You have a wrong husband - when your husband wants a slave instead of a lover wife

A wife may need to be strong and divorce from wrong husband when she perceives to have a wrong selfish husband


Never ask God to support your ego - never ask God to do all the dirty work for you if you are too lazy to clean up your own mess within your heart and ego. It is your sole responsibility to make a clear and sincere decision for love and proof such true love toward your partner and all mankind and creation.

When a man fails to love - even the smallest amount of true love and instead wants his wife to adapt to his ego - then that woman has made a choice for a wrong husband and should divorce.

Some of this below mentioned extreme ego behavior and ego attitude toward his own wife may come from his cultural environment and hence from imprints of cultural or religious education. However made by God we all are equal and thus divine in our innermost being and behavioral potential. Differences that occur in different cultures or in different persons are but the sole result of the development of your ego. Ego of similar nature are then grouped in countries or regions to meet - as a protection for the rest of the world on one side - but also to have a high density of similar ego to make aware of such ego-behavior and motivate finally to a change of such extreme selfish behavior as we encounter below.

Behavior patterns from any religion, culture, race or education on earth needs one day to be dissolved to allow pure holy divinity to manifest within and outside.


James Neoh Choon Wah from Penang, Malaysia wrote:

I am James Neoh Choon Wah from Penang, Malaysia, 37 years old. At this moment, I am working temporary as a DJ cum singer in Gurney Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. I need you to send me distant spiritual healing to heal my voice as I need a good, nice and sweet voice and furthermore I have to sing everyday without rest. I also need you to send me distant spiritual prayer and blessing for me to get along well in terms of human relationship with my boss, colleagues and customer and free from unwanted problems or dispute in my working place. Please pray for me to have a peaceful and harmony environment in my working place. Attached is my picture for your spiritual healing and prayer. Thank you very much for your kind service. I will keep you inform and update you about the outcome of the result.

In Love, Light and Namaste,

James Neoh Choon Wah

Penang, Malaysia.

please send distant spiritual healing, energy, light, prayers and blessings daily to james neoh choon wah of penang, malaysia to heal his voice as he need a good voice, nice and sweet voice for singing everyday as he is temporary working as a dj cum singer in gurney hotel, penang, malaysia and have to sing everyday without rest. please also send distant spiritual prayers and blessings to him to get along well with his boss, colleagues & customers and support from them all the time. please also send distant spiritual blessing & prayers to james neoh choon wah, 38 years old to earn a better living as he need to support the family and doing charity & gain his ambition to set up his own business and be a successful businessman as soon as possible.

please send distant spiritual healing, energy, light, prayers and blessings daily to mrs.manee neoh of Thailand to heal her bipolar affective disorder (mood swings) and to be humble, obedient, loyal, faithful, gentle, generous in terms of money & everything, understanding, courteous, apologetics, phlegmatic, optimistic, open-minded, tender, caring, delicate, diligent helping the mother-in-law in doing housework and sincerely love & always thinking of her husband obsessively all the time, james neoh choon wah of penang, malaysia & would like to return and stay in penang, malaysia obsessively permanently & get a job a there as fast as possible and make her a virtuous woman with a loving heart who knows how to cherish her husband love towards her all the time. please send energy, prayers & blessings daily to mrs.manee neoh of Thailand to get rid of her incorrigible behavior, refrain from bad-tempered, refrain from stubbornness, refrain from being arrogance, refrain from being too calculative with her husband and being materialistic, refrain from criticizing & talking sarcastically towards her husband, refrain her from false speech (telling lies & pretending) towards her husband, refrain her from taking what is not given to her or without permission, refrain her from unchaste conduct & doing illegal action while she is not with her husband, refrain her from boasting around, refrain her from self-interest and self-opinionated, refrain her from selfish & narrow-minded, refrain her from oppressing & infuriating her husband, refrain her from dissemble towards her husband, refrain her from argument, dispute & quarreling with her husband, james neoh choon wah of penang, malaysia all the time. may God and mesihu-sama send their blessings, answer the prayers and grant the wishes made come true & bind & unite james neoh choon wah & mrs.manee neoh to love each other forever & live in healthy, harmony, peace and prosperity.

heart of love

beloved James Neoh Choon Wah

the style of your prayer request is of extreme nature - it could well come out of a Arab country or an ancient slave holder nation where most women receive little or zero love and mostly zero respect from their husbands but rather are considered just another material possession. this ancient behavior of women-abuse of OVER. hence I decided to PUBLISH your request as well as my answer in the spiritual FAQ Forum to help other women in the world to learn and behave act accordingly.

