kriya) ??

God's direct guidance always is the most direct, most loving and most efficient way to help you

God guides all on the correct and shortest possible path if they accept and realize ALL help ever offered.

PLEASE learn to bow to the physical feet of the poorest in your country - learn to do it the Indian way - by physically touching both feet when bowing - this is excellent medicine for any and all egos and helps you more than to bow to my virtual feet on Internet ;-))) - learn to be humble to the poorest of any country and culture, to all homeless, alcoholics, jobless, the poorest in money, the hungry - and your heart shall be opened for the bliss and love leading to advanced kriya initiation. remember the story in the autobiography of a yogi about the one yogi asking Gurudeva for 2nd kriya. if your memories are faded - then you may reread this spiritual treasure from Paramhansa Yoganandaji

with love and divine bliss


Sergio Silva

Dear Hans

Thanks for the advice. But I cant renounce my deep desire of go to India find my Guru. Even if I fail in my quest at least I will die trying. I only ask your blessings




Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

If you love India - then go to India - if you love God then go within wherever you are

beloved Sergio

you are always free to do whatever you love to do. keep in mind that any time in life you also have the right and opportunity to learn from your present and past and thus to change your mind, to change your path and to change the way you want to find your goal - God

with Love and Divine Bliss


Pierre Lavallee

Beloved Hans,

I have a lot of love to give, and in my meditations I was directed towards 'distant healing'. I started to pray for other people but this is all new to me and I am not sure I am doing it the right way. Can you teach me? If yes, then perhaps you will consider to accept my assistance when you are overcome with too many demands for healing?

With love,


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Distant healing

beloved Soul

Distant healing requires the healer to "pay" full karma for the patient

Distant healing requires the healer to dissolve all karma leading to the present illness in divine love - hence something every patient could do himself as well if ready to love !

distant healing is very simple, yet extremely powerful and all are welcome to participate, even without knowing names or details, it always works - if deep inside your heart and soul you feel love for all those needing love, for all those being in trouble for any reason - even if they put themselves in trouble - if such love dwells from within any soul - then open yourself for God, just as described in the chapter how to open for God while opening yourself for all those needing divine love, bliss, and help. it is only a question of inner attitude and really feeling love for all. if you practice as described you will feel increasing flow of divine love through you and you will experience increasing changes around you and in the world. - it is only you and God and a few selected souls that shall ever know why things are improving - health and otherwise - but life for all those you include in your love WILL change and improve - improve in the sense of having more and more love and freedom in their lives. soon you may experience that you may fail to pray for individuals anymore but only for larger and larger numbers of people, because your love is expanding more and more - until you finally including everything - all mankind, all animals, all plants, the entire planet, the entire solar system, and finally beyond our own solar system, beyond all cosmic physical and astral manifestations - you will expand your divine, true love to absolutely all creation and become one with all. to be loved by all and to love all - infinitely and eternally.

your love will always "hit" those needing it most. while many ask for help and distant healing - most needing help all around the world have no Internet access - hence have no means to physically contact anyone - but their prayers touch God as well as your soul - if your soul includes all in your love.

I love you


Rajiv wrote

Dearest Hansji ,

Thank you for your reply. I feel blessed to receive a response from a disciple of Yogiraj Sri Lahiri Mahashay. I am reading your articles and notes which I have downloaded in my computer [] and that has been very very helpful to me. I bow and take the dust of your feet 108 times. Hansji , I have a few queries which I wished to ask you:

