Why love your enemies ?

Because all children are our family members in God - all are our brothers, sisters and children. Even our worst enemies might have risked their lives for us some time earlier in creation.

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God is Love

All children are his beloved children !

Imagine you have 12 children - 2 of them are lost in life and got into "criminal" activities. A true and really loving mother and father still continues in full to love both lost ones. A truly loving mother or father even more intensely tries to love even more, to help with all possible means to bring the lost ones back in love to the family.

Imaging now someone - like a policeman - hunting your 2 loved lost one down like animals, then catching an killing your beloved children ...

How would you feel as a truly loving father or mother ?

If you abandon your lost children just because they behave different from what you expect them to behave - then you never had any real sincere love at all for your children.

You see - all and anything that is between you and others - you hate, your desire for revenge - your desire for punishment or destruction .. All such is between you and God ! How can he truly love you if YOU close your heart for those other children of God who have lost their contact to the source and home of love ?!

We all live eternally - we all learn for eternity - we all want to be loved, we all have failed to fully and truly love at one time or another. we all need forgiveness - some more some less - we all need relief from whatever we have done in our past. All that is very easy - with love - all that is even far more easy if we too can forgive all those who get lost again and again. We all can easily forgive ourselves if we have forgiven all others and if we have actively and intensely with all our heart, soul and body have helped all the lost ones to rich out our loving hand to bring them back into a circle of loving humans, into our own loving family.


Whatever you carry against others in your own heart is a burden in your heart preventing your heart from loving and preventing you from returning home to God. War is conducted here on earth - away from God if we want to return home to God - then we have to practice true divine love in all situations toward all - including all our enemies !

God is love - bringing you a gift of love Gift of Love


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