God loves ALL - God loves all women as well and all women deserve ALL YOUR love and your HUMBLE respect !!! ALL !!

i came from God to help and FREE all slaves, all needy ones, all praying for TRUE love and TRUE help - as freedom is what God gave all - and to re-establish freedom of even the weakest ones and of all women, all slaves, is that I am here on earth - to take HOME all suppressed and enslaved ones. home to God.

ALL my spiritual power God gave me shall be used to FREE all and to guide all home - in love - in peace - in FREEDOM and all my spiritual power shall be used BUT for the creation of solutions of love and for FREEDOM. as freedom is a prerequisite of LOVE to exist and prosper among all mankind.

NEVER abuse a prayer to serve YOUR EGO - as such prayer NEVER shall be answered from eternity to eternity !! a prayer to ask for strengthening YOUR love and purifying YOUR heart and soul to enable YOU to love better all - such prayers are worth to be answered and any such prayers shall and will be instantly answered from eternity to eternity. if ever you pray for OTHERS - then simply ask for grace and mercy AND LOVE for others !!

first of all however ask God to help YOU to change YOUR behavior and purify YOUR love toward all. that is what YOU need most - that is what ALL here on earth need most. if YOUR love is purified - then YOUR purified love will start to create miracles of love of its own. only true love coming from a true divine heart can heal, can make happy, can create true divine miracles of love.

YOU are living in an south-east Asian country - and in SOUTH-EAST ASIA people are expected to BE HUMBLE and LOVING and truly SPIRITUAL.

if ANY person has a problem in life - then it is because THAT person does something VERY WRONG in life or has a TOTALLY wrong attitude toward God and all creation or at least a substantial part of creation !!!


If a singer sings LOVE songs - spiritually UPLIFTING songs - then he NEVER can experience any problems with his voice. if a singer has problems with his voice - then he is singing the wrong songs with wrong texts and with a wrong attitude in his heart and his voice-problems are a protection of people for the benefit of ALL creation !!

for CREATION it is BETTER to be quiet than to sing down-pulling songs or songs of NO true spiritual uplifting or healing content.

on this planet there are and have been TOO many song of EXTREME destructive nature. hence no need for YOU to worry - a true spiritual singer will - always sing loving songs with nice uplifting music and positive healing words of LOVE and always receives God's love and bliss to do so. a spiritual singer ALWAYS shares a very substantial part (at least 10-20%) of his TOTAL income with all poor and needy ones in his country and on this planet as a thank you for God giving him his voice !! if NEOH CHOON WAH OF PENANG does that and is a true spiritual singer - all will always be fine - else NEOH CHOON WAH OF PENANG needs to LEARN to BE spiritual and use the gift of singing in a POSITIVE, spiritual and uplifting way as well as SHARE always all with all !!!

LOVING God-oriented people NEVER have to worry at all. LOVING and God-oriented people ALWAYS find sufficient time on a daily basis to pray directly themselves to God. if people are too busy to pray to God directly - then God may find NO TIME to help them as well - as they might be too busy making money and thinking of there very own pleasure and hence forgetting about the needs of all others and the NEED for LOVE of their very own creator !!!

HOW can God heal someone who has NO TIME FOR God ??? !!!

ALL who take regular time - SUFFICIENT time - for God on a daily basis ALWAYS receive ALL they ever need !!! ALL !!!

All people need to PROOF that they can do charity - even to very poorest HERE in the Philippines do share with others. sharing HERE means giving half or more to others - again and again - no matter how little they have - some have as little as 1 US $ a day for a full family of many and still share - hence they receive more and more if they continue to share.

Many business man however PROMISE again and again - to share IF they get more or IF they get a particular job - and once they GOT that job - they suddenly forgot about God - and kept all the money for themselves.