  1. You advocate practicing Yama / Niyama but in today's world is it really possible to practice these principles strictly. I have in the past have tried practicing it but found everyone around me taking advantage of me and ridiculing me. In fact my own parents and wife suggest me that I should live a more spiritually and materially balanced life. That is they tell me to lead a balanced and normal life. I haven't understood this at all. How are they more normal than those who only think about God. Please give me your views on what you feel is to live a normal life. Somewhere either I am wrong or they are wrong or bit are wrong. So kindly advise.
  2. In your Diksha chapter of Kriya Pranayama you mention that 1 Kriya refers to 12 cycles of Pranayama and a beginner should start with 1 kriya per day. Are you referring to 1 Kriya per session or per day because a beginner would sit twice for his meditation. So if he has to undergo 12 cycles in one day as mentioned then that would mean 6 per session. Should he do 12 or 6 per session or should he do only 12 in one session only and in the next session not engage in any Pranayama.
  3. Yoganandaji mentions in his autobiography that a beginner engages in Kriya Pranayama 14 to 24 times in one session. He mentions 1 Kriya as 1 cycle whereas you mention 1 Kriya as 12 cycles. Apart from this insignificant difference there is no difference. Am I right ?
  4. In India there is huge corruption in all fields. If you don't bribe the officials you cant get things done. Is it karmic to engage in this bribing and if yes what other alternative do you suggest ?
  5. Are you planning to Visit India anytime in near future and which place in India. Do let me please if you so plan as I am very much desirous to meet you in person.

Thank you for everything.

Many Pranams,


heart of love

Basic rules of love and rules of life are a firm part of Kriya Yoga

beloved soul

Yama and Niyama apply in modern India as well !

yama and niyama are a firm and absolute step BEFORE even making the first true steps on any spiritual path - before even starting to develop divine love. of course mankind always attempts to change absolute rules to meet the demand of their own ego rather than adapting the ego to meet spiritual requirements.

the difference between your opinion and the opinion of the present majority of mankind on earth is that you are ready to finalize your spiritual path during present incarnation - while the majority of mankind may still have dozens or hundreds of incarnations ahead.

there are many different ways and possibilities how to practice yama and niyama - here a few samples:

  1. you may start today to practice it and succeed your path to God in time by the end of this incarnation
  2. you may start tomorrow to practice exactly the same you could have done as of today....
  3. you may start next week and may find one week missing by the end of present incarnation.. hence some may find them self again in a future incarnation in a physical body to learn and practice what they postponed NOW.
  4. some may postpone the learning of yama and niyama to next year - to later - to the time when they retired to the time when they got too ill to "enjoy" earthly life. and may find them self many times again in a physical body

as such attitude may persist for hundreds or thousands of years ......... there are many similar other ways on how and when to practice yama and niyama to the FULL extent as outlined in the chapter

but ONE day - well before Godunion - all will have completely and fully practiced yama and niyama and during this practice ALL will start to develop divine love - until they all have expanded their love to include ALL creation - by that time they are ready to be truly spiritual and to find their path home.

however it is part of divine freedom given to all mankind to take as many additional incarnations as they like until they all reach Godunion. for some it may take many MILLIONS of years while others may finish NOW during present incarnation all path to God !!! depending on priorities in life

those who love - live eternally as they never die but drop or surrender their body to God.

A spiritually balanced life

a spiritually balanced life is a life where God and love occupies 100.00 % of all

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your activities
  4. your relationships
  5. your business, family, friendships, partnerships,.............. ALL !

when you learn to practice yama and niyama in absolutely all situations of life - while expanding your true divine love more and more toward all aspects and parts of God's divine creation. by that time you learn to do all in love - with love - for love - for God. with love in your heart and a smile on your face - in any situation.

Kriya Yoga

kriya yoga: it is exactly and in all details described in the chapter about diksha. avoid mixing up 2 description from 2 different sources !! then all is very clear. the chapter describes ONE complete daily session you are mixing two different things into one pot creating confusion. you are free to practice either the one you have received previously - but EXACTLY AS YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT. or practice kriya yoga exactly as described in the file only one - anyone - of the two possibilities leads to success.

One session is one full program - including ALL - if you make two sessions a day - then you also make 2 full programs. splitting the quantity of love that flows into your ego and body during Kriya Pranayama into 2 sessions with half the number, instead of making 2 full sessions also will reduce to HALF the spiritual success and progress you would achieve. Always make in full and complete and correct what you do. Keep in mind that spiritual progress and success also and automatically leads to success in all physical an material aspects of life including increased happiness and overall health.


honesty involves the full practice of yama and niyama - and leaves ZERO room for corruption. become modest and happy with what you get. then you find no greed for more. billions of people have NO money to bribe - only a few dozen million have money to buy politicians anywhere in the world. if you are serious on your spiritual path - then LOVE shall be all you give in abundance to all - including all policemen and politicians. just love. remember that a truly spiritual person has all he ever needs for his path of love to God - and all he really needs always is FREE - absolutely FREE. a spiritual person - while engaging with politicians or administrations - has NO true NEED for such - all administration costs money and serves but the ego of mankind. conduct a lifestyle that makes you free from any political engagement and influence - conduct a life of love and bliss. be a source of love and bliss for all society - for all creation on earth - and you always get whatever you truly need - for life - for your family - for all situations in your life. bribing others is a manifestation of GREED - you want more than the average person can afford and really needs as well as the other party involved in the corruption is greedy for more money - because they are too lazy to actually work in a productive, selfless way for the true benefit of all mankind.

Mahatma Ghandi has been living modesty, honesty and ahimsa - follow his sample

one day your country may get again a great soul like mahatma Ghandi - to lead an entire country into freedom - for now it is your duty to remember all his teaching and practice what mahatma Ghandi has been teaching and living - modesty, honesty and ahimsa - being fully spiritual even while being involved in politics. mahatma Ghandi proofed it to be feasible and it can be done again and again by politicians and administrations all around the world - if people want. keep in mind that EACH individual person / soul is fully responsible to practice all his spiritual lessons himself. avoid finding excuses about why skip to practice - just because others have decided to spend another number of additional incarnations empty of love and empty of freedom and happiness.

Only YOU are responsible for yourself - no one else

YOU are the only - the absolute only person fully responsible for yourself - no one else ever can affect you in any negative way on your path of love to God. the more resistance you may encounter in your life - the more powerful your love and divinity will develop


please read all chapters more carefully - including all spiritual newsletters - and you find answers to probably all your questions.

if you are on the list for the spiritual newsletter and visit the Cyberspace Ashram every once in a while (particularly the "what's new" -page) - then you shall always be informed about my plans of traveling. my travels depend on my bank account :-))). in the near future there I

are you ready for a very individual lesson that helps you on your spiritual path ??

with love and divine bliss



Dear Hans,

I have been quite interested in Kriya yoga since I read Yogananda's "Autobiography of a yogi". The book carries an air of enormous sincerity which soon won me over. But later after investigating some of the history of SRF and also in particular Ananda, I came to realize that one must not trust so easily. There have been many Gurus in this century. I have read in great detail about many of them. At one point the Siddha Yoga movement attracted my attention. But now I find that even that is involved in many controversies in many of which one can easily believe that the leaders of the movement are guilty. Finally I realized that there is really no easy way to distinguish a true Guru from fake. One may think that one should examine the teachings of the Guru to decide. But many Gurus really know how to talk. I had read a book by Swami Kriyananda of Ananda and had considered him most sincere in his search for God. I had also seen some of his lectures (in real video) over the net. He really does say all the right things. Besides that he is a direct disciple of Yogananda. And yet, there is very little reason to believe that he is a true Guru considering that he was found guilty in a rather embarrassing lawsuit in which he certainly confessed to not having lived up to his own ideals. Disillusionments like these make me wonder how one may find a true Guru. After reading a great deal about both SRF and Ananda, I finally have decided that I won't have anything to do with either organization. My interest in Kriya yoga remained though. That was because some of Yogananda's teachings have had a really profound impact on me at a very crucial period in my life and have saved me from a very real danger of insanity. As a result of that I really don't think I have grown so desperately hungry for some way of reaching the Divine that I hardly have a moment's peace. And I had made up my mind that I would go back to India (I am in the US at the moment) and search for a true teacher. Of course, I wasn't feeling too optimistic about the prospects though.

I have heard of other teachers of Kriya Yoga. But I don't feel very enthusiastic about them. They seem to make huge bombastic claims which really don't inspire too much confidence. They certainly don't look like men of realization to me.