Hence no need to give good jobs to those keeping all for themselves - it only makes sense to give more to those who share more !! too many people are continuously cheating God !! that is a very poor and extremely selfish attitude

NEOH CHOON WAH OF PENANG may have to FIRST PROOF his LOVING ATTITUDE TOWARD ALL INCLUDING HIS OWN WIFE an attitude of really sharing with the poorest, with his wife and with ALL - BEFORE getting more.

There are more or less cruel ways of getting rich but there is NEVER a honest way of getting rich or making MUCH money !! God however prefers simple , honest and humble persons doing a fine job for the benefit of ALL mankind.


a husband always gets the wife HE DESERVES - he NEEDS to SERVE his wife and make her happy all the time - THEN the wife of course starts to want to make HUSBAND happy all the time !!

If TWO have problems - then BOTH need to learn to pray to God - on a daily basis and BOTH need to LEARN to become MORE and TRULY spiritual. it is the husband however who ALWAYS is the one to go ahead and become spiritual FIRST then his wife will eventually follow him !!

A woman - EVERY woman - is a child of God made like an angel and NEEDS and deserves to be treated like an angel - WITH TENDER LOVE !!! then she will return angel love to the one spoiling her with such divine love !!

a husband always gives ALL to his wife - hence she never needs to ask - a husband always shares all with all - and all with his wife anyway - hence a true divine wife NEVER needs to ask before talking anything !! or she might have the wrong husband and may leave him without asking him and pray to God for a BETTER husband who is willing to give and share ALL with her !!!!

ALL my daughters on this planet are allowed any time to instantly LEAVE their husbands if they fail to receive ALL love and ALL material goods they need from their husbands, if their husbands refuse to GIVE all and share ALL! no matter what the relative earthly (human) law in a particular country says - divine law of LOVE from God is the only one really of value to ALL. and it gives all the right to receive and share ALL with all !!

All your wishes regarding MRS.MANEE NEOH OF THAILAND sound like the wishes of a SLAVE HOLDER wishing to get betters slaves. all these YOUR wishes do sound as coming from am empty selfish human heart of stone out in a junk yard rather than a God inspired human heart of love!

BUT in your physical body is a heart and any and every heart is made to LOVE - yours as well. there is no need for another stone in a human body - God made enough stones out in nature!

I am sure no loving heart makes such requests YOU made to God!

MRS.MANEE NEOH OF THAILAND - is of Thailand, a country very different to your own spiritual tradition and behavior toward women. Thailand is part of the FREE world where women and men are of EQUAL value to each other. where ALL learn to respect and LOVE all - all includes nature and animals and all creation alike !!! ALL is made by God - no single being is a slave of mankind - but all serves God - and all is to be treated with respect AND WITH LOVE!

in Thailand we enjoy a Buddhist culture that allows women to be happy, that allows women to be respected by their husband - and MRS. MANEE NEOH OF THAILAND has a right to BE happy - with or without her present husband - it might however be MUCH easier for her to be happy WITHOUT HER HUSBAND! there are enough men from Europe and other places who would LOVE to have a woman from Thailand as they are of sweet natural kind !! much more like God made humans than in many other cultures on this planet.

Lies are only needed if LOVE is MISSING from the other partner !! TRUE LOVE can forgive ALL and hence never requires any lie !

God gave freedom to ALL - and ALL are equal - man and women are of EQUAL rights and value to God and man and women need to treat each other accordingly. God gave FREEDOM to all - and all have a divine right to exercise this God given divine FREEDOM and NO single person - NO single HUSBAND ever receives any support to reduce or limit such God given freedom from any women - including is wife - ALL ARE FREE children of God !! ALL - all the time - from eternity to eternity !!

"LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER.." requires HUMBLENESS and LOVE from BOTH parties toward ALL including the own partner !! it requires BOTH to BOW to the FEET of the other and ask forgiveness for all the MISS-treatments and selfish behavior - and it is MAN who FIRST bows to the feet of his wife !!! MAN BOWS first !!! ALWAYS !!! man FIRST gives ALL his love to his WIFE - all at once - again add again - then he eventually will receive all an angel like women and wife has to offer him. LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER .. however also requires BOTH to be TRULY spiritual and God-related /. God-oriented. and here again it is the man's responsibility to go ahead as a living SAMPLE for his wife - then later on the wife will eventually follow the divine living example of her husband.