You see, the point is certainly not to merely find a harmless Guru who won't take advantage of you. You may find someone who is really a very nice person. But he may not really know God. I reached your site by accident and though I haven't really read through the whole of it, I do like the look of it. But I am very curious about one thing: What is this thing about receiving initiation online?

I really don't understand it. Yoga was never taught so freely in India in the old days. The reason for that is a very wise one. When such techniques which are really meant to be followed with extreme sincerity are made available to absolutely anyone, they tend to be not taken too seriously. Yogananda too did not make the techniques public in printed form. In fact, whatever he made public was made so (according to him) only because he was inspired to do so by his master. The reason for that was of course that the masses need yoga greater than ever in this age. I would certainly not even dream of questioning this act, but while it may have brought about tremendous good, it has also had its share of evil effects.

That is one reason why I don't understand how you could just put everything on the net. I am aware that you have said on your website that "God-Realization is free of any physical dependencies or membership of any organization or religion of any kind. God is open to all at any time." But even then I do have my doubts as to how you could do something which Yogananda made a point to avoid.

Another thing is, is it practically reasonable to teach Kriya Yoga like this? I have read some books on Yoga and all the authors, though they have given descriptions of Pranayama, have insisted that it must be learned from a Guru because if it is done incorrectly it can have damaging effects. I haven't read your " On your wings of Love", but then I conclude from your statement that one can learn Kriya yoga through it that you must have taught Pranayama through it and that you encourage people to practice it on their own.

I would also like to know one more thing - were you related to SRF or any organization in the past? Who was your Guru?

I would really like to know your answers to this.

Please understand that I am in no way doubting your good faith. After looking at your website I felt reasonably convinced about your motives. It was only because of that I considered it necessary to ask these questions. So please do not feel offended by them though you may not find me entirely trusting. After being disillusioned so many times, I consider it necessary to ask such questions.

I shall wait for your answers.

Best wishes.



Lawsuits are embarrassing

Embarrassing for all those starting or supporting them - specially when they call or consider themselves spiritual!

beloved soul

please read and follow the basic instruction of the spiritual FAQ forums starting page and READ ALL - before placing any questions - it helps me to prevent infinite repetitions and also reduces financial expenses for the Cyberspace Ashram. thank you. any true question that REALLY is open by then shall be answered either by a post or by a new chapter.

you let yourself be influenced by US courts and say "he was found guilty in a rather embarrassing lawsuit " - - - well in deed the lawsuit was embarrassing - for all those who still believe to have a right to condemn anyone on earth at all - for all those who found themselves unable to truly love - for all those who judge others by any law except LOVE. for all those supporting such laws that condemn at all!

Lawsuits are embarrassing for all those filing lawsuits - while calling themselves spiritual

the lawsuit is embarrassing for all citizens supporting such laws at all - but finally has lead to a clean up - and split followers into true loving followers and those in disguise who rather are looking to find something they could have used to condemn one more times.

beloved soul there is NO ACCIDENT at all - never in life - it all serves a true spiritual purpose. even your coming to the Cyberspace Ashram's web site serves a true spiritual purpose. it is up to you to realize your own spiritual benefits.

your infinite doubts have killed all - even the smallest - capability to love at all - at least for the time being. you either are capable to love - or you may need to learn it from scratch - from very scratch - step by step. as long as you do so - it surely is very wise to make sure to NEVER condemn or judge anyone for any reason - unless YOU are sure to never have killed, abused, stolen, lied, for the past many thousand years!

none - absolutely NONE of all mankind on earth could ever say and witness such about himself! NONE!

all other questions you had are answered in sufficient detail on the Cyberspace Ashram's web site. please contribute your part and read it before placing additional question. I surely will answer ANY ANSWER LEADING DO DIRECT SPIRITUAL PROGRESS - and I will surely refrain from any small talk on this site.