YOU, James Neoh Choon Wah from Penang,, need to HAVE SWEET love in your heart - ALWAYS and toward ALL - then only sweet love will ever come back to you - and YOU need to take a few hours of time every day for YOUR spiritual improvement and progress and for YOUR prayers to God, then and ONLY THEN God can do anything for YOU and your relationships. YOU need to change YOUR innermost attitude toward many humans - and toward ALL woman on this planet and beyond at very FIRST. treat all with humbleness - all customers listening to your songs, all colleagues and all bosses allowing you to work FOR them and YOUR wife having to cope with a slaveholder attitude that YOU display !! she is very poor at your side and certainly has deserved a much better - a truly divine husband - a husband who is WILLING and ready to share ALL LIFE with her and give her all love again and again every day, and give her all material goods she needs. the less LOVE she actually receives from you - AND AT THIS VERY MOMENT SHE RECEIVES ZERO LOVE FROM YOU - the more material substitutes and other sources of love she needs. the less love you give her - the more money YOU need to earn to pay for all the love-substitutes she needs to be happy !!

your wife has made a cruel experience at your side and I recommend her to IMMEDIATELY LEAVE you - with or without divorce - with or without YOUR consent - as YOUR opinion is of NO value as long as you have so LITTLE and so SELFISH love for others and your wife and women in general i recommend her to just GO, leave you and be happy her way - God will bless her and guide her. the chance of YOU becoming truly humbly INSTANTLY and truly spiritual INSTANTLY is near zero - you are of different kind and need MORE lessons and YOU first need to learn to KNOW what love means and YOU need to LEARN to take time for God and for the truly important things in life. business and making money are of absolute last priorities in all your lessons - as you are lacing readiness to SHARE all with all and all with your wife.

God loves all - all that includes ALL woman - and God NEVER helps to suppress anyone at all - God always helps the poor and needy and the weak ones with a true heart asking for help ....; YOU receive all help from God you ever need - if LOVING is all you really want to learn - and such intention needs to be PROOFED by YOU first.

God loves you as well - but YOU have no time - and if you take time then for the wrong things - YOU take plenty of time to ask for the changes of OTHERS - instead of asking God to help YOU TO CHANGE and to dissolve YOUR EGO !!

YOU need time FOR YOU to change and to become a lover worth of having a wife. every man needs to FIRST deserve a wife - you get what you deserve - never more and never less !!

The time where women have been treated like slaves, like material possessions - is over - while such attitude may still persist and survive in many humans on earth - it is NOW time to really become spiritual and that means to GIVE FREEDOM TO ALL - love always gives freedom and only FREE humans can truly love - may only that ONE wife who is attracted by the love from your heart and soul be attracted to you and come to you and all other stay away from you - then the right one will be with you when YOU are ready to truly LOVE and make happy. may a women stay with a husband only as long as the husband always gives and shares all with all - to make all happy and his wife self as well.

May a wife stay only as long with any husband as long as the husband treats her like a divine angel - made by God !! because that is the truth of her being - every wife is an angel like being made by God - to be happy with a divine son of God.

Every woman is made to love and TO BE LOVED - every day from eternity to eternity. with sweet - DIVINE love !!

every man as well is made to the image of God - made to GIVE love and made to RECEIVE love - first the giving - because without giving NO receiving. before a women can make happy - can GIVE LOVE to CREATE HAPPINESS in her husband - she has to receive FIRST ALL the LOVE from her husband - then she converts his love for HER into HER LOVE FOR HIM !!!

God gives you time - time to LEARN - time to READ all the available teachings I offer you in the Cyberspace Ashram - get yourself a full copy off all texts - either by downloading the file or the Cyberspace Ashram CD "spiritual treasures" and hen READ and PRACTICE ALL - if ever YOU want to be able to MAKE happy. because ONLY if YOU can MAKE happy - will YOU ever BE HAPPY !!!

YOU need to accept YOUR responsibility for YOUR life and take the time given to you by God to LEARN to improve and to CHANGE - CHANGE YOUR behavior and YOUR attitude and become truly spiritual YOURSELF. If YOU change and become spiritual - then ALL your surrounding changes as well.

kriya yoga guru is God Kriya Yoga Diksha

God is Love

Love and Bliss


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