Doubts poison the heart

your heart is poisoned by all your doubts - this will keep you away from God and prevents true love - until you start to WANT TO LEARN to truly love - the day you stop to think about what others did or did wrong - and the day you start to receive others in your heart - is the day you start loving again - and will be the day you start to make your first steps toward God-realization. it may be in a few seconds from now, in minutes, years or incarnations.

depending on whether you start to condemn myself - or others - or whether you realize the importance to first becoming a true and God-realized saint YOURSELF before even thinking about what others may have made wrong - if at all.

love is the key - the solution to all - doubts are poison for all love - intellectual thinking may kill all and any remainders of love within seconds and it may take years to heal what you have killed in seconds.

if you ever loved Anandaji - then go to him and bow to his feet - to love him - to show him all he was found guilty in a rather embarrassing lawsuit our true and sincere love. I had the luck to be guest in his Ananda village in Assisi last year for a single night with a small group of God-seekers on our pilgrimage to Assisi. The ambiance was very loving in his ashram. he was out of city on that night - so I could missed to meet him and show him my love - just because of all others who think to afford condemning him.

Trying may be far to little on spiritual path

I love Anandaji - I have read about the lawsuit, at least partially - and I truly love him - despite the fact that I have never met him in person - I have never met anyone from SRF in person neither - but I know that all try the very best they can - the very best - trying is sometimes too little - specially on the spiritual path of love.

Before judging other Gurus - become a better Guru yourself first !

now it might be up to you to become a better Guru and do anything and all better than anyone you like to condemn - anyone can reach God-realization on earth - within the very present incarnation - and still all will remain different while remaining on earth in a physical body - because all the God-seekers are different from each other and need different Gurus to guide them individually. it is sometimes easy to criticize others - but it is infinitely more important to first become better oneself before even thinking of critique. The day you start to make it better than all others you start to bow to the feet of all others because you may have realized how difficult it is to be "perfect" while being on this material planet. God's surely knows about all these difficulties - God NEVER condemned anyone for any reason - NEVER - God always love all - anytime - you - Anandaji - all judges, witnesses, all!

may divine love open your heart and allow you to accept a Guru - you may need one - may your love be all you ever offer to your Guru and his love will uplift you

may divine bliss and love give you the power to say again "I love you" to all mankind - to all and anyone.

with love and divine bliss


Pierre Lavallee

In response to Chetan message (posted on sept 29):

Beloved Chetan,

Please allow me to add something to Hans' wise comments. I want to tell you that I understand completely how you feel because I have gone through the same "search" myself.

If you are serious on this path (as it sounds that you are) you should first download '' as instructed on this site and read it all. It is really worth it and should give you most of the answers that you are looking for. The only thing that you won't get here is THE DIRECTION OF YOUR OWN PATH. Only God (your inner spirit) can tell you that!

The intellect is a useful tool but in the end, you should follow the guidance of your soul. I would recommend to think less and meditate more. Meditate deeply and ask God to direct you to the most efficient way to progress spiritually. It really works! The only requirement is sincerity and love. Then, you should are protected from being abused because you have put yourself under His protection and guidance.

May God bless you on your way back...

With love,



Dear Hans and Pierre,

I am most grateful for your replies and I apologize for perhaps having wasted your time by asking questions without having read through your entire site. I will certainly do so now. I hope you will excuse me because I have been rather disturbed over these things. I do see what you mean. The reason why I expressed doubts about some people is not because I consider myself worthy of judging them. I do understand that all of us make mistakes and I have never held anything against anyone for that. My only concern has been that I may be misguided by people who lack true knowledge. However I do see that the only way I can avoid this is by attaining God within myself and not seeking him outside. I am very grateful for your patience. Perhaps my coming to yours site was an answer to my long, tearful prayers because I I am particularly grateful to Pierre. Somehow you managed to see exactly what my problem was.

Thank you very much.

With love,


love heart

There is neither wrong nor right - but experiences freeing your divine love potential

beloved Chetah

The day you will understand that there is neither wrong or sin or mistake but only experiences learning experiences - different people on this single tiny little planet tend to measure the infinite creation with their cultural beliefs and educated or adapted measurements. what is right here on this planet at all - may be wrong on another planet. when you focus on ONLY LOVE in all and any situations - you are always right. what US citizens / courts condemned in the mentioned case - would be quite normal in MOST other countries on this planet.

divine Love shall always be with you - let it flow and help you on your way to freedom.

I Love you


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